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Protesting truckers snarl traffic

Blasting their horns while driving past City Hall, more than 400 big-rig drivers try to draw attention to new environmental rules that they say threaten their livelihoods.

By Seema Mehta
November 14, 2009
Hundreds of protesting truck drivers slowed traffic Friday on the 710 Freeway and blasted their horns while driving past Los Angeles City Hall to draw attention to new environmental rules they say threaten their livelihoods.

“We all want to go green,” said Sofia Quinones of the National Port Drivers Assn., which represents thousands of independent truckers. “But the devil is in the details.”

More than 400 truckers protested new restrictions in the year-old Clean Truck Program, a pollution-reduction effort credited with cutting diesel truck emissions by 70% at the Port of Los Angeles and a similar amount at the Port of Long Beach.

Starting Jan. 1, all trucks built before 1994 will be barred from the ports, as will trucks built from 1994 to 2003 that have not been retrofitted to reduce emissions.

Retrofitting one truck can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and buying a new truck costs more than $100,000.

Quinones said tens of millions of dollars in grants have been awarded to trucking companies to help green their fleets, but none has been given to independent drivers who own their rigs.

The group is asking for an extension of the deadlines, grant funding and an investigation of the program, Quinones said.

Rallying outside City Hall, protesters directed much of their ire at Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who has championed the Clean Truck Program.

They held signs that read, “Villaraigosa, Don’t Tread on Me” and “NPDA Wants To Go Green. Help Us!”

William Gallarido, a 39-year-old driver, said that after paying expenses, he brings home a couple hundred dollars at most each week, and he needs an extension and financial help to retrofit his truck.

“I work very hard,” the Los Angeles resident said. “I can’t live on this.”

Sarah Hamilton, a spokeswoman for the mayor, said this is why the plan calls for requiring independent drivers who work out of the Port of Los Angeles to join trucking companies that could cover such expenses.

The trucking industry is challenging this provision in the courts, saying it is aimed at unionizing independent truckers.

“We understand the concerns expressed by independent truck drivers who are currently being paid low wages and are not able to afford truck replacement or maintenance over time,” Hamilton said.
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As American’s from all parties and all walks of life, and all ages
Took to the streets and town Hall’s this summer to denounce
Their support for our Government Take Over of Banks, and giving
Our hard earned Tax Money to such things as removing Tattoos
From Prisoners and supporting Prostitutes among other pork
Projects, We are called Tea Bagger’s  and Terrorists.
It seems that Political Correctness went out the window during
That name calling session from the left, including Pelosi, and even
Our POTUS when we dared to speak up against what we felt was
Wrong in their policies.
With last weeks terror attack on Ft Hood they will not call the attack
Or the attacker by it’s right name… Let’s see… What is it that
Describes American’s that do not believe in this administrations
Policies?…..     OH YEA!! TERRORIST!!
This political Correctness has gone way too far… I can see it now,
This idiot Muslim that Hates American’s who fight for our Liberty against
The Muslims that attacked this country on 9/11 will get a light sentence
Due to the fact that he is Muslim, and he will be said to have a mental
Problems. They will pay no attention to the fact that this was a premeditated
Act that he obviously had thought out since he gave away everything before
He went to the base with loaded guns and extra clips.
It seems that he wanted to help the Muslim cause against the United
States, and go down as a Martyr. Maybe since the Imam was not able to
Find a wife for him he thought that was the only way to get a virgin….
I could be wrong on how it will be handled, but even this morning I am hearing
Rumblings of a Insanity Defense, and that the government wants the penalty
Lowered for Hasan. 
CNN is reporting that A criminal profiler says Fort Hood shooting
Suspect Maj. Nidal Hasan fits the profile of a mass murderer better than that
Of a terrorist.
So here we go folks, Political Correctness is at work and will corrupt our
Justice For all. Where will the Justice be for those 13 military and one
Baby who lost their lives at Ft Hood, and one unborn baby? Where
Will the just be for the 30 wounded that have injuries that could affect
The rest of their lives and maybe their careers in the Military?
Update as I write this…Maj. Nidal Hasan has been charged with 13 Counts of Murder.
You notice, it is not Terrorism!!!!!

To Honor the “American Kids”

[youtube][/youtube]Go Fish – American Kid
This song is dedicated to all of the past, present, and future
“American Kids” who are part of our armed forces.
 May God continue to bless you, your families, and the
United States of America.
I think all American’s should see this video,
and especially our children and grandchildren

The Shame of It All!!

The USS New York, built with steel from the rubble of the World Trade Center, was put into Navy service Saturday both as a symbol of healing and strength.
Secretary Clinton represented the Administration. As a NY State senator at the time of the attacks in New York City, it was fitting that she be there to honor the memory of Those that died on 911 and our military. This ship that will carry the name of the City where we were attacked by Muslim terrorists.
I also feel that our POTUS should have been there in Honor of the victims of 911 and our Military,  the Commissioning of the USS New York. I have searched the Internet to find any comments that he made  for this occasion, and have  found none. This is shameful for a Commander In Chief to neglect to comment on such an occasion.

 The ship includes more than seven tons of recycled steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. The ship’s crest carries the motto “Never Forget.”

The new vessel, will carry 700 Marines and assorted aircraft and hovercraft. It will stay in New York City Harbor for a few days. Before it heads out to sea. 

Below is a must watch:

Saturday, September 12, 2009
USS New York Tribute
Posted by Mark Scott…. Thank you Mark!!