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Many conservatives feel that Mitt Romney was not fully supported by the Republican establishment in his 2012 run for the White House. This ad was created by the Republican National Committee for the 2012 campaign but it was not aired, nor was it evidently made publicly available at all until some time after the November elections.

According to an ABC News article, the ad was approved to air in the final weeks of the campaign but now, as the White House cover-up unfolds revealing the true events leading to the death of four Americans in Benghazi, it seems remarkable that Romney and the RNC would not have known how damaging the ad would have been to Obama if the American people had only seen this ad in time.

In retrospect, it seems prudent now to ask, was this simply an error in judgement, or was someone in the RNC helping Obama? Or is it possible that Romney was forced to take a dive as election day approached, and if so, what about John McCain seeming to give up near the end of the 2008 presidential election?


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Today a shot was fired that was heard around the world. As a result of that shot:


1.    We were blessed to hear very little about the latest overdosed Pop star.

2.    The black messiah in the White House was silent for a change, and probably had a very bad day.

3.    Michael Steel and the turncoats in the RNC learned who their new boss is going to be.

4.    Liberals all over the country messed their pants.

5.    The news media, especially Shepard Smith and Keith Olbermann, had their vacations ruined by the sting of being out maneuvered by Sarah Palin once again.

6.    Mitt Romney learned he is not the Republican front runner.

7.    And John McCain surely is hanging his head in shame for taking a dive when he had the chance to serve alongside the most prominent real American on the scene since Ronald Reagan.


I know all the arguments… that Sarah Palin isn’t experienced enough. That she is too earthy, and too pious to capture the imagination of the American people. Pardon my French, but bullshit! First she is darn well qualified, and even if she weren’t she is a loyal American with morals and values, and THAT is what we need!! And our American service men and women will love here.


A monkey could run the executive branch in today’s world… Teleprompter Obama is proof of that. Has there ever been a man less qualified for the office than Obama? Obama is not only incompetent, idealistic and naïve, but he is a Marxist. He places more value in the words of Lenin and Trotsky than he does in the inspired wisdom of Hamilton, Adams, Jefferson, or any of the Founding Fathers.


The most important thing the President does today, is to make Federal appointments, including czars (in Obama’s case), his own cabinet, and Federal Judges. Then he wields the bully pulpit to sway the slant of governance, for better or for worse. What is perhaps most sickening to me, is that he is also the Commander in Chief of our armed forces, and that he represents us to the world. I am sincerely ashamed that he was allowed to usurp the office of President.


If Sarah Palin never lifted a finger beyond restoring real Americans to our Government through appointments, it would a glorious day of restoration for our beloved country. And does anyone doubt that she would do that? Compared to Obama, knowing Sarah Palin, I would never lose a wink of sleep over any appointment of hers, without question.


Then there is THE “Football.” I have great concern with that power being in the hands of Obama. I don’t fear that he would use it hastily, but I worry more that he would hesitate until it is too late. Or worse, that our enemies are not deterred because “they” think he would hesitate. If Obama were called upon to make that fateful decision, I am certain he would be like a nervous coward holding a gun in the face of a perceived threat. He would be as likely to blow the head off an innocent bystander as to use it against a real threat.


In the predawn hours of April 19, 1775, American Minutemen gathered on the village green at Lexington. They had been warned by Paul Revere and William Dawes that the British were coming.


By the time the 800 man British advance guard arrived, the assemblage of 77 local citizens had been instructed by their commander, Captain Parker, “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”


The British commander, was not impressed by the small American force, and ordered the Minutemen to throw down their arms and disperse. Outnumbered, a few obeyed the order and began to leave. Then a shot was rang out and others quickly followed. When the smoke cleared, eight Americans lay dead and the outmatched Minutemen retreated into the nearby woods as the redcoats proceeded to Concord.


It is not known who fired that shot heard round the world on April 19, 1775, but I’m pretty sure another was fired on July 3, 2009, by Sarah Palin. Sarah is our Captain Parker. The message today is that, if these scoundrels want war, it begins here. If any of us missed Sarah’s message, don’t worry… every liberal on the planet heard it loud and clear.


Symbolism is important. That is why the only argument to gain any real traction against Barack Obama has been what must have seemed a silly issue to him… his missing birth certificate. Until now, the illegal interloper has had his way with America, our laws, and our system of self-governance.


The volley of fire delivered at Lexington that morning in 1775 bought time to ensure the arrival of enough minutemen at Concord to defeat the British and drive them back to Boston.

It is too late for Obama to reverse course. Too much damage has been done, and he must be removed from office. Tomorrow there are Tea Parties all over America. Be sure and attend one near you, and let it be know, that we back Sarah Palin. We don’t know if she will run for President, but it is clear she is embarking on a tour of support for new moral leadership.


Since Sarah is the first and only to stand head and shoulders above the crowd… let’s fall in behind her. After all, she is the only one in National politics leading where we want to go. Ignore Fox, and rest of the naysayers! Today was a good day for America!



The Concord Hymn

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1837)



By the rude bridge that arched the flood,

Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled;

Here once the embattled farmers stood;

And fired the shot heard round the world.


The foe long since in silence slept;

Alike the conqueror silent sleeps,

And Time the ruined bridge has swept

Down the dark stream that seaward creeps.


On this green bank, by this soft stream,

We place with joy a votive stone,

That memory may their deeds redeem,

When, like our sires, our sons are gone.


O Thou who made those heroes dare

To die, and leave their children free, —

Bid Time and Nature gently spare

The shaft we raised to them and Thee.


This might make a few of my friends mad, I hope not, but that’s up to them. Either way, I think it’s time to say something. I can’t speak for anyone else, so this is just my own opinion, and my own resolve, but you can take it to the bank as to where I stand.

