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1000 videos Sent to Congress and Senate!!




This man and his wife made the tape from their ranch in south-central Texas .  At their own expense, they made 1000 copies and sent one to every single congressman and senator and some media outlets.    

If you think this is a message that needs to be heard… please pass it along.

IOC, Another Teachable Moment

When addressing the IOC in Copenhagen for the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, Michelle said that going there was a sacrifice for her, Oprah, and the President.
Where is the Sacrifice that Michelle Obama talked about? Is it that they missed
A date night? That they had to leave the kids with Grandma in the Cozy little
Cottage where they  live in Washington DC, called the White House?
In Michelle’s bid for the Olympics being held in Chicago she told of watching the Olympics with her father on the sofa, and how much it would mean to have the Olympics in her father’s home town even though he has passed away. I’m sure that Moved the IOC to grabbing a box of tissues. She also told them that Sports were so important to Children and so many at this time are over weight. That the Olympics could inspire them to become another Barack Obama. Another tissue moment!
Getting back to the sacrifice, I am still wondering what sacrafice? Was the trip in the 727 they flew in, a bumpy ride? Was the shopping and the luncheons that they went to not as pleasing as they had expected? Just what was it that made going to Copenhagen a sacrifice? No Home grown vegetables?
How egotistical is that to stand before the IOC, and tell the committee that you suffered a great sacrifice to be standing before them?
Both Obama’s talked to the IOC in their speeches about how the Olympics was so Important to them personally. Their speeches were not about America, or even how it would be great for Chicago, but how President would love to be able to have it so close to his home. How it would accent the end of his Second term as President. All the while he was speaking from his heart, he took the words straight off of his beloved TelePrompTer.  I have no idea who writes his words for him, but they need to take a look at how much he uses “ME” and “I” words.
They also need to pay attention to how much he puts down America and gives the impression that now that he is POTUS the UNITES STATES is now a KINDER Gentler Place in the World. An Allstate moment? “Your in Good Hands With Obama? This is all so egotistical.

 Michelle must think that for the first time in her adult life, she has learned that she can not have everything she or the President wants.
This should be a learning moment for this President, in that if he is a good student, should be able to see that he is not the “Be all and End all he professes to be in his speeches. He is not the Messiah nor is he any better than ay other President that has held this office, and worse than some.
I myself am very happy to see the Olympics go to Rio, since South America has never had an Olympics. I think of the weather for the Athletes, and what a beautiful venue that will be. I will be excited to watch it unfold.
While the Obama’s stressed in their “How important”  the Olympics are and how much they love them, they did not venture over to China to the Winter Olympics in 2008.
I wonder, is Chicago kicking in to pay for this IOC Moment? 

Profitable Auto Dealers Being Shut Down

Gretchen Carlson talks about profitable auto dealerships being shut down
From: TheRealjohnny2k | June 11, 2009 | 320 views
There is something going on that does not bode well for entreprenuers in America. There should be no doubt that there is an ongoing assault on Free Enterprise. It has to be purposeful on the government”s part. Nobody could be as stupid as this is playing out.
65 Years or 65 Feet by Phil Painter


You only have to listen to what went on here to know that Our Government has not only taken over the Banks and A Car Company, they have taken away people’s property and their livelyhood. This is, or should be Un Constitutional!!

Sunday Night, a Must Watch!!

Big Hollywood is proud to be a part of the “Not Evil Just Wrong” premiere.

The film Al Gore and Hollywood doesn’t want you to see premieres right here, online at Big Hollywood, Sunday October 18th, 8pm ET/5pm PST.
For more information and a look at the trailer, please visit the “Not Evil Just Wrong” website.