A Bribe For Seniors Citizens

This Administration never ceases to Amaze me.
They want to bribe Senior citizens to change their stance on
Health Care. Are they Nuts? Usually their is at least a two to three
Percent raise in the Cola.  For Seniors receiving  the High end of Social
Security , the $250.00 check that Obama is going to give us instead of
The raise in Cola, is just a trip to the grocery store. How anyone thinks
That this is okay is beyond me. He must think Senior Citizens are really
Dumb!! I do not have visions of Seniors dancing in my head Celebrating
 a $250.00 Bribe.Do they actually think that this will  make them happy with
The Health Care that will be Slaughtered by this Administration.
While Obama Denies that Health Care
Will be cut for seniors, that is not what the experts say. The doctors say
Also that if their payments to treat Medicare and Medicaid  patients, they will no
Longer take those patients.
While It would be nice to for Seniors to not have to depend on Medicare,
That is not an option if you collect Social Security. If you have insurance
Already, and you turn 65 they automatically have you enrolled and the card
Is sent to you a month in advance of your 65th birthday. Some People think
That Seniors put in for it, but that is not the case. If you have private insurance,
At the age of 65, they become your secondary insurance. This is  the forced
Healthcare we have in place already.
I am wondering if these people that are making these decisions
Have ever had anyone close to them that had to survive on Social Security?
 Obama  has no problem bribing the Hospitals, and Drug companies with the
Big bucks, but obviously the Senior Citizens are not high on his priority list.
What a Surprise!! I wonder where it would get him if he offered the drug companies
And Hospitals the same deal he is bribing the Seniors with?
Bribing is what they do in Chicago, and Mr. President You are no longer in Chicago Toto!!
Not everyone can be bought off!

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