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Please take note that we are Blogsterfiles.com and no one else. We are not affiliated with any other website in any way, shape or form. For example, we are not Lobster BLOGSTER nor the green-eyed BLOGSTER. We are also not socialmediaBLOGSTER.com nor BLOGSTER.com or Bobski who blogs there. The folks at StratoBLOGSTER.com make some really cool looking guitars, but no, we’re not them either. We also are not photoBLOGSTER.com with that awesome shot of a shipwreck, but you should go take a look–it really is neat! We could go on about all the variants of something-Blogster and Blogster-something found all over the Internet, but I think you get the point. We’re just a small group of people who post our words and thoughts in blog files and use this site to keep in touch, including when other sites aren’t working. 😉

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