Obama is Poised to Give Control Of America To The World




It is a scary thought that in Dec. In Copenhagen we could loose our Sovereignty, our freedoms.
Obama is Poised to Give Control Of America To The World

5 thoughts on “Obama is Poised to Give Control Of America To The World

  1. marianr Post author

    We have to fight to the end… This is the worst Administration I have ever seen. If GW Bush were leading this, he would have been impeached by now. They wanted to impeach him just because he didn’t serve in the Military, except for the reserves. Last time I looked, that was still the military….

  2. raggedyann

    I believe the world will be thrown into utter chaos because the evil people will not change. God warned us about what the world would be like in the last days. Are we starting into the last days??? I wonder at times when I see what is happening.

  3. marianr Post author

    This is really scary, and I wonder how they
    think they can really get everyone to go along
    with this one….. The members of the UN can’t
    even get along, and the Islamic world such as the
    Taliban will not stand to be ruled by the New World
    Order, and neither will the people of The United States.
    What do you think?

  4. raggedyann

    I watch DWTV at 2am from Germany and they are all about global. We are headed in that direction. George Soros has been fighting for a one-world-government run from the UN for years. This is a very evil and dangerous man and an Obama backer. Over 650 million of his money was used to get Obama elected and he is behind ACORN and fraud. His tentacles spread far and wide. He is able to manipulate the markets and also has his nose in the MSM.

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