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I feel sympathy for innocent members of the Kennedy family who are grieving. That said, today we are once again diverting all of our national attention to a man unworthy of such honor. If Ted Kennedy were allowed to pass privately, I would not be commenting here. If he were a private citizen, I would not comment regardless how much noise were raised in faux honor of purchased prestige. The problem arises in that, we have allowed yet another guilty of egregious criminal conduct, to languish in our government, then we pretend it was not a fraud of privilege by celebrating the corruption that was intrinsic to his life.

Perhaps the Kennedy family will finally be free of the Kennedy curse, and survivors can begin a journey to restore the luster once associated with the Kennedy name. I hope so. I also hope the family of Mary Jo Kopechne can finally find closure in this horrible error of impunity following the death of a loved one. Today, Ted Kennedy is in the hands of his creator. Man’s justice is always imperfect, God’s is not. Whatever is in store for the man’s soul, his legacy cannot be made a monument of honor to elevating the most ruthless and corrupt among us to seats of power, rather than striving for the best.


FOIA – FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: The file known as Chappaquiddick, is also known as the Mary Jo Kopechne investigation. This investigation was opened when an overturned car was found at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in the water and Ms. Kopechne’s body was in the car. Ms. Kopechne was a former secretary to late Senator, Robert F. Kennedy. It was determined the driver of the automobile was Senator Edward M. Kennedy. It was alleged he was on the wrong road and drove off Dike’s Bridge, with the automobile overturning in the water. Senator Kennedy managed to get out of the car, but Ms. Kopechne did not make it out of the car and drowned.

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From the website of Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. Friday, July 31, 2009

Dr. Taitz posted the following letter on her blog Friday, from Lt Col David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC, to TV personality, Glenn Beck.

Lt. Col Earl-Graef, requested the letter be given the widest dissemination possible, and so here it is. Please note that some formatting, and punctuation has been altered to enhance readability. You can reference the link above for the exact posting on Dr. Taitz’s blog. I submit the letter for discussion, and invite Glenn Beck to respond, if he feels the letter is not a fair resentation of his broadcast presentation to which the letter is in reference.

30 July 2009

Dear Glenn,

I will get right to the point. Either out of ignorance or with intent, your recent comments on your television program are nothing less than a slap right across the face of each and every Soldier that serves, and has ever served this great Country. How could you do this to us? You contend that you are supportive of the military and yet when it comes to an issue vitally important to us you scoffed, demeaned, and ridiculed those of us who serve and are fighting to defend the Constitution. You placed us right alongside Whoopi Goldberg, who to my knowledge, never served in the military a day in her life. You have insulted our intellect and integrity. Until now, I had been a big supporter of you. Now I am left to question your very motives. Has money become your new God or was it simply a mistake on your part? Whatever the case is, I need and deserve an explanation, and an apology for your actions.

There is little more we military ask of our Country in return for our service, other than to be respected and given the benefits we earn in peace and on the field of battle. Of paramount importance to me, and most every American soldier, is that we fulfill our duty with honor and that we are given lawful orders, and not left to question, or have cause for reservation. As we take our oath without reservation, we should not be given reservation by those appointed above us. If we are to be sent into harm’s way, there should be no doubt whatsoever, we are being sent by someone who has the moral, AND the legal authority to do this. This is an indisputable fact. The ONLY evidence that Barak Hussein Obama himself has been willing to produce to assure us he has that authority, is an altered (sanitized serial number) COLB posted on HIS web site, “fight the smears.” That is It, and NOTHING more. This is absolutely absurd. I refuse to accept any .com outfit as the proper authority to certify the authenticity, or legal substance of this document, and be involved in the vetting process of a President as many in Congress have done; derelict cowards! Obama has hired teams of attorneys to prevent releasing the long form vault copy of his birth certificate, so that what he presented can be substantiated as a valid extract of information from the original, as well as other vital documents to prove he is even a US citizen. If you doubt this, ask anyone who claims to have seen his birth; what is the doctors name on the certificate? As a Physician, I know what information is on a birth certificate, and so should you. If they cannot tell you the name of the Doctors, they have not seen it.

There are other issues as well; specifically Obama’s father, who was Kenyan, and was NEVER a US citizen. To be considered in full compliance of the Natural Born Citizen clause, I contend you must have BOTH parents US citizens, and be born in the US. The founders recognized that the power of the President over the military was not to be taken lightly. They wanted to insure, as best they could, the person who held that office would have an undivided loyalty to the Union, and not compromise their hard won liberty by any device. The BEST that they could do was to require that the President be born in the United States, but more importantly, be raised by parents [plural] who themselves did not have divided loyalty, and thus would have to be US citizens. Given the paternal nature of society at the time, this is especially true with regard to the father. Nevertheless, this issue, if need be, should be addressed by the Supreme Court, which they have failed to do, and no court to date has heard this case on the merits.

