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Lined Up For Hand OutS in Detroit!!

Residents Get Chance At Stimulus Money

Stimulus Money Available For Low-Income, Homeless Detroit Residents
POSTED: Tuesday, October 6, 2009
UPDATED: 1:41 PM EDT October 8, 2009
Check it out for yourself:watch the Video:

Homelessness prevention program attracts thousands
The program is federally funded and designed for low income residents who recently became homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. Detroit is among the nation’s leaders in home foreclosures, and at least one in four households are in poverty.

Police were called to Cobo Hall Wednesday as people pushed and jockeyed for spots in line. City officials said Tuesday many people falsely believed they were registering for $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama Administration.


This is not meant to be a racist comment, but what about the White Neighborhoods?
Did you see any people here that were Caucasian? I have never heard of this big
Hand out in any other city, have you?
What in the Heck is our Government doing? We are BROKE!! So we borrow money to hand out on the streets? And I am talking $3,000 dollars to these people. Since
When is it okay for our Government to pick and choose who they will save and who they won’t?
What about other cities? What about other people? Not that I want their money, but if they would have given everyone money in the first place instead of leaving it up to
The Senate that chose a lot of Pork Projects, we would be on our way out of this mess. If they want to give away money, then give it to Small business to get our economy going again!! What in the Heck are they Thinking???????

The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and Crying Racist?

Lloyd Marcus
Does everyone remember the story about the young boy that
Cried wolf? It was about a  boy that had to go out into
The fields and tend the sheep at night. He was told that
If a wolf came to call his elders and they would come help
After a time in the fields, the young boy became very lonely,
So one night he decided to give the call that would bring the
Towns people out to the fields. So he did, and it worked.
The people came out in numbers, and the young boy then
Had the company he wanted.  He told the people that the wolf
Had gone, but he had achieved what he set out to do. He was
Not lonely that night.
For the next five nights the boy did the same thing. He called
The town out and said there had been a wolf. The people were
Getting tired of coming out in the night on false claims.
On the sixth night, the boy did see a wolf. He made the call loud
And clear to the town, and no one came. The wolf chased away
The sheep and killed the boy.  And the Moral of the story is??
People that are crying Racist at anything  that any person says
About the policies of this administration are basically doing the
Same thing, as the boy who cried wolf.
There was a time when if you called some one a racist it meant that
It WAS disgusting thing. The word racist is being thrown around like
The “F” word so much that it is loosing it’s meaning.
Not only are they calling white people racist, they are also turning on
Black people who do not agree with This Administration.
Lloyd Marcus who traveled with the Tea Party Express to march on
Washington DC last week, has been called a Racist., and received
Hate e-mail on his site. Since this word Racist is being thrown around
So freely by people on the left even if directed at Black people that
Have a differing opinion about what direction this President is taking
This country, the word becomes meaningless! It becomes 
 Meaningless because of the fact that you now have black people calling
Black people Racists…. What a foolish thing to do. You can like the
President and still disagree with his policies and you are not a racist
Whether you are “Black” or  “White”. People, use your common Sense!!
Please read this OP-ed by Lloyd Marcus
This is an excellent article!!