Monthly Archives: May 2009

Medications We take

The other day before I left on my trip, I talked to my doctor about some side effects that were bothering me from the medication she had given me.

She told me something that I had never thought of and had no clue about. You know that some insurances no matter what you pay, will not okay the real medication, but just the generic medication. She said that if you take the generic meds, it does not work as well as the “real” name brand medications. Because it does not work as well, as the brand name med, you have to usually take more of it…. 

So.. If I have this straight in my mind, we pay for insurance coverage so if we have a problem, we can take a medication and get better. But our insurance will not pay for the one to get you better faster, it will only pay for the one that you have to take more of, and take it longer!!

I use logic in most things, and this is not logical to me…. How about any of you bloggers out there?