Let me be clear, as a military officer, I have a legitimate reason to question ANY order, if there is a good faith reason to doubt it, even from the President, as my officer oath is to the Constitution, not him. Based on the information I have, I am justified in my right to question, and I am being denied the answer. Have you yourself not seen enough to doubt anything Obama has said? Why do you believe him about this? Why do you believe anyone who attacks us for even asking? Stop and think, then listen to your instincts. There is something he is hiding, that is vitally important, and we have a right to know what that is, as it potentially has bearing on the legality of the orders he gives us.

We are not a bunch of “tin foil hat birther conspiracy theorists.” We are wise enough to know that, before you conjecture regarding a “conspiracy,” you must first establish if there has been a crime, and only then ask if it is reasonable multiple people are complicit. It is those who discredit us, as YOU have, that resort to the postulation of a “conspiracy theory” to dismiss our reasonable concerns before the documentary evidence is examined; a typical Saul Alinsky tactic, which you now have used against us! You have seen it used over, and over, so you should recognize it. We are NOT postulating any conspiracy theory, we want to see the documents, and THEN decide if there is a problem, and who would, or should have reasonably known.

You are not alone. Even Gov. Mike Huckabee went so far as to “postulate a theory,” that Hillary would have been, “all over it,” if it were true, discrediting us rather than take a stand and demand Barak Obama release the evidentiary documents to put this to rest. I recognize that it is much easier for others to postulate a “theory” why, a [breach] of our Constitution “could not possibly have happened,” then cower and hide from a serious effort to discover the truth, and take a stand. We have a special term for this in the military, and let me just say it is not endearing. Please pass this along to your Colleague, and Ann Coulter, Bill O Reilly too, if you see them; shame on all of you. I gave all of you more credit than that, of all people, you should recognize the tactics of the radical left.

You ask America to stand up for the Constitution, and when those of us who risk our reputations and our fortunes do so, you ridicule us. Take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself; have I failed to give due consideration, and respect to the American soldier by my actions? Have I contributed to a mass effort by the Radical Elements in our country to bring discredit upon them, and upon the Constitution they fight and die to preserve? If the answer is yes then I challenge you and your colleagues to stand with us and demand that Barak Obama release all the documents he currently has sealed, and begin to put this issue to rest, and do not cease in your efforts until we have an answer.


Lt Col David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC

Freedom Rally Tea Party

World Ag Expo

Tulare, California

July 4th 2009


As I entered the gates of the World Ag Expo, I was met by this “Terrorist” the Obama administration warned us about. By the time I arrived at the rally, the parking lot was filled to a quarter mile out from the gates. As I waited for the tram, I struck up a conversation with a young man who turned out to be 34 years old. He had driven from Fresno to attend the rally, and had his daughter with him who appeared to be about six years old. During our conversation, we agreed how important is is that we start doing something to reverse the agenda of the Obama administration and Congress. The young man pointed to his daughter, and said, “She’s about $35 thousand dollars in debt now.”

A rally volunteer who had been directing traffic in the parking lot, joined our conversation. The tram was running late, so the volunteer sugested we just walk to the gate, which we did. As we walked along, the conversation drifted to the local police who were stationed at the entrance, and I commented that we need to make sure our police officers and service people feel they are part of this movement… that we are on the same side and that we are not the enemy. The young man related a conversation between him and several friends who were police officers and firefighters in the Fresno area. They had received the Homeland Security report that said we are all potential terrorist. He said, “Don’t worry, they get it. The commanders had no choice but to distribute the report, but everyone on the police force and in the fire department were livid about it.”

One of our real national heroes on stage, Korean War Veteran, Charlie Waters!

I sat directly behind the KMPH news camera. Charlie gave one of the most compassionate speeches I have ever heard. When Charlie talked about the friends he lost in Korea, he held every heart in the building in his hand. Charlie said, “We did not fight in those cold hills of Korea for Obama to apologize for us… HOW DARE HE!”

The audience came to their feet and roared in support of Charlie. The news cameraman realized something extraordinary was happening, and so he swung his camera around to capture thousands of Americans letting it be know that they love our veterans, and despise what Obama has done. I doubt you will see that on the evening news anywhere in America.

