Many conservatives feel that Mitt Romney was not fully supported by the Republican establishment in his 2012 run for the White House. This ad was created by the Republican National Committee for the 2012 campaign but it was not aired, nor was it evidently made publicly available at all until some time after the November elections.

According to an ABC News article, the ad was approved to air in the final weeks of the campaign but now, as the White House cover-up unfolds revealing the true events leading to the death of four Americans in Benghazi, it seems remarkable that Romney and the RNC would not have known how damaging the ad would have been to Obama if the American people had only seen this ad in time.

In retrospect, it seems prudent now to ask, was this simply an error in judgement, or was someone in the RNC helping Obama? Or is it possible that Romney was forced to take a dive as election day approached, and if so, what about John McCain seeming to give up near the end of the 2008 presidential election?


    1. neo Post author

      Amen Anna. The question is where do we find someone like Reagan. Certainly no one on the scene presently measures up.

  1. irish

    I wonder about the same thing but along with that, I also wonder about threats and blackmail, especially now in light of the IRS and the growing AP/conservative reporters and news outlets scandals.

    When I see how many people still think 0bama is wonder boy and how many summarily dismissed Romney, I’m afraid that if there was a candidate like Reagan, he’d be mocked and deemed “uncool” by too many to ever win an election. However, most of this depends on the media and how they treat a potential candidate and with the unfolding AP, etc. debacle, I would think they’d be inclined to scrutinize all candidates next time around (get back to doing their jobs) since those same jobs are obviously on the line with the current administration.

    1. neo Post author

      Good point Irish. If you recall, the media didn’t really like Reagan but he was so good at going around them and around Congress, that he was unstoppable. Still, I doubt he could have pulled it off if the country wasn’t so sick and tired of Jimmy Carter. Maybe Obama will do the same thing for the 2016 candidate that Carter did for Reagan.

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