The country is in one big mess, no doubt. I’m just about broke, and don’t expect to ever again gather any meaningful wealth. I guess I’m at that point in life where we all have to admit that our health and energy will just go downhill from here. I’m single, divorced, and I guess I’ll stay that way. I just can’t see inflicting any woman with a mate as unqualified as myself. I will never own another new car, or buy another house. I’m a renter with limited income, limited intelligence, and I’m old and tired.

But above all else, I’m thankful. I thank God that I live in America! I thank God that I have an opportunity to stand up for my country in her hour of need… to stand up for freedom, and for the future of my children and my Grandchildren. Thank you Heavenly Father, for all of this! And yes, I do mean all of it. Thank you for every trial and challenge I have encountered in life from birth, right down to the blind and ignorant internet liberals who think themselves wise, though they follow a well-trod path to bondage.

In 1776, as the decimated Continental Army limped across New Jersey, America was seemingly but a fading dream surviving only in the hearts of George Washington and a few others. It looked to any with reason, including British General William Howe, that all was lost. Howe decided the Americans were so beaten that he would just put his troops in winter quarters at Trenton, and easily finish Washington’s Army off in the spring.

Washington had just been soundly beaten, he had no money from Congress, scant munitions, sick, wounded, and starving troops, many of whom wore rags on their feet for shoes, and all in the midst of a bitter cold winter. They should have made camp and dug in to lick their wounds shouldn’t they? Isn’t that what we would do? Considering all the defeatist talk, whining, and bickering among ourselves, we sure as hell wouldn’t have faced the enemy yet again would we?

Well, I thank God again my friends. This time, I offer thanks to God for giving us his Excellency George Washington. Washington recognized that the dream for American Independence was on the cusp of extinction, so he wrote in a letter to John Hancock, that he was inclined to “strike some stroke.” …And as sure as God is on his throne, “strike some stroke” they did! Against all odds, our brave forebears drug themselves, weak and bleeding, across the ice-choked Delaware on Christmas night, looking nothing like the romanticized painting of the event that has a bedecked Washington standing up in a small boat.

After crossing the Delaware, the troops moved on to Trenton marching against bitter cold wind driving sleet, snow, and ice against them. It was so cold that if a man stopped marching, he would freeze to death, and in fact, two men did. Hours behind schedule, they had lost their only advantage of darkness against the well-armed and disciplined Hessian Mercenaries who were warm, fed, and dug in at Trenton.

But our future first President (a real President), and the troops who were with him did what our troops always do… God Bless America’s troops! …they routed the Hessians, killing over a hundred, and taking over nine hundred prisoner. It was a small win strategically, but it was the turning point in the war for independence, and is the single most notable ensign of America’s determination to be free!

Please, find a good book about this important battle, and read it darn it! I recommend starting with 1776 by David McCullough. Read it, then read it again. Then next time any of us feel the urge to whine about how tough a spot we are in, or how we have given up on America, and are throwing in the towel, let’s hit ourselves over the head with it, then get on our knees and pray to God for forgiveness for dragging down those who enter the fray every day, not to decry defeat and their own disgust and weariness, but to renew their commitment that we will never give up… NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!

Giving up in the face of this enemy is not an option, and it is not a thought that can even enter my mind. It has no place there. I praise God for the blessings he has given me in my life, and I will die in His name before I will give up those blessings of liberty without a fight to the death. We have just begun to fight, if we are weary at this early stage of the contest for what is right, maybe we ought to go to bed and cover up. But if we are patriots, and if we love God, our families, and our Country, shake it off brothers and sisters, and let’s join this battle arm in arm like the proud Americans we are.

Wishing us all a happy 4th of July tomorrow, and signing off with God Bless America!


Copyright (c) 1994 Constitution Society. Permission is granted to copy with attribution for noncommercial purposes.

Q: What is the Militia?

A: It was best defined by George Mason, one of the Framers of the U.S. Constitution, who said, “Who are the Militia? They consist now of the whole people, except for a few public officers.”

Q: If they’re the whole people, why do we need a special word like “militia” to refer to them?

A: The Militia is the people in a certain capacity, as defenders of the community and enforcers of the law. In that capacity, they are expected to have and use the tools needed to perform that role: personal weapons, and particularly firearms.

Q: Isn’t that what we have the military and police for?

A: Yes, we do hire some of us to perform these duties on a full-time, paid basis. But that does not relieve us of the power or the duty to perform those duties when the situation calls for it.

Q: Power? Don’t the military and police have powers ordinary civilians don’t have?

A: Yes, the police have special powers to enforce certain regulations, like traffic regulations, that civilians don’t have. And the military can engage in combat operations on foreign soil representing the United States. But all citizens have general powers to repel invasions, suppress insurrections, and enforce the laws, the three duties of the Militia, just like the military and police. They just don’t do it on a full-time, paid basis.

Q: Come on. If I tried to go out and enforce some law, wouldn’t I be subject to arrest for something? Like impersonating an officer, or maybe obstructing justice?

A: Not if you only tried to enforce the laws that civilians have the power to enforce, which are laws against felonies and more serious misdemeanors, and didn’t misrepresent yourself as an officer, who outranks most civilians, and who therefore is authorized to issue orders to civilians in situations where he is present and is himself acting in accordance with law. As for obstructing justice, anyone, including a law enforcement officer, can do that. Everyone involved is expected to cooperate with one another in enforcing the law and not jeopardize one another’s legitimate efforts. That applies to everybody, officers and civilians alike. When there is disagreement about how best to do that, the dispute is ordinarily resolved by deferring to the officer with the highest rank, but he may be out of line. Ultimately, it is up to the courts to decide who is obstructing whom.

