100% = 0%

unemployment-lineHow can Obama boast about being responsible for 0% unemployment for the first time in this countries history? Simple. All he has to do is ram through the health care bill, the cap and tax bill, and throw in a couple more stimulus plans, and POOF!!! Every person in this country will be out of work. When three hundred million Americans burn up all of the available unemployment benefits, and there are no more new unemployed people to sign up for it, the numbers will indicate 0% unemployment. Finally, success.

There you have it. When 100% of American workers are unemployed, we will be sitting at 0% unemployment. That will make for a wonderful, inspiring campaign speech for Obama in 2012. Definitely an accomplishment unmatched by an President before him. Way to go Prez!

2 thoughts on “100% = 0%

  1. marianr

    Randy, like the Climategate scam, it is all in how you report
    and juggle the numbers, and this group is good at playing the
    shell game to get people to believe them…. To me it is not
    a shell game it is pure Dishonesty!! The Left called Bush a
    lier and a crook?? This ones takes the First Prize.. He and his
    thugs are con-men..

    1. otracker Post author

      January will be the month that comes back to bite them. The holidays will be over and all of the temporary workers will be back on the street, as well as in the unemployment lines. Holiday hiring caused a slow down in job losses, but that is about to change drastically. I wonder how Gibbs is going to spin his way out of this one?

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