Medicare cuts starting already?

I had to get up early yesterday morning for a visit to the doctor
To have a blood test. This was a fasting blood test, so
I chose to go early so I did not have to suffer half the day
With out my coffee.. My idea is get up early, get there and
Get back to have coffee…
Before the the nurse took my blood, she put a paper in
Front of me and asked me to sign it. She explained that
Starting in March 2010, Medicare will no longer cover
Blood tests for Cholesterol. She went on to explain that by
Signing the paper in front of me, that I would be agreeing that I would
Be responsible for the charges for that particular blood test…..
She never did explain why, but I did ask how much that test would
Cost. She told me it would be $39.00.
I still have no clue as to why but, is this a sign of things to come? Can
It get worse from here?
While this seems such a small thing, it may be the start of something
I also had a chat with the doctor, (I knew she was a doctor), because she
Had on a White Lab Coat!! LOL!! Anyway, I asked her if she thought
Doctors, Real Ones, (not the White House Garden ones..) LOL!
I asked her if she thought Doctors would even see Medicare and Medicaid
Patients if the New Health care bill pays them less to see patients, and she
Said No, there are already doctors that will not see Medicare patients as
Their primary doctors. I know that it is that way already with Tricare, in our
Area. The government pay to the doctors is not enough to make it worth their
While, so it is hard to find a Tricare approved doctor in our area. That folks is
Government Run Health Care at it’s finest.
I also had a blood pressure cuff  put on yesterday, that stays on for 24
Hours. It is like having a rubber band on for 24 hours, except much wider,
And it is itching meTo death.
I will finish my coffee, and then go get this silly thing off so my
Arm can breathe, and I can scratch it. While this was on, it showed that during
Much of the time, my blood pressure was lower than I have ever seen it before,
Sometimes dipping down to 96/58…. I think this whole test was done to see if
My medication was working… Well…. Seems to me it is working overtime

6 thoughts on “Medicare cuts starting already?

  1. raggedyann

    Marian, I only deal with official info from medicare, my supplemental, and drug card. All the junk ads are thrown in the trash. Also I forgot to say my estimates are just mine. The medicare booklet would not give the rise in insurance because they did not have the price (A first). I guess they are waiting to see if the health care bill passes or not.

    This is what I do know, there will be not be rise in cost of living raise, so I chose a percentage (low) in what the rise insurance would be. When medicare insurance goes up my supplemental monthly payments go up and my deductible. I have already received the price rise in my monthly premiums for my drug card and my co-pays. So guessed at about 100.00 dollars. I will let you know after the first of the year how close I guessed it.


  2. marianr Post author

    Raggedyann, are you sure these notifications are coming from Medicare? Don’t send any information because Medicare knows what you make…. Call them first… I have gotten information,but it is not From the real Medicare.

  3. raggedyann

    Received more info from medicare, medicare supplement, and drug card. About 100.00 more will come out of my pocket in January. That’s just the start I guess. My bet is that it will get worse. And also, they want a financial statement to get medical care??? They not only have their hands in our pockets but also around our throats. Our SS is not welfare, we have paid into it for years!!!

  4. randyp

    You see how it all works now don’t you. Your $39.00, plus five years of increased costs is how they expect to make this joke of a bill deficit neutral. They only told you about the blood test because that was the only cost relevant to that one doctor visit. Just imagine how long the list of dropped services really is.

    You are too old to be of any service in a Communist society. Get out your mason jar and start saving your change. It might save your life someday.

  5. marianr Post author

    Your regular Medicare is going to be cut? How much did it say? I would send a copy of that letter to your representatives. I thought this new health care was to save this from happening? It has started already!!

  6. raggedyann

    It is only going to get worse. I got my letter that my Medicare would be cut because insurance was going up and no increase in SS. I am on 20mg of Lipitor and need blood tests occasionally. I wonder if my drug card will pay for my Lipitor? I have to take it because the other statins give me side effects. Also my medicare supplement is going up with a higher deductible. That is really cutting into my income. Plus all the new taxes being planned. Obama is leading us all into poverty and that is what he wants. He cannot have total control unless all people are uneducated uninformed and in poverty. Apathy on the Americans part will be our down fall. Obama and his backers are playing for keeps and they could create chaos or a civil war and then take over.

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