Q: So don’t federal law enforcement officials outrank state officials, who outrank local?

A: No, each can investigate and apprehend under all the same laws, just as any citizen can. The problem arises with the attempts by the federal government to extend its authority to act against “crimes” that it does not have the constitutional power to prosecute, and to try such cases in federal courts. The Constitution delegates only very limited criminal prosecution powers to the federal government for acts committed on State territory: treason, counterfeiting, crimes on the high seas and against the laws of nations (that is, war crimes), and civil rights violation by officials. It has broad legislative authority on federal territory, which includes State land ceded to the federal government by a State Legislature, but there is very little of that left since Hawaii and Alaska joined the Union. It does not include land that is merely owned by the federal government, nor does it include land on which some activity is conducted that is regulated bythefederal government. The federal criminal laws which have been enacted which are not on the above list are ostensibly based on the constitutional power of the federal government to “regulate” interstate commerce, but it was never the intent of the Framers that the power to regulate was the power to prosecute criminally, nor was “interstate commerce” intended to include everything that ever crossed a state border, or might cross a state border, or is done by a party that operates across a state border, or that might “affect” interstate commerce. This “interpretation” of the interstate commerce clause is clearly unconstitutional, and amounts to amending the Constitution by statute instead of by the amendment procedure the Constitution prescribes.

Q: That may be the way things once were, back when this country was founded and during the frontier era, but does the concept of the Militia have any relevance for today?

A: As much as it ever did. This country still faces threats from foreign enemies. Maybe not invasions on the ground from a foreign army, but terrorists, guerrillas, and criminal gangs, either foreign or domestic, are a growing threat. Urban riots are always possible, and looters are a potential threat following natural or manmade disasters. The police can’t be everywhere, and rising crime means that everyone must be prepared to act on his own or in cooperation with other citizens to enforce the laws until the professionals can assume control of the situation. Everyone must also be prepared to perform emergency services until emergency professionals can take over, sometimes under circumstances in which they must also be prepared to use armed force.

Q: Come on! I’m not trained or equipped to act as a policeman, a fireman, or a paramedic. How can I be expected to do that?

A: Because you are an American citizen, and it goes with being a citizen, whether you like it or not. What you need to do is get trained and get equipped.

Q: Come on! It takes those guys years to learn those skills. Wouldn’t I just be doing more harm than good if I tried to get involved?

A: No one is expecting you to jump into a raging river to save someone from drowning if you don’t know how to swim, but what you should do is learn swimming and lifesaving. Likewise, you can learn other skills that may be needed, and keep some of the tools you might need. For a reasonable investment of time and money, most citizens can prepare themselves to function effectively in most such situations, sometimes even better than the professionals. For example, statistics show that in shootouts against criminals, law enforcement professionals are five times more likely to hit innocent bystanders than armed civilians are. Part of this may be due to the civilians being on the scene first, and therefore knowing who the bad guys are and are not, but it also indicates that civilians are more careful, and often more skilled. Many civilians are also skilled in the unarmed martial arts, skills that many law enforcement departments actually forbid theirmembersfrom learning and using, fearing lawsuits.

Q: Are you really saying we should all carry guns all the time?

A: Most of the time, yes. It’s not that difficult. After a while, you barely notice it.

Q: Wouldn’t there be a lot more deaths and injuries from firearms if everyone carried them all the time?

A: Well, we don’t say everyone should always carry one. Obviously, some people shouldn’t. But they are exceptional. Most people will carry them safely and responsibly, with a little training. Of course there will be some additional incidents if most people carry most of the time. Professional police and military have accidents and incidents, but we don’t disarm them, because on balance we are better off if they carry most of the time. Same with most other civilians. On balance most of us will be better off if most people carry most of the time, after receiving training, and with regular practice. In a large population of people, there will always be a certain number of injuries resulting from the possession and use of any common implement. But firearms, with proper use, are remarkably safe. Statistics show that injuries are more likely to be caused by common appliances like toasters and vacuum cleaners than by firearms.

Q: You are talking about handguns, but what about military-style semiautomatic rifles, such as those banned under the recent Crime Act? Are they really good for anything but killing people?

A: In a sense, all functional firearms are for causing potentially deadly injury to their targets, but their primary purpose is to provide a credible deterrent against criminal attack. In a tactical situation in which both parties are armed with semi-automatic or full-automatic weapons, such weapons shift the balance in favor of the defender, and partially offset the advantage of surprise enjoyed by the attacker. It is not practical to carry them everywhere, but in many situations, like defense of a fixed position, such as one’s home or workplace, they can provide the margin of survival. It should also be pointed out that military-style rifles, whether semi- or full-automatic, are the primary weapons for use in performing militia duties, and therefore bans against such weapons are in violation of the provisions of the U.S. Constitution, such as Art. I, Section 8, and the Second Amendment, which provide for the Militia and recognize the right to keepandbear arms.

Q: What does the U.S. Constitution say about Militias?

A: Art. I, Section 8, provides that the U.S. Congress can adopt regulations for organizing and training of the Militia, but that the organizing and training of the Militia, and the appointment of its officers, shall be done by the States. The Second Amendment mentions the Militia as an important reason why the people have a right to keep and bear arms.

Q: So, what do federal laws say about how the states should organize and train theirMilitias?

A: Not much. They define who may be required to respond to a call-up of the Militia by the President. In 10 USC 311, what we might call the obligatory militia is defined as “all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 13 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States.” But they don’t say anything about how the States should organize and train their Militias. The States are left to do so on their own.

Q: So, what do State constitutions and laws say about organizing and training their Militias?

A: Again, not much. They define what most of them call the reserve militia, usually as “able-bodied males” of age ranges that vary from one state to the next, typically as 16 through 59. Some of them also provide for a State Guard, which is a full- or part-time organization which is what the Framers of the Constitution called a select militia. Not the full Militia.