Next up was Mike Ratley, advocate for the California Water Coalition, and sales manager at Westside Ford in Firebaugh. Mike is famous in the Valley for his radio commercials inviting customers to come in and shop where they cans expect, “No suits, no ties, and nooooo lies“. Charlie Waters was a hard act to follow, but Mike did a fantastic job judging by the audiences enthusiastic response. There was no shortage of patriots on stage, or in the audience, and it was clear there was a single unified purpose for all, to save our country from the failed leadership in Washington.

Selena and William Owens

Husband and wife team, William Owens, Jr., and Selena Owens both spoke at the event. Before beginning the main thrust of his speech, William introduced his wife of 25 years, Selena, who gave a brief but very inspiring talk directed at the conservative women in the crowd. William and Selena are both published authors, and have been traveling across the country talking at Tea Party events, and promoting their books targeting Christian and Patriotic themes for all Americans, but with a particular message of real hope and inspiration for women and for Black America. The Master of Ceremonies handed out several copies of William’s book, “Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts. I was fortunate enough to grab one, and I will give you a review in the near future. Judging by the inspiring speeches delivered by these two American Patriots, I am confident it will be a glowing review.   

William Owens, Jr.

Steve Brandau

Steve Brandau, who owns a carpet cleaning business, gave one of the most energetic speeches of the event. Steve represents a younger generation than the two speakers who preceded him, but if his admonishments are any indication of what we are going to accomplish in saving our country, I have good news for America, and bad news for Obama and his criminal cohorts in Washington. Steve inspired the crowd with his enthusiasm, and his love for our country. Watch out for this man, he is full of fire. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, don’t miss the opportunity. 

The rest of the photos speak for themselves… enjoy!

There was a decided Christian presence in the booths, and among the speakers at the rally. They had a huge play area set up for children with rides and bounce houses, and there was a very large contingent of young families to take advantage of that. The weather was a little hot, but not a soul complained, and when the crowd cleared, everyone was patient and courteous with each other. As I left, the folks on stage were saying farewells, and entertaining the stragglers as the bulk of the crowd thinned out. As I was leaving the building, a man came on stage, took the microphone, and addressed what was left of the crowd. He said “I just want to thank all of you… I have never seen such a clean and orderly crowd of this size. It looks almost like we have already cleaned up. What a great audience you have been.” …and they were too… it made me proud to be an American.

Finally, it was time to head home. When I reached the parking lot, the cars had already thinned out, but I still had a bit of a hike to my car, which was beyond the vanishing point in this photo. Oh well, the walk did me good! Thanks for going to the Tea Party with me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! God Bless America!!!!

Thanks to the folks at Central Valley Tea Party for this event!





Today a shot was fired that was heard around the world. As a result of that shot:


1.    We were blessed to hear very little about the latest overdosed Pop star.

2.    The black messiah in the White House was silent for a change, and probably had a very bad day.

3.    Michael Steel and the turncoats in the RNC learned who their new boss is going to be.

4.    Liberals all over the country messed their pants.

5.    The news media, especially Shepard Smith and Keith Olbermann, had their vacations ruined by the sting of being out maneuvered by Sarah Palin once again.

6.    Mitt Romney learned he is not the Republican front runner.

7.    And John McCain surely is hanging his head in shame for taking a dive when he had the chance to serve alongside the most prominent real American on the scene since Ronald Reagan.


I know all the arguments… that Sarah Palin isn’t experienced enough. That she is too earthy, and too pious to capture the imagination of the American people. Pardon my French, but bullshit! First she is darn well qualified, and even if she weren’t she is a loyal American with morals and values, and THAT is what we need!! And our American service men and women will love here.


A monkey could run the executive branch in today’s world… Teleprompter Obama is proof of that. Has there ever been a man less qualified for the office than Obama? Obama is not only incompetent, idealistic and naïve, but he is a Marxist. He places more value in the words of Lenin and Trotsky than he does in the inspired wisdom of Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson, or any of the Founding Fathers.


The most important thing the President does today, is to make Federal appointments, including czars (in Obama’s case), his own cabinet, and Federal Judges. Then he wields the bully pulpit to sway the slant of governance, for better or for worse. What is perhaps most sickening to me, is that he is also the Commander in Chief of our armed forces, and that he represents us to the world. I am sincerely ashamed that he was allowed to usurp the office of President.


If Sarah Palin never lifted a finger beyond restoring real Americans to our Government through appointments, it would a glorious day of restoration for our beloved country. And does anyone doubt that she would do that? Compared to Obama, knowing Sarah Palin, I would never lose a wink of sleep over any appointment of hers, without question.


