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Obama’s Green Jobs Going Overseas!!

I don’t like to do Copy and paste, but sometimes it is just

expedient to pass the story along as long as it is told well.

I wondered where the green jobs were… I have Googled them and

can’t find much!! Now we know it is just as we expected!!



Obama’s Stimulus Creating Green Jobs Overseas

Thursday, 11 Feb 2010 10:22 PM
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By: John Rossomando

Although Barack Obama and other Democrats touted the $787 billion stimulus package as a way to create green jobs that would put Americans back to work, new reports show the spending package has mostly created green jobs for foreign workers.

U.S. Department of Energy statistics show 79 percent of the $2.1 billion in stimulus money allocated for wind energy has been paid to foreign manufacturers.

The Spanish company Iberdrola has received $443 million; the Portuguese company EDP has received $229 million; and the British company Terra Firma, which bought a large wind farm in western Pennsylvania, received $42 million.

Analysts worry the stimulus funds will also help create manufacturing jobs in China, and a Texas consortium’s plans to build a wind farm that primarily will rely on Chinese-made turbines using $450 million in stimulus money underscores this fear

A report from the Investigative Reporting Workshop at American University found 80 percent of the stimulus money had created 6,000 jobs, and only a small percentage of those jobs went to American workers.
Only two American companies ̶ General Electric Energy and Clipper Wind ̶ are major wind turbine manufacturers, and the American Wind Energy Associations has said the United States saw a drop in the number of wind turbine manufacturing jobs last year.

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Let Me Be Clear!! This is a Clear and Transparent Danger!!

The transparency  in this Administration is putting us in Danger.
The only ones that Obama is being Transparent with is our
After agreeing to take the Proposed  Missile Shields in Poland
Off of the Table after his
Trip to Russia and talking with Putin, (where Putin lectured him
For an hour on History), he came away thinking that they would
Do the same. Less missiles for all!! Well, if he had studied  
History a bit better he may have figured out that You can not always
Trust what they say!! Russia has now declared that they will instal
Missile Shields to protect their own country.
Our President then goes to China and thinks that he has their ear
About sanctions on Iran, and thinks every one has listened to him, and
He has everyone on board.. This week China announced that they
Are not on board with US Sanctions against Iran. Now we have
 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad , is now giving demands to the us President
In a letter!! Here is an excerpt:
“Those who speak of change must apologize to the Iranian people
 And try to repair their past bad acts and the crimes they committed
Against Iran.”

Mr Ahmadinejad said the advocates of change must “stop supporting

 The Zionists, outlaws and criminals”.

He called on the United States to “stop interfering in other people’s



So the tables have turned on this President that thought he could charm

The world into thinking and doing exactly as he wants them to do.

But here is his answer to Mr Amaddinejad:

In an interview with Al-Arabia television, Mr Obama promised to lay a

Framework for his policy towards Iran.

“As I said in my inauguration speech, if countries like Iran are willing

To unclench their fist, they will find an extended hand from us.

“It is very important for us to make sure that we are using all the

Tools of US power, including diplomacy, in our relationship with Iran.”


Our Tax Dollars at work!!

In Obama’s attempt to get his Health care bill passed he has held many

Meetings behind closed doors, and nothing is Transparent!! If this Corrupt

Bill is passed, it could send this Country down the road to no return of

Poverty… So is this a Pay back to White People and Rich People in

The United States for Slavery? Does he not know that the people

That were against Blacks such as the KKK were all Democrats?  That is

Was a Republican President that was behind the freeing of the slaves?

President Lincoln paid the price for his actions when he was shot and killed

By Booth on April 14th 1865.

Too bad that this President that professes to read so much about Lincoln

Is so blind that he can not see that the Health Care plans that have

Been proposed will not be good for people that are not insured now. If

They couldn’t afford Health care before, this will make it even less attainable

And will raise prices across the board due to Higher taxes that they will have

To pay right along with the rest of us.

The change he told everyone about, is coming…

And it is not going to be Transparent,

Or a Pretty Picture for this United States and it’s people.

Much of what this President has said in Public and is recorded

On Youtube, is now being denied that he ever said such things.

How Stupid does he think the American Public are? Can we

Not see, can we not Hear?