Q: What about the National Guard? Aren’t they the Militia?

A: A part of it, yes, as we all are. But although they are available to the State for certain purposes, they are organized and funded under the constitutional authority to raise armies, not the authority to call up the Militia. As such, they are part of the national military, not what the Framers meant by the term Militia.

Q: Wait a minute. You first defined the Militia as the entire population, except for a few officials. Now we have these laws that define it as “able-bodied males” within a certain age range. Which is right?

A: Although everyone is in principle subject to being called to Militia duty, it has long been felt that few situations are likely to arise in which absolutely everyone would need to be called up. Therefore, the law tries to identify a subset of the entire Militia that may be required to keep arms and to be kept in a state of readiness. In the event of an actual call-up, these would also be joined by volunteers who, while not falling within the definition of who may be required to be thus prepared and to respond to a call-up, would respond anyway and who would be an asset. We call the first group of those who may be required to stay ready and to assemble the obligatory militia. We call the volunteers the voluntary militia. The combination of the obligatory militia and the voluntary militia is the ready militia. That is what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind when they used the term Militia. They envisioned a militia system like thatofSwitzerland.

Q: Well, if neither federal or state laws call for the organizing and training of the ready militia, does that mean they are prohibited?

A: No. A few state laws prohibit armed groups, but the legislative history of such laws shows that they were directed at criminal gangs , not at the organizing and training of the Militia by local leaders or officials. Any such laws would be unconstitutional if interpreted in that way.

Q: So, who has the authority to call up the Militia?

A: Anyone can call up the Militia. Anyone at all. Historically, the call-ups have usually been issued by local officials, such as sheriffs or mayors, but in the absence of action by such officials, the people can assemble on their own initiative, called up by anyone who offers a credible reason to assemble.

Q: Wow! You mean I could call up the Militia in my area?

A: That’s right. Indeed, if you are aware of some situation that requires the Militia to be called up, then you are obliged to issue a call-up if you can’t get some official to do so.

Q: Wouldn’t it cause some alarm to a lot of people if we did that?

A: It might. That is why it is a good idea not to wait until an emergency occurs before you do it. The Militia should be kept in a state of readiness between emergencies. That way people will not see the call-up as something unusual and alarming.

Q: Aren’t there laws against alarming people that could be used against any unofficial assemblies like that?

A: Longstanding constitutional precedent is that one has to actually direct arms against an innocent person and specifically threaten him for it to qualify as “alarming the public”. And the person has to be innocent. If one has reasonable grounds to believe that he has or is about to commit a crime, then an armed threat may be appropriate.

Q: Wouldn’t such armed assemblies of the Militia, or at least such part of it as responds to the call-up, be vigilantes if they tried to do that?

A: No, vigilantism is the improper assumption of the role of judge, jury, and executioner, not the role of investigator or apprehender.

Q: What about the rights of the accused? Where do they come in here?

A: The Militia is obliged to treat the accused the same way the police are expected to treat them. That means informing them they have a right to remain silent and to be represented by an attorney. They must use no more force than is necessary to prevent them from either escaping or committing a crime.

Q: All this is fine in theory, but when was the last time the Militia was actually called up officially?

A: The President last called up the Militia on the West Coast in 1942.

Q: What about unofficially?

A: Depends on what you would consider a call-up, but a notable example occurred in Athens, Tennessee, in 1946, when a group of returning veterans discovered that the sheriff was stealing the local election. They issued a call-up, and laid siege to the court house. Despite a great deal of gunfire on both sides, no one was killed. The sheriff surrendered, and the Militia provided for an honest count of the votes. Dealing with vote fraud is a proper Militia role.

Q: Was that really necessary? Couldn’t they or others in a similar situation use peaceful, legal methods to enforce voting laws?

A: Not necessarily. There may be no one to enforce the law except the Militia. The crime may be a conspiracy of local, state, and federal officials who can effectively block any official enforcement action. There is evidence that most computerized elections are subject to being rigged at any time, and that they are rigged with some regularity, at the direction of parties on the national level that control official law enforcement agencies at all levels. Of course, the rigging is very subtle. It can be done right under the noses of pollwatchers. Investigating such rigging is a somewhat involved operation, but it can be done, and should be before resorting to Militia action. The same situation may occur with other kinds of official corruption or abuse. The Militia may be the only honest law enforcement activity remaining.

Q: Are you saying that the main purpose for reviving the Militia tradition is to fight official abuse and corruption? Have things really come to that?

A: Sadly, yes. Most people are blissfully unaware of how bad things have become, or prefer not to see it or think about it. But it is approaching the point where more and more of them will be unable to sustain their state of ignorance or denial. It would be better to act now before things get much worse. The longer we wait, the more likely that there will be violent conflict, and we really don’t need another civil war.

Q: Can you provide evidence of any of this?

A: There is plenty of evidence. It is readily available for those who want to make a little effort to find it. The sponsors of this document can direct you to much of it. After you read some of it, and talk to government insiders who are providing information to patriotic citizens about what is going on, you will readily understand why it is now time to activate the Militia across the country.

Q: My god! This sounds like you are proposing to overthrow the government. What do you hope to accomplish by doing this?

A: There is reason to believe that the U.S. Constitution has already been effectively overthrown by a conspiracy centered in the intelligence and military establishments, with ties to the financial, industrial, media, and criminal establishments. We seek to restore constitutional governance, hopefully by balancing the power of this cabal with armed militia units in every state and linked together across the country. That, and exposing their operations to public view, will hopefully bring reform without the need to resort to violence, just as it happened in the former Soviet Union.

