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A Call to all Conservatives

A Call to all Conservatives
Politics is changing and I want to suggest that all Conservatives
No matter what Party, Throw their support to Doug Hoffman in the Nov. 3 contest in New
Dede Scozzafava is so far left that she might as well be a Democrat.
 She Supports gay marriage, abortion rights and has a close relationship with leading labor officials in her region She has been the target of sustained criticism from conservatives who claim that she is so liberal that they cannot in good conscience support her candidacy. She is endorsed by the Daily Kos.
The Conservatives of the  republican party are WATCHING these races very carefully and taking note this time of who is fighting for our Rights and Constitution. There are too many left leaning
Republican’s in the Party, and we need to clean house.
Some of the Republican’s supporting Doug Hoffman are:
  Rick Santorum, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes, all of whom announced their backing for the conservative third-party candidate this week.
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty suggested Friday that he might be the next well-known Republican to break with the party establishment and support Hoffman.
Please support Doug Hoffman in the November 3, 2009 special election Race….
Copy and send to your represenatives.

Medicare cuts starting already?

I had to get up early yesterday morning for a visit to the doctor
To have a blood test. This was a fasting blood test, so
I chose to go early so I did not have to suffer half the day
With out my coffee.. My idea is get up early, get there and
Get back to have coffee…
Before the the nurse took my blood, she put a paper in
Front of me and asked me to sign it. She explained that
Starting in March 2010, Medicare will no longer cover
Blood tests for Cholesterol. She went on to explain that by
Signing the paper in front of me, that I would be agreeing that I would
Be responsible for the charges for that particular blood test…..
She never did explain why, but I did ask how much that test would
Cost. She told me it would be $39.00.
I still have no clue as to why but, is this a sign of things to come? Can
It get worse from here?
While this seems such a small thing, it may be the start of something
I also had a chat with the doctor, (I knew she was a doctor), because she
Had on a White Lab Coat!! LOL!! Anyway, I asked her if she thought
Doctors, Real Ones, (not the White House Garden ones..) LOL!
I asked her if she thought Doctors would even see Medicare and Medicaid
Patients if the New Health care bill pays them less to see patients, and she
Said No, there are already doctors that will not see Medicare patients as
Their primary doctors. I know that it is that way already with Tricare, in our
Area. The government pay to the doctors is not enough to make it worth their
While, so it is hard to find a Tricare approved doctor in our area. That folks is
Government Run Health Care at it’s finest.
I also had a blood pressure cuff  put on yesterday, that stays on for 24
Hours. It is like having a rubber band on for 24 hours, except much wider,
And it is itching meTo death.
I will finish my coffee, and then go get this silly thing off so my
Arm can breathe, and I can scratch it. While this was on, it showed that during
Much of the time, my blood pressure was lower than I have ever seen it before,
Sometimes dipping down to 96/58…. I think this whole test was done to see if
My medication was working… Well…. Seems to me it is working overtime

Loosing our Sovereignty!

By Judi McLeod  Saturday, October 17, 2009
An Excerpt
On a Saturday night these Paul Reveres of the WorldWide Net are raising the alarm that Obama is fixing to sign an outrageous “treaty”  at December’s 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.  Signed, sealed and delivered this treaty   will not only bring the nations of the world into a One World Government but will cancel the very sovereignty of the United States of America.
Please Watch!!
Ronald Reagan Speech – 1964 Republican National Convention

edit test

A Bribe For Seniors Citizens

This Administration never ceases to Amaze me.
They want to bribe Senior citizens to change their stance on
Health Care. Are they Nuts? Usually their is at least a two to three
Percent raise in the Cola.  For Seniors receiving  the High end of Social
Security , the $250.00 check that Obama is going to give us instead of
The raise in Cola, is just a trip to the grocery store. How anyone thinks
That this is okay is beyond me. He must think Senior Citizens are really
Dumb!! I do not have visions of Seniors dancing in my head Celebrating
 a $250.00 Bribe.Do they actually think that this will  make them happy with
The Health Care that will be Slaughtered by this Administration.
While Obama Denies that Health Care
Will be cut for seniors, that is not what the experts say. The doctors say
Also that if their payments to treat Medicare and Medicaid  patients, they will no
Longer take those patients.
While It would be nice to for Seniors to not have to depend on Medicare,
That is not an option if you collect Social Security. If you have insurance
Already, and you turn 65 they automatically have you enrolled and the card
Is sent to you a month in advance of your 65th birthday. Some People think
That Seniors put in for it, but that is not the case. If you have private insurance,
At the age of 65, they become your secondary insurance. This is  the forced
Healthcare we have in place already.
I am wondering if these people that are making these decisions
Have ever had anyone close to them that had to survive on Social Security?
 Obama  has no problem bribing the Hospitals, and Drug companies with the
Big bucks, but obviously the Senior Citizens are not high on his priority list.
What a Surprise!! I wonder where it would get him if he offered the drug companies
And Hospitals the same deal he is bribing the Seniors with?
Bribing is what they do in Chicago, and Mr. President You are no longer in Chicago Toto!!
Not everyone can be bought off!

