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In a few minutes, de facto President Barrack Obama will proffer his first year’s State of The Union address to Congress. In view of recent election results in Massachusetts, I believe many will be surprised to hear Obama continue unfettered seeking government control of all of America’s health care.

Reading from his teleprompter, head bobbing side-to-side, Obama will make the argument that he inherited an out of control economy, and since spiraling health care costs are the chief cause of our dilemma, government control of health care is the only solution.

Most of us know better, and will see the absurdity in this argument, but as Jonah Goldberg writes in Liberal Fascism, “Crises is routinely identified as a core mechanism of fascism because it short-circuits debate and democratic deliberation. Hence all fascistic movements commit considerable energy to prolonging a heightened state of emergency.”

Regardless of whatever soothing words are uttered to appease the masses; from health care to cap and trade, and regulating or nationalizing every corner of American commerce, Obama and his core faithful have no intentions of yielding or altering course in any way whatsoever. Even if the Senate and House have taken notice, the already acquired “stimulus” war chest will sustain the intended march to communism.

This evening, when the head bobbing is over, and the lips cease to move, it will be time to redouble our efforts in opposition of whatever the most recent deception vomited into our ears. As the apt variant of a James Bovard quote goes, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

My fellow Americans, the wolves have yet to take notice. We need to make sure that is their mistake and not our tragedy. Let us be well-armed lambs.

A Tea Party Victory

It appears a Republican is about to be elected to the seat of former Corrupt-Senator-For-Life Ted (hiccup) Kennedy. Either way the election turns out, this is not a Republican victory… it is an American victory. There is presently a blogosphere push by RNC faithful to bolster support for the RNC saying, “they have learned their lesson,” and that we must now get back in line to carry RNC water. Scott Brown’s success will surely be pointed to by these well-intended souls, as evidence of the power and veracity of the Republican Party, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The DNC and RNC have both long since ceased to represent the American people, whether hailing from left or right. Similar to Brown’s success today, evidence of more powerful forces in American politics than the two “sanctioned” parties, emerged in the 2006 election. In that year, the DNC abandoned Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in favor of a more obedient anti-war insider. The DNC controlled the primary election, but the real power of the American people trumped party extortion, ultimately derailing DNC marching orders.

Many talk about the “Tea Party” movement as though it is primarily an effort to form a third political party. That argument is a red herring. Don’t get me wrong, I think a third party would be good for American politics, and I don’t buy for a minute, the notion that a third party would turn American self-governance into a multi-party parliamentary process. What I am saying is that it is not now the time for a third party. Nor from what I see, is that the objective of the vast majority of Tea Party patriots.

The phrase “Tea Party,” presently represents at best, a rag-tag (though vast) political tsunami of Americans who are really ticked off that Washington is using the power we have leant them, to abuse us and to destroy our country for reasons so hideous, Americans who value our heritage and our Constitution, shudder in disgust to even imagine.

I believe Americans as an aggregate, are soundly to the right of center. The noisy media-supported left, along with lukewarm centrists, serve to produce the magician’s illusion we have devolved to the left, or are centrist at best. The reality is, the political machinery of America is an envelope that exists, not in the American experience, but as a protected pocket resting just beyond the light of reality. Since political parties exist within this artificial envelope, we can function with just two parties, but once the people are again “actually represented” by those we entrust with power, we would be better served by at least three parties, making the present collusion as seen between and within the DNC and RNC more difficult to forge.

The solution to our dilemma, and what we are witnessing tonight, is the indomitable spirit of American independence. Tonight, we owe gratitude to neither the DNC nor the RNC, but to Tea Partiers whom in fact are just Americans; Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Christians, Atheists, and ordinary Joe the Plumbers who are smart enough to reject party mandates in favor of honest, logical, reasonable execution of their duty to decide rationally, vote, and keep our country free.

I’m a Republican, and I plan to remain a Republican, but I have begun the process at home, of reaching out and putting my Party Central Committee and Chair on notice. Party leaders will represent the aggregate of our members to the best of their ability, or we the aggregate, will kick them out, and so on, right up the line to the National Chair. For now, my Republican support is in a state of suspension while I join with a much larger party; a party of Americans, joined in spirit to eradicate the liberal cancer we have allowed to grow within the RNC, DNC, Congress, and throughout our government.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Conservatives haven’t contributed, that we need to stop opposing Obama, or forsake the Tea Party movement, or that we have made a mistake by being negative instead positive. Stopping the Obama agenda is a very positive action, and victory will be a great accomplishment. The RNC and DNC put us in this mess, and they are not the solution, but in both cases, it is Americans willing to step up, think for themselves, and tell their parties to shut up and sit down that will save America.

Tonight’s election may represent a reverse of fortunes, but we will now have to redouble our efforts to endure the pushback that is sure to come. Keep doing what you are doing… continue to hold the political parties and politicians accountable. I assure you, they have not gotten the message yet, but they will, if we only keep our shoulders to the wheel. Tonight I see hope for America, and I am very grateful to my fellow conservative bloggers. Thanks you one-and-all, and God Bless America.


