Oh Banana Peel!

bananaLast night was interesting. There was a man in front of the house across the street. He was standing there and of course my fur kids were going insane barking at the stranger.

I went out and shone a flash light around and then at him to see who he was so if something happened I had a description. I gave the excuse I was wondering what the dogs were barking at.

He waited for hours for the neighbors’ to come home. When they did they spoke to him but did not invite him inside. The fur kids were barking the entire time they were talking.

During the night they continued to fuss and growl so my sleep was very light and disturbed.

Finally about daylight they settled down and I fell into a deep sleep.

Suddenly I developed a charlie horse. I woke up enough to bring my toes up so it would fade away…but I got out of bed and went to get a banana. I peeled it and put it on the charlie horse and using duct tape fastened it firmly to my leg. Back to sleep I went. When I woke up the charlie horse was gone but I had grown very hairy legs! I pulled the tape off and woke up screaming from the pain! It took a second or two to realize it was a dream and I was not really in pain…I had to check my legs though to make sure they were still hairless…LOL!