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Barack Obama has become the most obscene case of affirmative action in the history of the planet. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who was ever placed in a position because of the color of their skin is nothing but an incompetent ass that couldn’t cut it on their own merit, and that goes double for that jackass interloper in the White House.

As long as Obama and his fellow pity-my-blackness whiners want to dredge up the dead as an excuse to cry white injustice as license for blacks in every failing or filthy crime, protest or riot they commit, or favor they expect to be handed them, then let the good times roll.

One hundred forty-nine years ago this coming May, some forty thousand new Republicans convened in Chicago Illinois of all places, to select a Presidential candidate for their party. The Democratic Party had fought tooth and nail over the hot issue of the day against the Whigs, the Know Nothings, and the newly formed Republicans.

SLAVERY was the hot issue that Democrats had been willing to commit violence, fraud, bribery and every manner of political deviance and subterfuge to protect. The anti-slavery Republicans were visionary enthusiasts, “ridiculed, shunned, and condemned” for their stance according to the Chicago Evening Journal. As the most anti-slavery party, the Republicans had absorbed the Whigs and the Know Nothings to emerge as the only Party strong enough to fight the powerful and corrupt pro-slavery Democrats.

Nothing has changed except a bunch of ignorant liberals and useful enslaved-idiot blacks think the Democrats now stand for their freedom. That lie has never been farther from the truth than it is today, and ignorance has put the biggest Uncle Tom of all time in the White House to sell out and betray the people of his black half, just like black slavers of Africa sold the ancestors of black Americans into slavery 150+ years ago. More of those dead people to blame in pity-my-blackness whining, except wait a minute! Those Judases weren’t white were they?

At the Republican convention in 1860, Thurlow Weed told conventioneers that “what this country will demand of its chief executive for the next four years is a man of the highest order of executive ability, a man of real statesmanlike qualities, well known to the country and of large experience in national affairs.” Compare that to the know nothing jackass we have as President now. But don’t worry, we have affirmative action and even if he is not qualified, thank God at least he is black! …I do wonder, have we gone collectively insane?

In Chicago that May of 1860, William Seward, Salmon Chase, Edward Bates, and Abraham Lincoln faced off as anti-slavery candidates and with other notable white men of the day, sat their reputations and their livelihood afire atop a nation that was a powder keg waiting for a spark. Yes, those “damn white men” did that …but wait, since they were risking their necks for the freedom of black people, we really can’t draft them for pity-my-blackness whining against whites can we? …Oh what the hell, they were white, let’s blame them anyway. Will someone please pass Michelle Obama a hanky?

…So as not to go on all night, I’ll try to wrap this up. Abraham Lincoln won the race, and later won the Presidency, but winning the office was not enough to secure freedom for blacks. The nation soon sank into a dark war between the states and between ideologies. In retribution for the practice of slavery that was not an American invention, but had become an American problem, the nation poured out the blood of over 600,000 mother’s sons to settle the issue of slavery once and for all.

Now listen up America, and especially liberals, and Barack Obama and his racist minions, because I am about to use strong language in a place where strong language is due. If you are going to continue whining about race, and about what happened to people long dead, then go ahead. Name your poison.

You stand on your dead slaves, and I’ll stand on the dead soldiers who fought, bled, and died for freedom of all. You call me racist, on the grounds of entitlement from your history of dead, and I’ll do the same. If you want to go back and whine on that principle, then I’ll go back and consider you what you were considered before all that death and sacrifice was made in your behalf. I will consider you no better than property and call you Nigger as you were known back then.

On the other hand, if you want to stop the pity-my-blackness whining, and stand up like equals, I’ll consider you equals. It is your choice my friends. Honor the dead and we will go forth as brothers and equals. Or, if you prefer, continue to dig up the dead and disrespect them for your personal gain, and then to me, you make of yourselves nothing more than ungrateful Niggers. I speak only my opinion, and only for myself, but I suspect I am not alone. I was called out by Attorney General Eric Holder, and I accept the call. We are a nation about to settle up, and if that Nigger wants a fight, I’m all in.

I still have great respect for many blacks, and I will take every man on his own merit, but I have never in my life generally had less respect for blacks than I feel today when the country, and particularly blacks, are holding up a lying, cheating bastard as the best from among us. The country has been disgraced by allowing this interloper to hold high office. Surely there were many white and black men of integrity who would have been qualified for the job. But then, men of integrity do not belong to the Democratic party do they? God help us.


In 1998, Paramount Pictures released the movie, The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrie…


The Truman Show bears a striking resemblance to the real life production of The Obama Show, to which we now find ourselves exposed. In the present production, there are also 5,000 cameras, each dedicated to producing an artificial edifice of an otherwise corrupt and stuttering underachiever from Kenya.

By selecting, and broadcasting only the most flattering video and sound bites, and by rejecting anything that would detract from the image of their star, producers of The Obama Show have created the illusion of a Superstar, and American hero.

Anything that would not contribute to a successful script, are simply edited out by the show’s writers. The star’s Muslim father, his stepfather, and his mother, along with his education in Muslim schools, hardly exist in the final cut. The storyline is devoid of any mention of the fact credible witnesses have sworn he was born in Kenya, and that his Hawaiian birth certificate has been deemed a fake.

In the big screen version of The Obama Show, the star’s fake birth certificate is lauded as proof of “Natural Birth” as if it were as genuine as the original Declaration of Independence. The Berg vs. Obama lawsuit filed in Federal Court, and which, as defense was simply ignored by the star himself until it was dismissed without the slightest comment by a derelict court, is oddly ignored by all of the MSM in a fashion that renders the proverbial White-Elephant metaphor descriptively inadequate.

The jackass in the starring role of The Obama Show is still campaigning. …In this bizarre, scripted production, Obama is still supported unequivocally by the “tingle down their leg” MSM. The same fraudulent propaganda machine that put the jackass actor into office as if he were actually qualified, is still fully functional, and fully deployed.

The United States Congress and Senate are faithfully following the director’s instructions, and it is clear now, they will not deviate from the script. If we scream at our televisions like the viewing public watching The Truman Show, the results will be the same. Both the Congress and Senate ignored their constituents and passed the star’s stinking spending boondoggle, as if it were as popular as fresh air.

Chickenshits like Arlen Specter, stand up and read from The Obama Show script, assuring us that he, “Specter,” will not allow bad things in the spending bill, while out of the other side of his mouth, voting for the bill that in the real world IS ALL BAD. All the while, the MSM provides background music, singing hymns of praise to their The Obama Show star, and their faux deity, the dumb-ass pretender from Kenya.

NEXT: WHERE TO START — But in the mean time, tell me what you think we should do about this fraud being perpetrated on the American People.