Climategate-The Big Lie!!



We have all questioned this data so many times as we laughed at Al Gore!

The sad thing is that it has already cost the American Public (Tax Payers) Billions of dollars that have gone to these goons to produce false Data.

That money went right into their pockets.

I think this is a criminal act and the biggest scandal of our lifetime. I just wish I knew how to stop our POTUS from going to Copenhagen and signing us into a bigger Hell!! If he goes through with this then we need to bring a class action to stop this nonsense… I don’t know how he can sign money over to the UN for Undeveloped countries for Climate change when we don’t have it and will have to borrow it from China, who is one of the countries that pollute the most…. Them and India who neither one are expected to sign onto this Treaty.

5 thoughts on “Climategate-The Big Lie!!

  1. randyp

    We pay just to exist, but our checkbooks are a little bit thin for paying to play. If you have an extra hundred billion or so to unload they will scratch your black til it bleeds.

    They will still be happy to take what you have though, even if it is just for the hell of it.

  2. randyp

    I don’t really know anymore. We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances, but the more I learn about the system, the more it seems like a system of merely cutting checks. Backscratching 101.

  3. marianr Post author

    Randy, and Obama is too dumb to realize that our allies and enemies think he is weak, stupid, and lies…. They see just what we see, and are not fooled by this guy.. How does he think he can get away with all of this with out the Blessing of the House and Senate? He can’t change what he wants, just because HE Wants it…. Or Can he?

  4. randyp

    The overall liberal philosophy is one of superiority. They always think they know what is best for all, giving absolutely no concern as to whether we want their advice or not. That being said, Obama will sign us up for anything, if for no other reason, to show the rest of the world that if we do it, it must be the right thing to do.

    Children learn at a young age how to scam their parents, and how to work them against each other. The first thing they learn is, the bigger the lie, the more believable it is. The “green” team is no different. Obama thinks the more he gambles away America’s resources, the more China and India will be convinced that Climate Change is real. Obama is too stupid and hard headed (like all liberals) to understand that China and India don’t care.

    This whole farce has already killed our entire manufacturing base through Government regulations and mandates, leaving us at the mercy of the import markets. Until the trade deficit swings back in our favor, nothing is going to fix our economy. Climate change legislation will guarantee that we NEVER export more than we import. This is evidence of the forced transformation from Capitalism to Communism. Why doesn’t China care, or even believe in climate change? Because they don’t need to. They are already where our liberals want to be. They are already a Communist society. China has nothing to gain from participating in this scam.

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