The show Al Gore Does not Want you To see!

Big Hollywood is proud to be a part of the “Not Evil Just Wrong” premiere.

The film Al Gore and Hollywood doesn’t want you to see premieres right here, online at Big Hollywood, Sunday October 18th, 8pm ET/5pm PST.
For more information and a look at the trailer, please visit the “Not Evil Just Wrong” website.


 Please WATCH This Film at the URL Above on Sunday night or buy the DVD!! The Truth Needs to be told!!

Which Group Is Getting The Truth?

[youtube][/youtube]Obama’s 2 Faces: From Saddleback To Brokeback

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Obama’s 2 Faces: From Saddleback To Brokeback
Posted by: Greg Hengler at 7:56 PM
Here’s another clip exposing the good Dear Leader and his incredible ability to take two completely different positions in front of two different audiences:

Fool Some of the People Some of the time!

White House is openly going after Fox News for not believing in everything they
Are pushing in their policies. This may be the first step to trying to shut down any
Opposition to what our Government wants you to believe.
The white house has pulled the wool over the eyes of many American’s and now
Are whining because not everyone has that wool pulled tight enough as not to see
 what is really going on.
The worst part of this, is that they are using Tax Dollars to hire someone to watch
Fox to see what they are saying. As in Glen Beck’s case, he has asked many times
For the White House to Call him and tell him where he is going wrong on the questions
 he has brought up. To Date, no answers to his questions, and no one from the White
House will come on Fox and tell their side of the story or answer questions we all have.
I have never seen a president that attacked one single news channel for not believing in
What their message is. The real problem is that Obama sees this as a Personal attack
 on him. Does he really think that he is the only president that has had his policies  questioned? I think he has demeaned his position by going on Talk shows and calling
Out Fox news as not liking him. Me thinks he Doth Protest too much. I see this as an
Excuse to try and get Fox and and talk Radio off of the air. Where does he think he lives? China? Venezuela? Moscow? I would like to remind him that this is America, where we
have Freedom of Speech and people are still able to make up their own minds. He has not yet perfected Mind control on All of us, just half of us.!!
The last time I looked, Our constitution has not been repealed, and it gives us Certain Inalienable  Rights.
The last time I looked, I had every right to watch which channel I wanted to on TV.
 The last time I looked I had the right to question what our government does.
 It is Un American to try and stop citizens from questioning what policies are being debated in our government and voted on. These are issues that could and will affect every American.
I believe that The POTUS has the viewers of Fox mixed up with the Republican party just as they told everyone on the MSM that The “Tea Party” Goers were Organized by the Republican Party. There were NO Politicians at our Rally, and people from all walks of life and every Party, including the Democratic Party were there. If the Government raises taxes, it will not be by Party affiliation, it will be on YOU and ME, Whether you voted for Obama for President or not!!
For some reason just because half of the people in this country voted for Obama for President, he somehow thinks he had everyone on his side. The MSM has fostered that feeling with him since they are so much into pleasing this Administration.
There is nothing wrong with Fox News, just because they delve into some of the stories further than what the MSM will even cover, and looking our for the Folks, you and me.
 We are not a stupid people. If we hear something that we might think is questionable, we go to our computers and start researching what has been reported.
To the White House, I give you this quote:
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
16th president of US (1809 – 1865)


Lined Up For Hand OutS in Detroit!!

Residents Get Chance At Stimulus Money

Stimulus Money Available For Low-Income, Homeless Detroit Residents
POSTED: Tuesday, October 6, 2009
UPDATED: 1:41 PM EDT October 8, 2009
Check it out for yourself:watch the Video:

Homelessness prevention program attracts thousands
The program is federally funded and designed for low income residents who recently became homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. Detroit is among the nation’s leaders in home foreclosures, and at least one in four households are in poverty.

Police were called to Cobo Hall Wednesday as people pushed and jockeyed for spots in line. City officials said Tuesday many people falsely believed they were registering for $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama Administration.,0,4905155.story

This is not meant to be a racist comment, but what about the White Neighborhoods?
Did you see any people here that were Caucasian? I have never heard of this big
Hand out in any other city, have you?
What in the Heck is our Government doing? We are BROKE!! So we borrow money to hand out on the streets? And I am talking $3,000 dollars to these people. Since
When is it okay for our Government to pick and choose who they will save and who they won’t?
What about other cities? What about other people? Not that I want their money, but if they would have given everyone money in the first place instead of leaving it up to
The Senate that chose a lot of Pork Projects, we would be on our way out of this mess. If they want to give away money, then give it to Small business to get our economy going again!! What in the Heck are they Thinking???????