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and

 remove All doubt.  Abraham Lincoln

I do not think much of a man who is not wiser today than he

Was yesterday. Abraham Lincoln

A Call to all Conservatives

A Call to all Conservatives
Politics is changing and I want to suggest that all Conservatives
No matter what Party, Throw their support to Doug Hoffman in the Nov. 3 contest in New
Dede Scozzafava is so far left that she might as well be a Democrat.
 She Supports gay marriage, abortion rights and has a close relationship with leading labor officials in her region She has been the target of sustained criticism from conservatives who claim that she is so liberal that they cannot in good conscience support her candidacy. She is endorsed by the Daily Kos.
The Conservatives of the  republican party are WATCHING these races very carefully and taking note this time of who is fighting for our Rights and Constitution. There are too many left leaning
Republican’s in the Party, and we need to clean house.
Some of the Republican’s supporting Doug Hoffman are:
  Rick Santorum, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann, former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes, all of whom announced their backing for the conservative third-party candidate this week.
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty suggested Friday that he might be the next well-known Republican to break with the party establishment and support Hoffman.
Please support Doug Hoffman in the November 3, 2009 special election Race….
Copy and send to your represenatives.

Lined Up For Hand OutS in Detroit!!

Residents Get Chance At Stimulus Money

Stimulus Money Available For Low-Income, Homeless Detroit Residents
POSTED: Tuesday, October 6, 2009
UPDATED: 1:41 PM EDT October 8, 2009
Check it out for yourself:watch the Video:

Homelessness prevention program attracts thousands
The program is federally funded and designed for low income residents who recently became homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. Detroit is among the nation’s leaders in home foreclosures, and at least one in four households are in poverty.

Police were called to Cobo Hall Wednesday as people pushed and jockeyed for spots in line. City officials said Tuesday many people falsely believed they were registering for $3,000 stimulus checks from the Obama Administration.


This is not meant to be a racist comment, but what about the White Neighborhoods?
Did you see any people here that were Caucasian? I have never heard of this big
Hand out in any other city, have you?
What in the Heck is our Government doing? We are BROKE!! So we borrow money to hand out on the streets? And I am talking $3,000 dollars to these people. Since
When is it okay for our Government to pick and choose who they will save and who they won’t?
What about other cities? What about other people? Not that I want their money, but if they would have given everyone money in the first place instead of leaving it up to
The Senate that chose a lot of Pork Projects, we would be on our way out of this mess. If they want to give away money, then give it to Small business to get our economy going again!! What in the Heck are they Thinking???????

IOC, Another Teachable Moment

When addressing the IOC in Copenhagen for the 2016 Olympics in Chicago, Michelle said that going there was a sacrifice for her, Oprah, and the President.
Where is the Sacrifice that Michelle Obama talked about? Is it that they missed
A date night? That they had to leave the kids with Grandma in the Cozy little
Cottage where they  live in Washington DC, called the White House?
In Michelle’s bid for the Olympics being held in Chicago she told of watching the Olympics with her father on the sofa, and how much it would mean to have the Olympics in her father’s home town even though he has passed away. I’m sure that Moved the IOC to grabbing a box of tissues. She also told them that Sports were so important to Children and so many at this time are over weight. That the Olympics could inspire them to become another Barack Obama. Another tissue moment!
Getting back to the sacrifice, I am still wondering what sacrafice? Was the trip in the 727 they flew in, a bumpy ride? Was the shopping and the luncheons that they went to not as pleasing as they had expected? Just what was it that made going to Copenhagen a sacrifice? No Home grown vegetables?
How egotistical is that to stand before the IOC, and tell the committee that you suffered a great sacrifice to be standing before them?
Both Obama’s talked to the IOC in their speeches about how the Olympics was so Important to them personally. Their speeches were not about America, or even how it would be great for Chicago, but how President would love to be able to have it so close to his home. How it would accent the end of his Second term as President. All the while he was speaking from his heart, he took the words straight off of his beloved TelePrompTer.  I have no idea who writes his words for him, but they need to take a look at how much he uses “ME” and “I” words.
They also need to pay attention to how much he puts down America and gives the impression that now that he is POTUS the UNITES STATES is now a KINDER Gentler Place in the World. An Allstate moment? “Your in Good Hands With Obama? This is all so egotistical.

 Michelle must think that for the first time in her adult life, she has learned that she can not have everything she or the President wants.
This should be a learning moment for this President, in that if he is a good student, should be able to see that he is not the “Be all and End all he professes to be in his speeches. He is not the Messiah nor is he any better than ay other President that has held this office, and worse than some.
I myself am very happy to see the Olympics go to Rio, since South America has never had an Olympics. I think of the weather for the Athletes, and what a beautiful venue that will be. I will be excited to watch it unfold.
While the Obama’s stressed in their “How important”  the Olympics are and how much they love them, they did not venture over to China to the Winter Olympics in 2008.
I wonder, is Chicago kicking in to pay for this IOC Moment? 