Then there is THE “Football.” I have great concern with that power being in the hands of Obama. I don’t fear that he would use it hastily, but I worry more that he would hesitate until it is too late. Or worse, that our enemies are not deterred because “they” think he would hesitate. If Obama were called upon to make that fateful decision, I am certain he would be like a nervous coward holding a gun in the face of a perceived threat. He would be as likely to blow the head off an innocent bystander as to use it against a real threat.


In the predawn hours of April 19, 1775, American Minutemen gathered on the village green at Lexington. They had been warned by Paul Revere and William Dawes that the British were coming.


By the time the 800 man British advance guard arrived, the assemblage of 77 local citizens had been instructed by their commander, Captain Parker, “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”


The British commander, was not impressed by the small American force, and ordered the Minutemen to throw down their arms and disperse. Outnumbered, a few obeyed the order and began to leave. Then a shot was rang out and others quickly followed. When the smoke cleared, eight Americans lay dead and the outmatched Minutemen retreated into the nearby woods as the redcoats proceeded to Concord.


It is not known who fired that shot heard round the world on April 19, 1775, but I’m pretty sure another was fired on July 3, 2009, by Sarah Palin. Sarah is our Captain Parker. The message today is that, if these scoundrels want war, it begins here. If any of us missed Sarah’s message, don’t worry… every liberal on the planet heard it loud and clear.


Symbolism is important. That is why the only argument to gain any real traction against Barack Obama has been what must have seemed a silly issue to him… his missing birth certificate. Until now, the illegal interloper has had his way with America, our laws, and our system of self-governance.


The volley of fire delivered at Lexington that morning in 1775 bought time to ensure the arrival of enough minutemen at Concord to defeat the British and drive them back to Boston.

It is too late for Obama to reverse course. Too much damage has been done, and he must be removed from office. Tomorrow there are Tea Parties all over America. Be sure and attend one near you, and let it be know, that we back Sarah Palin. We don’t know if she will run for President, but it is clear she is embarking on a tour of support for new moral leadership.


Since Sarah is the first and only to stand head and shoulders above the crowd… let’s fall in behind her. After all, she is the only one in National politics leading where we want to go. Ignore Fox, and rest of the naysayers! Today was a good day for America!



The Concord Hymn

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1837)



By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled;

Here once the embattled farmers stood;

And fired the shot heard round the world.


The foe long since in silence slept;

Alike the conqueror silent sleeps,

And Time the ruined bridge has swept

Down the dark stream that seaward creeps.


On this green bank, by this soft stream,

We place with joy a votive stone,

That memory may their deeds redeem,

When, like our sires, our sons are gone.


O Thou who made those heroes dare

To die, and leave their children free, —

Bid Time and Nature gently spare

The shaft we raised to them and Thee.


This might make a few of my friends mad, I hope not, but that’s up to them. Either way, I think it’s time to say something. I can’t speak for anyone else, so this is just my own opinion, and my own resolve, but you can take it to the bank as to where I stand.

The country is in one big mess, no doubt. I’m just about broke, and don’t expect to ever again gather any meaningful wealth. I guess I’m at that point in life where we all have to admit that our health and energy will just go downhill from here. I’m single, divorced, and I guess I’ll stay that way. I just can’t see inflicting any woman with a mate as unqualified as myself. I will never own another new car, or buy another house. I’m a renter with limited income, limited intelligence, and I’m old and tired.

But above all else, I’m thankful. I thank God that I live in America! I thank God that I have an opportunity to stand up for my country in her hour of need… to stand up for freedom, and for the future of my children and my Grandchildren. Thank you Heavenly Father, for all of this! And yes, I do mean all of it. Thank you for every trial and challenge I have encountered in life from birth, right down to the blind and ignorant internet liberals who think themselves wise, though they follow a well-trod path to bondage.

In 1776, as the decimated Continental Army limped across New Jersey, America was seemingly but a fading dream surviving only in the hearts of George Washington and a few others. It looked to any with reason, including British General William Howe, that all was lost. Howe decided the Americans were so beaten that he would just put his troops in winter quarters at Trenton, and easily finish Washington’s Army off in the spring.

Washington had just been soundly beaten, he had no money from Congress, scant munitions, sick, wounded, and starving troops, many of whom wore rags on their feet for shoes, and all in the midst of a bitter cold winter. They should have made camp and dug in to lick their wounds shouldn’t they? Isn’t that what we would do? Considering all the defeatist talk, whining, and bickering among ourselves, we sure as hell wouldn’t have faced the enemy yet again would we?