Q: The Constitution already overthrown? C’mon. Who’s going to believe that? Maybe there is more and more corruption and abuse, but everything seems normal, for the most part.

A: Yes, the conspiracy is secret and subtle. It tries to avoid abusing too many people or people who are too prominent, but just try to expose it or raise these issues, and you will soon discover that you live in a police state and not in a constitutional republic.

Q: Maybe it is better to just not try to expose it or raise these issues, but keep a low profile and hope this conspiracy will overlook me?

A: Well, leaving aside the fact that to do so is to betray what generations of Americans have fought and died for, and that such a position is dishonorable and cowardly, evidence indicates that whoever you are, a low profile won’t help you. Sooner or later, you will have to face it. Better now than later. Now we can prevail. Later it may be too late.

Q: Look, it’s not just me. I have a family to think about. Maybe I should just join this conspiracy you talk about?

A: Join a conspiracy that depends on secrecy to survive? You don’t join them. They recruit you. If they don’t, there’s no way in. And no protection for you even if you do join them. They are not noted for protecting their own people. Deals with them are Faustian bargains, long on promises and short on delivery. That is one reason we are getting more and more defectors, despite the personal dangers. You have to ask what kind of country and world you want your children and grandchildren to live in.

Q: It all seems so incredible. What could these people want that would cause them to overthrow the Constitution? What more could they get that they don’t already have?

A: They may be driven by fears of losing what they have, or they may foresee some crisis they feel will require them to have more power than they already have. What did the Nazis want? Or the Italian fascists? Or the Japanese in WWII? Or Stalin? To us these fascists, for that is what they are, collectively, seem irrational. But they were not strong on reason or wisdom. The allies may have won WWII and the Cold War, but fascism is alive and well and running Western countries, including our own.


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The year I turned 16, my older brother hired me to work on his harvester crew. Not yet at their zenith, Salyer Land Co. farmed a little more than 50,000 acres at the time. They operated seven International Harvester brand combines, and fourteen John Deere combines just to keep up with their own in-house harvesting needs. My brother was a foreman over one of the company’s three crews of seven combines.

The Salyer farming enterprise was started by a notorious old cob, Clarence “Cockeye” Salyer. By the time I went to work for them, it was called Salyer Land Co., and was owned by Cockeye’s two sons, C. Everette, and Fred Salyer, and I believe a sister whom I never met. Everette was President of the company, and Fred ran field operations. Fred and Everette were industrious perfectionists, so everything about Slayer Land Co. was the epitome of farming excellence.

Their land was immaculate. The ground was level, clear of weeds, well drained, fertilized, cultivated, and drained to precise scientific standards. Their equipment was maintained to the same high standards as their farmland. They had a private airport and a massive machine shop that was the envy of many a large equipment manufacturer. A fleet of low-bed semi trucks, massive crane trucks, and large service trucks populated local roads moving large and small equipment from field to field, and insuring every fuel tank, bearing, zerk, tire and door hinge were serviced, topped off, and/or in constant good repair.

One day, I found myself alone in a Salyer field on the west side of the Tulare lakebed near Kettleman City. As memory serves, I was knocking down borders in a field we were about to move into with our harvester crew. When lunchtime rolled around, I wheeled into a service area, which was nothing more than a hundred yard square piece of graded dirt adjacent to the grain field I was working in. There are no trees in that part of the country, but an anhydrous ammonia semi trailer was parked in the service area and promised a little shade from the hot desert sun of the western San Joaquin Valley.

Like all of Salyer’s equipment, the trailer, which was really just a giant pressurized tank with wheels and fenders attached, was in perfect condition, including an immaculate coat of bright white paint, which made the shade it provided seem cooler than it really was. I settled in on the shady side of the trailer and leaned against the trailer’s large semi-truck tire, grateful for the shade during the fifteen minutes I would take to devour my sack lunch, and an almost cool can of Coca-Cola.

Promptly digging into my brown paper sack for the sandwich my Mom had packed for me, I bit into the white bread, and my taste buds began to contemplate the pleasure of sliced ham and mayonnaise. The pleasure was short lived, as my world suddenly exploded into abject chaos! The first thing that hit me was the ear shattering sound that was something like the squall of a fighter jet when the afterburners kick in. I probably would have remained several seconds in motionless shock, not knowing what to do if the tire I was leaning against had not begun to vibrate and bounce off the ground.

I don’t remember what happened to my sandwich, or whatever else was in my brown paper lunch sack that day, but all was likely crushed in the flurry of flailing limbs that ensued as I scrambled to take flight as fast as my feet would carry me, from what I imagined to be an exploding ammonia tank. After gaining some distance while looking over my shoulder, the white plume jetting over 100 feet into the air stopped as quickly as it had started and all signs of the bright white vapor were gone within seconds, having dissipated into the atmosphere.

The tank had never been in danger exploding, but the pressure relief valve on top had released excess pressure resulting from the hot sun heating the contents of the over-full tank of liquid ammonia. By now, you must be wondering what blow off from a tank of anhydrous ammonia has to do with anything.

…Well my friends, I may not be popular for saying this, but I believe more than ever after today, that Fox News is not our friend. Even though we often think of it as the lone conservative voice in our national mainstream media, things are not that simple. And Fox News is not entirely what it presents itself to be.

Fox news is an organ of the same betrayal media that has stolen our free Republic from us, and more importantly, now threatens to enslave America’s posterity for many generations to come. If we do not stop this march to communism NOW, our children and grandchildren will never enjoy the liberty established by the Founding Fathers, the liberty we have enjoyed all of our lives …the liberty of Our America!

