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Finally, Some Justice!

High court backs firefighters in ‘reverse discrimination’ suit

Judge Sonia Sotomayor High court nominee, had judged this case previously, and found for the City of New Haven, Connecticut, saying that because no African American’s passed the test that it should be thrown out. This shows to me that she has a discriminatory mind, and should not be on the Highest Court in this land. This was a Promotional Test, and because on People of color passed it, they were then throwing the test out, and not promoting the Firemen that Passed the test. The City was afraid that the black firefighters that did not pass the test, would sue the City.
Whenever I have taken a test, if you don’t pass the test, you don’t get the job… My suggestion to any one who is going for promotion, is to Study, Study, Study. If at first you don’t succeed, then try again.
Affirmative Action has been in effect for many years, and it has made people of color lazy and given them the  upper had over people that actually have experience, and have higher scores on tests.
It is about time we run this country on Merit, and not on the color of ones skin, or their nationality.
I applaud the Supreme Court  that reversed this  Discrimination against these 19 White men and one Latino. I don’t care how many Firemen are promoted or if they are Black, White, or Purple, as long as they do it fairly. If it is dependant on a test for Promotion, then if you can’t pass the test, then you don’t get promoted. That should be the bottom line.
The Enablers of this country have made it easy for minorities not to study, and to take the line of the least resistance.  In the past they have been promoted even if they couldn’t pass the tests. They have been made to feel that they are too dumb to pass these tests, so they would be put in the head of the line anyway.
If I were a person of color, I would be down right PISSED OFF about people like Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, and Jeremiah Wright, who keep them down instead of doing something to let them know that they can learn, and can be successful without Affirmative Action Groups just giving them a place at the front of the line.  
I hope that this goes against Sonia Sotomayor’s Confirmation to the Highest Court in this land. I believe she is a racist, and she would judge from her experience and not the law and the Constitution.

A Fight For Freedom

It is Bitter, Sweet, What we are watching on The News here today.
It is bitter because the people of Iran are under the oppression of
A Tyrannical Regime, and the militia are injuring and killing the people
In the streets for expressing their outrage at the elections that seem to
Have been a sham.
It is sweet to see for the first time in my memory, so many young people
Protesting that they want free and fair elections and to have their freedom of
Speech, and to peacefully protest and have a say in their country.
What is Ironic, is that in our own election, it was fraught with illegal registrations,
And some illegal voting. Nothing that can be proven, but no one person could
Raise all the money that the Obama Campaign raised from just the United States.
We know people from other countries were sending illegal money to that Campaign.
The other thing that is so Ironic, is that Our President finally said today that the United
States stands behind the protesters in Iran, and their right to protest peacefully……….
Now, that is where it becomes so very SWEET!!  You could really get up a good
Laugh over that statement, since, “The Tea Party” protesters on April 15, in our country,
Were called Terrorists and protesters that needed to be watched. While there was not
One bit of destruction or hollering or screaming….. No trouble at all, and just people
Exercising our displeasure of the bailouts, and taxing us to death…..  We are considered
To be terrorists by this Administration.
But I say to the Iranian people that want Freedom, Keep fighting for it, and demanding your rights!!

Been Away!!

For those of you that don’t know, I have not been at my computer

for two weeks. I am in California visiting my kids, and grandchildren. 

When visiting, it is sometimes hard to catch up on what has been going

on. If I have not commented on some of the posts, I will try and check the new

ones and try to read them all in the next few weeks. I can do better when I get

home to my own computer after the 16th of this month.

Keep blogging and come back to read and blog as we need you all, and love to read your posts.