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Fool Some of the People Some of the time!

White House is openly going after Fox News for not believing in everything they
Are pushing in their policies. This may be the first step to trying to shut down any
Opposition to what our Government wants you to believe.
The white house has pulled the wool over the eyes of many American’s and now
Are whining because not everyone has that wool pulled tight enough as not to see
 what is really going on.
The worst part of this, is that they are using Tax Dollars to hire someone to watch
Fox to see what they are saying. As in Glen Beck’s case, he has asked many times
For the White House to Call him and tell him where he is going wrong on the questions
 he has brought up. To Date, no answers to his questions, and no one from the White
House will come on Fox and tell their side of the story or answer questions we all have.
I have never seen a president that attacked one single news channel for not believing in
What their message is. The real problem is that Obama sees this as a Personal attack
 on him. Does he really think that he is the only president that has had his policies  questioned? I think he has demeaned his position by going on Talk shows and calling
Out Fox news as not liking him. Me thinks he Doth Protest too much. I see this as an
Excuse to try and get Fox and and talk Radio off of the air. Where does he think he lives? China? Venezuela? Moscow? I would like to remind him that this is America, where we
have Freedom of Speech and people are still able to make up their own minds. He has not yet perfected Mind control on All of us, just half of us.!!
The last time I looked, Our constitution has not been repealed, and it gives us Certain Inalienable  Rights.
The last time I looked, I had every right to watch which channel I wanted to on TV.
 The last time I looked I had the right to question what our government does.
 It is Un American to try and stop citizens from questioning what policies are being debated in our government and voted on. These are issues that could and will affect every American.
I believe that The POTUS has the viewers of Fox mixed up with the Republican party just as they told everyone on the MSM that The “Tea Party” Goers were Organized by the Republican Party. There were NO Politicians at our Rally, and people from all walks of life and every Party, including the Democratic Party were there. If the Government raises taxes, it will not be by Party affiliation, it will be on YOU and ME, Whether you voted for Obama for President or not!!
For some reason just because half of the people in this country voted for Obama for President, he somehow thinks he had everyone on his side. The MSM has fostered that feeling with him since they are so much into pleasing this Administration.
There is nothing wrong with Fox News, just because they delve into some of the stories further than what the MSM will even cover, and looking our for the Folks, you and me.
 We are not a stupid people. If we hear something that we might think is questionable, we go to our computers and start researching what has been reported.
To the White House, I give you this quote:
You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
16th president of US (1809 – 1865)