I’m sure that Glenn Beck and Shaun Hannity are sincere in what they do, but they too have merely been sucked in as pawns. Fox News is nothing but a pressure relief valve like the one on top of that anhydrous ammonia tank that I encountered as a young farm hand. Fox’s mission is to keep a country, choking on progressive socialism, from exploding. Fox makes us feel warm and fuzzy, as if we are getting somewhere, as if we have a friend on our side — we do not.

Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Greta Van Susteren, and others coyly mitigate any advantage gained in the hand full of Fox conservatives. If you doubt my words, consider Megyn’s gleeful reporting of Obama’s gains during the election, or Greta’s hit pieces on Palin disguised as friendly visits, but in reality used extensively by the opposition to paint Palin as an unqualified cheerleader from Alaska. Where were the fair and balanced hours scouring Biden’s hometown, and interviewing his sophisticated enemies on one hand, and his unsophisticated friends in contrast?

Shepard Smith’s reading of letters this morning, from viewers opposing Obama, and then comparing them, and all of us who think Obama is a socialist in the same ilk as the white supremist who went on a rampage at the Holocaust Museum in Washington today was unconscionable. Shepard Smith did not perform his Keith Olbermann impersonation without the network’s approval. Obama is the worst enemy Jews, as a people have faced since Hitler. Yet Fox News has maligned the greater part of their audience as being in league with white supremists.

My fellow Americans, please do not be appeased by this pressure relief valve. This is what they want. They want our anger diffused and for us to feel cowed down by the Fox News wolves in sheep’s clothing. We cannot fall for it. Until we start relying on our own God given wisdom, and take charge again of our own self-governance, we will not win back a thing.

We must mobilize to clean out all of Washington, get rid of all of Congress and the Senate, and put a patriotic Natural Born American in the white house, and then we can begin the long march to recovery. Until we do that, we are only marching ever closer to Soviet style communism, complete with cronyism and appointed, not elected influence. Under the Obama dictatorship, we can expect an ever-growing lower class, and a narrowing scope of ruling elite.

Obama is not an American in my view. He is a foreign-born imposter, and having taken the oath of office, is a traitor to that to which he has sworn allegiance. The mainstream media aid and abet the OCS assault upon our liberty, Fox included, not withstanding what little relief we get from the pop-off effect it serves.

I hope I’m wrong about Fox News, but I don’t think so. Tell me what you think.


Personally, I wish Joannemor would just shut up! Jo Anne is a blogger with whom most here are familiar. She posts long articles and blogs endlessly, some might say, “conspiring,” with her right wing cronies about all things political.

You see the problem is, Jo Anne distracts me from important things like… well, TV, movies, sports, video games, and from concentrating on important decisions like, which new gadget I will purchase so I can Twitter about, “Someone blogged something bad about me, and I’m going to convince the world that I was right, and they were wrong.

…OK …by now, you probably know you’ve been hoodwinked. I really don’t want Joannemor to shut up… quite the opposite in fact! I want to thank Jo Anne and admonish all of us to pay more attention to what she and other well-informed bloggers have to say.

It’s easy to get caught up in the emotions of opposing opinions, but we need to pay attention to the real risks of our predicament, or we are going to lose our great country, and the freedom it secures. Digressing to fighting and insults as we often encounter from the other camp, is not productive. It is merely a tactic of distraction from the Obamacorn crowd.

“Manners are more important than laws. Upon them, in a great measure, the laws depend. Manners are what vex or soothe, corrupt or purify, exalt or debase, barbarize or refine us… According to their quality, they aid morals… or they totally destroy them.” ~Edmund Burke as quoted by John Howard 4/26/07 Liberty Revisited

So please Jo Anne, do not shut up! Do not allow your voice to be muted in the least! Rather, please keep posting, and ignore the detractors who would insult you for your superior intelligence and well informed opinions. They do it because distraction is the only weapon they have against truth.

To all of my good friends who like Jo Anne, also write tirelessly, the battle is joined, and we cannot leave the field to the MSM and other usefull idiots. Ignore them, and plod on undestracted. At some time, we will reach a tipping point where the tides of fortune shift again in Liberty’s favor.

In the mean time, every word written opposing the present Marxist administration, and supporting American ideals instead, has the potential of being the straw that tips the scales of justices and puts us on the road back to a free United States of America.  

“We have staked the whole future of American civilization, not upon the power of government, far from it.  We have staked the future of all our political institutions upon the capacity of mankind for self-government; upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Ten Commandments of God.” ~President James Madison

NO MAMA, NO PAPA, NO UNCLE SAM Economics (4 of 4)

There are experts, pundits, and bloggers as thick as fleas who write at length about theories, and economic models that show deficit spending is the way to economic recovery. They say we should fall in among them like so many sheep, and praise Obama’s spending frenzy as if condemning future generations to the slavery of indebtedness were the miracle of turning water into wine.

Contrary to popular myth, the most remarkable economic recovery in the country’s history did not come about because of the spending spree conducted by FDR. No, Roosevelt was simply continuing the failed policies of his predecessor, Herbert Chicken in Every Pot Hoover, just as Obama is continuing many of the failed economic policies of George Bush.

The second myth is that the economy and the country were saved by WWII, but that really is not right either, at least as far as the economy goes. The war only provided Americans with the resolve to unite for the common good. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and invaded the Philippines, Americans stopped waiting for FDR to send the government to save them, and went to work saving themselves, while the government turned its attention to sending our boys “Over There” to save Europe and the Orient.

At that critical time, we did not try to increase consumer spending, but rather, we rationed everything that was not already only available in limited supply. We stopped buying cars, tires, gas, women’s hosiery, and almost anything classified as food or consumer goods. We rationed our resources and pulled in our economic horns in every way imaginable. Many Americans worked two jobs; often one of those jobs without pay as volunteers to help others in need, or to support the war effort.