The French Think Obama Is Weak


Sarkozy Says Obama Is Very Naive and Conceited
Even The French Think Obama Is Weak
Nile Gardiner believes it is shameful when the White House is accused of betrayal by close allies in eastern and central Europe, but utterly humiliating when even the Elysee Palace thinks the United States has been transformed from a lion to a lamb in the face of mounting global threats.  As The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported this morning, French president Nicolas Sarkozy was less than impressed with Barack Obama’s performance last week in the face of the Iranian nuclear crisis.

According to the paper, Washington urged Paris to delete key sections of Sarkozy’s UN speech that were critical of Iran and supposedly threatened to undermine Obama’s attempt to project himself as a global peacemaker:

“President Sarkozy in particular pushed hard.  He had been “frustrated” for months about Mr. Obama’s reluctance to confront Iran, a senior French government official told us, and saw an opportunity to change momentum.  But the Administration told the French that it didn’t want to “spoil the image of success” for Mr. Obama’s debut at the U.N. And his homily calling for a world without nuclear weapons, according to the Paris daily Le Monde.  So the Iran bombshell was pushed back a day to Pittsburgh, where the G-20 were meeting to discuss economic policy.”

“Le Monde’s diplomatic correspondent, Natalie Nougayrède, reports that a draft of Mr. Sarkozy’s speech to the Security Council Thursday included a section on Iran’s latest deception.  Forced to scrap that bit, the French President let his frustration show with undiplomatic gusto in his formal remarks, laying into what he called the “dream” of disarmament.”

Sarkozy was so annoyed with Obama’s weak-kneed approach that he reportedly told Le Monde that “we live in the real world, not in a virtual one”, a cutting and mocking reference to Obama’s drive for a new arms control treaty.  The WSJ quotes him as saying:

“President Obama himself has said that he dreams of a world without nuclear weapons.  Before our very eyes, two countries are doing exactly the opposite at this very moment.  Since 2005, Iran has violated five Security Council Resolutions . . . I support America’s ‘extended hand.’  But what have these proposals for dialogue produced for the international community?  Nothing but more enriched uranium and more centrifuges.  And last but not least, it has resulted in a statement by Iranian leaders calling for wiping off the map a Member of the United Nations.  What are we to do?  What conclusions are we to draw?  At a certain moment hard facts will force us to make decisions.”

I cannot think of a more damning indictment of US global leadership than a French leader urging Obama to show more backbone in confronting the world’s biggest state sponsor of international terrorism, a rogue nation about to acquire nuclear capability.  It is highly embarrassing that Obama is reminded of his leadership responsibilities yet again from across the Atlantic after the debacle over Washington’s appalling surrender to the Russians on missile defense.

Barack Obama’s weakness on the world stage will inevitably lead to the decline of America as a superpower.  That’s not “smart power” — it’ is a policy of defeat.

Video — Jack Kelly, Pittsburgh Posy-Gazette, says that French President Sarkozy sees Obama as very naive and arrogant.  Sarkozy is worried about the Western world with such a flawed president leading America.

From the Obama File:
Note: I found the link to this article at: http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/15244

Clunkers, The Untold Story!!

Clunkers the untold

A vehicle at 15 mpg and 12,000 miles per year uses 800 gallons a year of gasoline.

A vehicle at 25 mpg and 12,000 miles per year uses 480 gallons a year.

So, the average clunker transaction will reduce US gasoline consumption by 320 gallons per year.

They claim 700,000 vehicles – so that’s 224 million gallons / year.

That equates to a bit over 5 million barrels of oil.

5 million barrels of oil is about ¼ of one day’s US consumption.

And, 5 million barrels of oil costs about $350 million dollars at $75/bbl.

So, we all contributed to spending *$3 billion* to save $350 million…

How good a deal was that???

No doubt, they’ll probably do a great job with health care though!



Back in the days of the  Civil War, prisoners were threatened with Hanging. If they didn’t talk, they were hung from the highest tree. Now there’s an alternative!!
These terrorists are not into tea and crumpets and a little chat, they are out to destroy us and they don’t care if you are a liberal or a conservative.