Well, I thank God again my friends. This time, I offer thanks to God for giving us his Excellency George Washington. Washington recognized that the dream for American Independence was on the cusp of extinction, so he wrote in a letter to John Hancock, that he was inclined to “strike some stroke.” …And as sure as God is on his throne, “strike some stroke” they did! Against all odds, our brave forebears drug themselves, weak and bleeding, across the ice-choked Delaware on Christmas night, looking nothing like the romanticized painting of the event that has a bedecked Washington standing up in a small boat.

After crossing the Delaware, the troops moved on to Trenton marching against bitter cold wind driving sleet, snow, and ice against them. It was so cold that if a man stopped marching, he would freeze to death, and in fact, two men did. Hours behind schedule, they had lost their only advantage of darkness against the well-armed and disciplined Hessian Mercenaries who were warm, fed, and dug in at Trenton.

But our future first President (a real President), and the troops who were with him did what our troops always do… God Bless America’s troops! …they routed the Hessians, killing over a hundred, and taking over nine hundred prisoner. It was a small win strategically, but it was the turning point in the war for independence, and is the single most notable ensign of America’s determination to be free!

Please, find a good book about this important battle, and read it darn it! I recommend starting with 1776 by David McCullough. Read it, then read it again. Then next time any of us feel the urge to whine about how tough a spot we are in, or how we have given up on America, and are throwing in the towel, let’s hit ourselves over the head with it, then get on our knees and pray to God for forgiveness for dragging down those who enter the fray every day, not to decry defeat and their own disgust and weariness, but to renew their commitment that we will never give up… NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!

Giving up in the face of this enemy is not an option, and it is not a thought that can even enter my mind. It has no place there. I praise God for the blessings he has given me in my life, and I will die in His name before I will give up those blessings of liberty without a fight to the death. We have just begun to fight, if we are weary at this early stage of the contest for what is right, maybe we ought to go to bed and cover up. But if we are patriots, and if we love God, our families, and our Country, shake it off brothers and sisters, and let’s join this battle arm in arm like the proud Americans we are.

Wishing us all a happy 4th of July tomorrow, and signing off with God Bless America!


I keep hearing people say that they “…hope Obama succeeds for the good of the nation.” What? …are you insane? Make no mistake my fellow Americans; I want Obama to fail! I want him to go down in searing flames and to take all of his Liberal ideas and his Liberal pals with him. I hope Obama fails so severely as President of the United States, that we do not see another Marxist like him run for office in my lifetime, if not forever.

I might not be so rigid in my desire for Obama to fail if it were reasonable to wish that he would morph into the image of Ronald Reagan. I might be otherwise persuaded if he would forsake his Marxist, and criminal, and racist associates; and if he would repent and turn from his long history of shady deals, and the fact he will not even reveal proof of his birth requirement to be President. If I could reasonably wish he would after those miracles, administer the duties of his office as a pro-American President, yes, I might then wish him success. I ask you though, is any of that possible even by the furthest stretch of imagination? I say it is not.

If Obama fails, we can expect four years of Liberal hell. However, those four years of hell will not result from his failure; they will result from implementation of one egregious and un-American, or idiotic and idealistic policy after the other. There is little that we can do to stop that now. The fat is in the fire, and someone is going to be burned, whether Obama fails or not. Therefore, to say that you want him to succeed for the good of the country is frankly absurd. There is not a thing about Obama that is, or could be good for America. He is the enemy within.

On the grounds of principle alone, any politician, pundit, or citizen who opposed Obama for his racism, his deceitful lies, and for the media bias that catapulted him to office, and who now wishes him well is a fickle SOB, to put it in the most polite terms I am capable of mustering. If Obama was bad for the country as a candidate, and he was, he is exponentially more harmful for the country while in an office dishonestly acquired. It is a slap in the face of decency to wash away his sins because he crossed the invisible threshold of enough dishonesty and corruption to steal office. I wonder how many of the dead whose votes were cast vicariously in his behalf are spinning in their graves.

Now let us consider the consequences of Obama being successful. If he is successful, we will still suffer all the damage that will befall us if he fails, plus, we will have validated and consummated his crimes, his deceit, and his Marxist ideas. We will be guaranteed yet another four years of Obama, and more than likely, the complete breakdown of American Democracy, in favor of European style Socialism. So my fellow Americans, what say you? Do you still wish Obama success? I do not! I cannot. I am a Patriot. I love my Country, and I love my children and grandchildren too much to wish for four easy years, at the price of America’s future.