Poor Me Syndrome!

fatEvery once in a while I come across a little tidbit that pisses me off more than getting smacked in the face by a tree branch in winter, and guess what? I just came across such a tidbit.

I was reading comments on a blog at another site when one of my favorite liberals to hate lost his debate. Losing the debate was no surprise, because to the best of my knowledge this particular blogger has never won one. It was the tactic he used to wiggle out of his predicament that pissed me off. After leaving another blogger bored to tears with his usual liberal talking points, the blogger replied by just leaving a big “sigh.” Realizing that he had just been pegged as another dumb-ass liberal without a clue, he responded to the sigh gesture by giving a long drawn out sob story. He went on and on about how he has been directly affected by the economy, and in return he was granted with an apology. Just what he was searching for. With one comment he was able to make a conservative feel guilty enough to apologize to him, as well as diverting him away from the bullshit that made him sigh to begin with.

I am tired of the “poor me syndrome” that has spread throughout this country lately. Not only does this pity scrounging tactic exist in the blogosphere, but it dominates every corner of our society.

Here is the scoop. This crybaby told of how he had worked construction for twenty-five years, then made the transformation to real estate. He made it a point to say he had been a realtor for the last eight years. I wonder if that time frame was supposed to hold any significance? Anyway, he said he was out of work and had not had a paycheck for over a year. Interesting. This guy hasn’t worked for over a year, but he can afford Internet service. He looked like he had never skipped a meal in the photos he posted of himself, so I wonder who is feeding this sad sack.

This may upset a few people, but I will go on the record to say that anyone who says they can’t find a job after a year is either too picky, too lazy, or they are currently milking the shit out of someone else for their survival. No jobs in the hood? Move out!! Go to where the work is, don’t wait for it to come to you. You may just wait forever.

Pride and personal satisfaction does not reside in the hearts and minds of liberals. Instead, hate for others who possess what they want, but do not have the ambition to pursue, eats them alive. Instead of restoring their confidence in themselves by obtaining whatever employment is available, they bang on the computer 24/7 bitching about how unfair the world has treated them. Boo-hoo. I don’t want to hear it. McDonald’s is hiring everyday. I would rather hold my head high and tell people that I flip burgers at McDonald’s, than stare at my feet and whisper under my breath that my wife is the man in the family.

This fall after I got my crops out, I flipped burgers, worked at Wal-Mart, and worked like a slave pouring concrete. Not once did my banker refuse to deposit my checks from any of these employers. Any man worth the space that he takes up will do whatever it takes to hold onto the title of being a “man.” I would rather wipe asses at a nursing home, put out oil fires in a terrorist country, be a crash dummy for Ford, or hell, even run for public office than cry like a bitch on a blog, and tell the world how friggin lazy I am , all in the pursuit of pity.

We all have had good times, and we have all seen hard times. Only those with zero character sit on their ass for over a year looking for someone else to blame for their own shortcomings. I’m tired of feeding them, and I’m sure as hell tired of hearing them cry “poor me.” The only person in this world that owes any of us a thing is ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to die with a little dignity. We do however, owe it to the rest of the world not to waste oxygen that a productive member of society could be breathing.

2 thoughts on “Poor Me Syndrome!

  1. marianr

    No Shame flipping Burgers, my dad did it for 35 years… It was his own
    Business, but he was the Head cook, and he was there six days a week!!
    I agree, there are jobs, but some will not take them and as you say, just
    complain. A Friend just went back to selling cars after being on Unemployement,
    so it must be picking up… Problem is that Obama keeps extending the Benefits
    for the Unemployed, so they just don’t look!!

  2. raggedyann

    BRAVO! I had a friend a few years ago that was working three part time jobs to feed her family. Her husband had been laid off and was looking for work, but said he was not going to lower him self by working at a minumin wage job,or part time. See any thing wrong with this picture?

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