They didn’t take a head count or talk to the people they killed before they flew planes full of people into the  Twin Towers now, did they? That was true torture!!  Those people had to live through sheer TERROR for the last minutes of their lives!! ” Some were talking to their loved ones on the phone for the last time to tell them they loved them.  Now with this new administration, captured prisoners are supposed to be given their rights???? On Foreign Soil to Terrorists??? This is not a police action!! This is War! And Yes, you can call it anything you like, but this is a WAR on TERROR against TERRORISTS!!  After our soldiers read them their rights, then what will they do with them? Take their name and address and look them up later? Turn them in to the the Taliban and file a complaint? Give them juice and coffee and a Koran? Pray with them?I say if we can not treat them like enemy combatants, then TAKE NO PRISNERS!! Here is our Attorney General investigating the CIA that helped keep us safe for eight years. They will now put the interrogation of foreign Captives in the hands of our White house!! We have already seen how our President treats our enemies, and how he treats our allies. Big difference. He bows to and back slaps our enemies and skips out on dinner plans with our allies, to dine with is wife on one of their many expensive Dates!! Boy, I can’t see that as the most important thing on the agenda on an overseas trip for a President!!… If he can’t stick to his commitments on business on a trip, then leave the wife at home.What our Attorney General should be investigating, is the CZARS sitting in our White House as President Obama’s advisors. They are protected from any investigation by the Congress and are free wheeling to do as the President wants or what they want. What does the President want them to do? He has no clue, that’s what he has them for, to advise him!! That  is scary as Hell!!Now that we have broadcast to the world and the terrorists that our government is investigating our Intelligence agency, what is left of our Security and how is this going to affect our troops on Foreign lands?  And How will this affect our ability to stay safe in our country?? This is a Huge Mistake!!

Pray for us all!!


Heartless Way to Look at Things!

I am passing this along as just another thing that shows that Barack Obama Speaks
Out of both sides of his mouth, or thinks with different sides of his brain, depending
On who he is talking to. He is now saying that something like this is not called
For in his Healthcare bill. It is very hard to believe him when he gets up in front
Of a Town Hall to dispute the rumors that are floating around as bogus, when we
Have either video’s or Interviews out of his own mouth saying just the opposite.
It is no wonder that the Protesters are out there yelling….
1. Tell the truth for once, and maybe he would be beliveable.
2. Give the people at the Town Halls a Microphone so they can be heard,
And they won’t have to yell!
Please Read the article below: 
Obama Says Grandmother’s Hip Replacement Raises Cost Questions

By Hans Nichols


April 29 (Bloomberg) — President Barack Obama said his grandmother’s hip-replacement surgery during the final weeks of her life made him wonder whether expensive procedures for the terminally ill reflect a “sustainable model” for health care.

The president’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, had a hip replaced after she was diagnosed with cancer, Obama said in an interview with the New York Times magazine that was published today. Dunham, who lived in Honolulu, died at the age of 86 on Nov. 2, 2008, two days before her grandson’s election victory.

“I don’t know how much that hip replacement cost,” Obama said in the interview. “I would have paid out of pocket for that hip replacement just because she’s my grandmother.”

Obama said “you just get into some very difficult moral issues” when considering whether “to give my grandmother, or everybody else’s aging grandparents or parents, a hip replacement when they’re terminally ill.

“That’s where I think you just get into some very difficult moral issues,” he said in the April 14 interview. “The chronically ill and those toward the end of their lives are accounting for potentially 80 percent of the total health- care bill out here.”

Obama promised during his presidential campaign that a health-care overhaul would be a top priority, and he said at a Missouri town hall meeting today that he hopes Congress will pass health-care legislation this year.

The issue has been divisive, and finding an answer that will keep costs down while extending coverage to the estimated 46 million Americans without health insurance has eluded past presidents.

‘Ruthless Pragmatism’

Obama also said his economic advisers aren’t constrained by ideology or connections to former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin. “What I’ve been constantly searching for is a ruthless pragmatism when it comes to economic policy,” he said, in the interview.

Obama also pointed to Canada as an example of a country that has effectively regulated commercial and investment banking without requiring legal separation of those activities.

“When it comes to something like investment banking versus commercial banking, the experience in a country like Canada would indicate that good, strong regulation that focuses less on the legal form of the institution and more on the functions that they’re carrying out is probably the right approach to take,” he said.

To contact the reporter on this story: Hans Nichols in Washington at hnichols2@bloomberg.net

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