Monthly Archives: November 2008


My friends, it is with a heavy heart that I write this — for my beloved country has steered a course I had hoped not to see in my lifetime. I now call for all who love our country to join me in girding up in opposition of the forthcoming socialist Obama administration.

I have frankly been sickened by the appeasement attitude that has washed across our land. I fully expected such from the MSM, but sadly, I have seen it also from among personal acquaintances, and some right here on Blogster who have acceded to treachery and the socialist agenda it has wrought. I ask you, if you opposed Obama before the election, did you have good cause? I did. Knowing that the race was only won by dishonest tactics and with the aid of the long socialist American news media, can you now swallow the idea that ‘The People’ have spoken? I cannot.

Obama was a liar and a socialist before the election, and he is a liar and a socialist now. Nothing has changed by virtue of a stolen election. I do not congratulate Obama on his larceny; I do not accept that he is rightful President elect of the United States of America. I vow and decree to you my fellow Americans, and to the world, that I will do everything within my power to oppose him, and to oppose any person, jurist, or politician who cooperates in turning over of America to Obama’s socialist agenda.

Here is a quote I picked up from the Michael Reagan Website: “There’s an old saying that you can’t be half-socialist any more than you can be half-pregnant; get knocked up with a socialist fetus and you’ll have to deliver a full-born Marxist. There’s nothing in between. Try it, you’ll like it, and if you don’t, as the lads in the Gestapo used to tell people, they had ways to make them like it.

Democracy in America has been violently raped, and the offending seed has taken root in freedom’s womb. The “full-born Marxist” fetus, Obama, is served with rancid afterbirth at the feast of American Liberty. Please tell me how you feel. Will you join me in righting this wrong, or will you too gorge on the putrid poison of an Obamanation.