In the previous installment of this series, I talked about how it was not government or the war, but the American people who brought economic recovery to our country during the forties and fifties. The American people worked in a unified effort to survive economic hardship, and to defend our liberty. I said that instead of looking for a check from the government, we loaned money to the government in the form of war bonds. In fact, during WWII, when the average American family earned a mere $2,600.00 Per Year, Americans purchased an astonishing $185.7 billion in U.S. War Bonds.

I also told you about a group of heroes, and promised to tell you what all of it has to do with economic recovery today …and so I shall. This coming May, a dwindling group of Veterans will meet in San Antonio, Texas for the last such gathering of its kind, ever. I can imagine when the convention of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor* ends on May 30, 2009, there will be soulful tears for some, as they gaze upon the deeply carved faces of cherished friends and say goodbye. Due to their advanced age, and compromised state of health, some of our heroes will indeed be parting forever, from their Comrades in Arms, the only other living souls who ever really understood what these former POW’s endured at the hands of the enemy, and their own neglectful government.

More about our heroes in a moment, but for now we must recognize that the first order of business in saving our country is to slow or stop the Obama Crime Syndicate, if we can. The enemy now is within the gates and must be deposed in effect or in fact, before it is too late. In everything they do, from pillaging our national treasury, to stifling our freedom, they must be stopped. They must not be allowed to turn terrorists from Guantanamo Bay loose onto our streets, giving them taxpayer-funded stipends, as recently suggested, and they must be stopped from all further collusion with the enemy.

That is a tall order now that the, communist regime in all but name, is seated, but we should not despair. America is far from defeated. We are a determined people, and while the OCS has been busy destroying our economy and our liberty through liberal and socialist policies, millions of Americans have been noisily collaborating while quietly and instinctively preparing. We have set aside cash, supplies, liquid assets, and have purchased weapons and ammunition at record rates. Most Americans understand that self-sufficiency is the key to survival, not FEMA, or a government check.

We must continue sharing information, and mounting pressure through public forums and protests such as Tea Parties, and We Surround Them gatherings, but there is more we can do right now to counter the sellout of American jobs and American liberty. We must take care to turn our words into tangible force and not fall into mere hyperbole.

Things have already not gone as expected by Obama, and as the OCS becomes more desperate, the pressure on Obama, as its figurehead, will cause him to make more mistakes, further exposing his ineptitude and enraging the American people at the same time. We do not have to vanquish the march to communism at once, but we only need to exert enough force to favorably shift the odds in favor of our Constitutional Society, and against the Obama agenda.

To stop jobs from being exported, we must quit contributing to the Trade Deficit by resisting purchases of foreign products. We need to quit supporting corrupt labor unions by not purchasing new products made with union labor. Unions exist to extort remuneration for a small class of people beyond their worth. Before Obama, there was nothing as Un-American, or more destructive to our countries economy than labor unions.

There is room for but one union in America …and that is our union of fifty States and includes all the people. Unions are merely Labor Crime Syndicates, and they all must go. Business opportunity must be allowed to naturally return to individuals, and to small business America, instead of being leveraged to advantage of corporations and unions and the unethical criminals who gravitate to them.

We must all resolve, in great enough numbers to matter, that we will not support Obama, or the world corporations and socialist policies into which the OCS is pouring our money. Corporations become so corrupt because they are immortal, but they are granted immortality in America, only by the will of the American people. We do not benefit by keeping decrepit corporations alive beyond their natural and useful lifespan.

We do not need government and corporations copulating, and producing economically deformed offspring that cannot be made whole at any cost. And, we must not be lured into sympathy for these bastard corporations and those who have chosen to work for, or invest in them, or their so-called innocent branches of enterprise. The corporations on whole were corrupt and poorly run entities, now the equally corrupt OCS is interfering where it has no right, and so the two are eating each other. Neither deserves the slightest leniency and both are overdue for radical correction, or elimination.

We do not need wealth to be redistributed in America, from the pockets of the working class, into the coffers of multinational corporations, bankers, insurance companies, and unions. What we need, is to let these inbred giants fall naturally from their own weight, so that perhaps twelve smaller, more efficient and viable enterprises can rise in the new clearing. Let the decomposing assets of those failed companies produce fertilizer to naturally nourish rising saplings. Leave those saplings then, to grow where they could not grow before, under the stifling shade of ancient, corrupt, and aging giants like AIG.

What I have said so far, adds up to the present spending spree, led by a very inept Obama, being ALL WRONG. Obama asked for an alternative plan from Republicans, and since I am a Republican, I am happy to oblige, and here are my suggestions:

Our economy recovered during WWII, not because of any Keynesian Effect in FDR’s New Deal spending, or war spending, but because of the resourcefulness of our people, our substantial natural resources, and because we all pulled together, spurred on by patriotic fervor. We have the potential for all of those things today.

  1. Open up maximum access to all of our natural resources for immediate development, providing tax incentives for new production of domestic oil, copper, and forest products, and even keep alternative fuels in the mix.
  2. Stop bailing out of any failing business, but instead, offer tax incentive to viable companies that buy up assets of failing companies. That’s what the Federal Bankruptcy Act is for …no new legislation needed …just stop spending our money damn-it!!!
  3. Put the National Guard on the Mexican border, and beef up ICE assets to stop all ILLEGAL immigration, drop all minimum wage laws, outlaw union contracts, and let the supply and demand of the free market determine the value of labor, products and profitability.
  4. Encourage all State Governors and Legislatures to enter into an agreement to place a moratorium on all new taxes, and roll all energy, business, and excise taxes back to 2000 levels to prevent the exodus of jobs or citizens from any state, and particularly from socialist states like California.
  5.  ….Other than tax incentives, this removes all stimulus spending from the equation. The only other thing that government can rightly do from this point, is to encourage patriotic fervor among American citizens, and this is where our war heroes come into the picture. It is not likely we can deter our government from repeating the errors of Keynesian Economics, but maybe we can divert the squandered dollars to a good cause that every American can get behind….: 

  6. Produce and sell, not “War Bonds,” but “Warrior Bonds.” These would be equivalent to WWII era War Bonds, but will fund just treatment of veterans rather than funding a world war.
  7. Immediately tender a public apology to all of our ignored and dishonored Warriors from WWII, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. Tender immediate reparations to the Bataan and Corregidor Veterans or their heirs in compensation for past U.S. blocking of successful legal recourse with Japan.
  8. Immediately issue significant pay increases to all active duty Military personnel, and initiate a benefits package including private school vouchers for all children of active duty Military and Veterans, assistance for housing, family travel, food assistance (cash NOT welfare stamps or debit cards), and anything else we can do to make the lives of our soldiers and their families better.
  9. Immediately expand Veteran’s medical and rehabilitation services, including more and better hospitals, insuring availability of the very best and newest care in relation to war injuries, even when it may not yet be available widely enough to be commercially viable.
  10. Immediately upgrade body armor and other equipment needed to provide the best balance achievable of protection and comfort for our kids out there catching bullets lobbed by Obama’s Muslim pals.
  11.  And finally, fix Social Security including, issuing an immediate pay increase for all on Social Security, presently at or above the age of sixty-five, start restoring the funds raided from Social Security to fund welfare programs, allow private investment of FICA withholdings with tax incentives for above minimum deposits.

If we as Americans cannot work as we did during WWII, but this time to honor, and to improve the quality of life for our Military people, and for our aged, we do not deserve the freedom we enjoy. We can let Obama divide us with class and race envy, and destroy us with socialism, or we can tell him and his criminal, communist, and Muslim pals to go to hell, and we can get to work saving America.

These are just my ideas, but regardless what develops, there is change coming, and I don’t think it is what Obama had in mind. God Bless America!

[ PART 1 ] [ PART 2 ] [ PART 3 ] [ PART 4 ]

* Beginning in 2010, annual conventions will be held by the Descendants Group. Please consider joining or supporting this new group of advocates, and try to attend the convention if you can. Please visit the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor website, and let these great Americans know what you think of them.


THE BATTLING BASTARDS Economics (3 of 4)

There are experts, pundits, and bloggers as thick as fleas who write at length about theories, and economic models that show deficit spending is the way to economic recovery. They say we should fall in among them like so many sheep, and praise Obama’s spending frenzy as if condemning future generations to the slavery of indebtedness were the miracle of turning water into wine.

Contrary to popular myth, the most remarkable economic recovery in the country’s history did not come about because of the spending spree conducted by FDR. No, Roosevelt was simply continuing the failed policies of his predecessor, Herbert Chicken in Every Pot Hoover, just as Obama is continuing many of the failed economic policies of George Bush.

The second myth is that the economy and the country were saved by WWII, but that really is not right either, at least as far as the economy goes. The war only provided Americans with the resolve to unite for the common good. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and invaded the Philippines, Americans stopped waiting for FDR to send the government to save them, and went to work saving themselves, while the government turned its attention to sending our boys “Over There” to save Europe and the Orient.

At that critical time, we did not try to increase consumer spending, but rather, we rationed everything that was not already only available in limited supply. We stopped buying cars, tires, gas, women’s hosiery, and almost anything classified as food or consumer goods. We rationed our resources and pulled in our economic horns in every way imaginable. Many Americans worked two jobs; often one of those jobs without pay as volunteers to help others in need, or to support the war effort.

We planted gardens, made our own clothes, canned, and stored up food supplies when they were available for times when they were not. We saved everything and wasted nothing. Cooking grease, newspapers, chewing gum wrappers, and every scrap of anything else that could be reused was collected by every American from nine to ninety, and donated to industry in support of our fight for liberty.

Instead of looking for a check from the government that future generations would have to pay back, we loaned money to the government in the form of war bonds. Everything that Obama is doing now is 180 degrees opposed to the principles that worked for us then. Our household budgets are microcosms of city, county, state, and national governments, and we all know that we cannot spend our way to prosperity.

We are in for some economic pain regardless what we do now, but conservation brings increase, while spending results in decrease. Long-term recovery is going to require that, as individuals and as a nation, we conserve more of what we have been wasting, while spending less than we have been on essentials. This is the exact opposite of what is being done, and the longer we wait to get it right, the longer real recovery will take.

What Obama and Congress are doing, is nothing but an attempt to make things appear better, and passing the inevitable pain of real recovery on to our children instead of taking our own medicine now like reasonable adults. And for what …so that Obama and Congress can grow wealthier and more powerful, as we grow weaker.

Now I want to tell you about a group of Americans heroes who are leaving us at an alarming rate. These men sometimes call themselves the Battling Bastards of Bataan and Corregidor. “What,” you may ask, “does this have to do with the economy?” I will tell you that it has everything to do with the economy as well as recovery, that is, if we want to replicate the economic model that made America into the world’s most efficient and powerful industrialized nation in the nineteen forties and fifties. Not to mention the restoration of our core values, and common decency as a nation.

I have a question for Congress and for Obama, and a suggestion for a better plan for the recovery of our nation, not just to heal our wallets, but also to sooth our national conscience and to heal our souls. My suggestion involves our Military Men and Women from WWII through present day, and the military personnel we soon will sorely need, but will not be there, if we do not act swiftly. It also involves our senior citizens, who are surviving on a Social Security system broken by Congress and Presidents who have raided the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for general budget programs.

[ PART 1 ]    [ PART 2 ]    [ PART 3 ]    [ PART 4 ]