Self-confessed former heavy drinker Glenn Beck has once again set the course of the nation’s news. While pathetic has-been propagandists such as Keith Olbermann continue providing cover for our communist leader, and criticizing the likes of Beck and Sarah Palin, Beck dominates the field of journalism as the foremost, and sometimes single willing member of the national press to investigate, and report the corruption that has engulfed Washington and our society in general.

Glenn Beck

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Beck has conducted a steady campaign of exposing the superfluity of lies and corruption that surrounds the White House, and its illegal occupant, and now presumably, a traitor to the Constitution he has sworn to, preserve, protect and defend. While ineffectual liberals across the blogs scramble to discredit Beck on important issues like his ability to spell, Beck is whittling down their mighty messiah, and the acorn from whence he came.

Never in the history of this country has one person generated so much jealousy from bloggers and the MSM, including people on his own network, nor been so despised and criticized by the left, while single handedly inflicting so much damage on his enemies. Beck has brutally pummeled the Obama administration simply by doing his job. It has not been Beck’s words that have shredded the formerly invincible armor of the corrupt institutions protecting Obama, but their own words and ideas. Beck has merely been diligent enough to dig up the facts, and courageous enough to report them, while cowards like Olbermann sit back and criticize Beck for doing the job at which Olbermann has failed miserably.

Oh yes… I said Beck is drunk, and he most certainly is… he is drunk on righteous indignation, and has taken up the mantle, and shown the courage, and skill to act judiciously upon that prudent and justified rage. The question is, where is the righteous indignation of his contemporaries on the other networks, and even a few on Fox News? Where is Congress, and the Senate on this blatant and obvious deluge of corruption? Where are our Governors? And where are the liberals who seem not to mind that we have been taken over by communist scoundrels?

Rather than indignation at Obama’s contravention of duty, if not outright treason, perhaps Obama’s useful idiots think their time better spent quoting half a century dead fiction writers who were perpetually drunk to their death on Brandy, or rot gut wine, or vanilla extract if that was all they could lay their hands on. Hindsight being 20/20 as it is, let me correct the oft-quoted nefarious phrase with what has actually occurred: When fascism came to America, it came refusing to salute the flag, and denying the Cross.

May God Bless America.


I feel sympathy for innocent members of the Kennedy family who are grieving. That said, today we are once again diverting all of our national attention to a man unworthy of such honor. If Ted Kennedy were allowed to pass privately, I would not be commenting here. If he were a private citizen, I would not comment regardless how much noise were raised in faux honor of purchased prestige. The problem arises in that, we have allowed yet another guilty of egregious criminal conduct, to languish in our government, then we pretend it was not a fraud of privilege by celebrating the corruption that was intrinsic to his life.

Perhaps the Kennedy family will finally be free of the Kennedy curse, and survivors can begin a journey to restore the luster once associated with the Kennedy name. I hope so. I also hope the family of Mary Jo Kopechne can finally find closure in this horrible error of impunity following the death of a loved one. Today, Ted Kennedy is in the hands of his creator. Man’s justice is always imperfect, God’s is not. Whatever is in store for the man’s soul, his legacy cannot be made a monument of honor to elevating the most ruthless and corrupt among us to seats of power, rather than striving for the best.


FOIA – FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: The file known as Chappaquiddick, is also known as the Mary Jo Kopechne investigation. This investigation was opened when an overturned car was found at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in the water and Ms. Kopechne’s body was in the car. Ms. Kopechne was a former secretary to late Senator, Robert F. Kennedy. It was determined the driver of the automobile was Senator Edward M. Kennedy. It was alleged he was on the wrong road and drove off Dike’s Bridge, with the automobile overturning in the water. Senator Kennedy managed to get out of the car, but Ms. Kopechne did not make it out of the car and drowned.

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Are You Listening?

Obama is not listening. He is utterly unaffected by the disaffection of the American people. While he bemoans the suffering of Americans, with machine precision, he continues destroying American capitalism, and laying blame for that destruction, wrought by his policies and his failures, on those who oppose the steamroller agenda leading to American collectivism.

In his address in Wakarusa today, Obama returned to the scene of the crime, where his policies have wreaked havoc on the lives of those citizens, to renew the same empty promises, with the same dishonesty, and arrogance as before, and remarkably, with the same cheers from his victims as before. He re-touted the promise of “saved” American jobs based upon the infusion of billions of taxpayer dollars into electric cars that no one wants, and no one will buy, unless coerced through further infusion of subsidy purchase dollars at even greater taxation.

There are hotly debated issues around electric and hybrid cars, including, in addition to cost, performance and functionality issues, risks and retraining costs for emergency responders, exposure to toxic materials in the event of accidents, expected massive biohazard loads on the environment generated by battery materials, as the cars approach an end of their useful lifespan, etc. In addition to the commercially inequitable premature forcing of technologies onto the market, Obama, aided by the Senate, has struck a deathblow to America’s hope for clean nuclear energy (Read Bavolet’s article here).

The point of this is that none of what Obama does, is what he touts as its intended purpose. Without regard to his reasons, Obama’s goal for America is singular; destroy capitalism, and implement collectivism. We are in nothing less than a fight to save our free Republic, and American capitalism. …As Americans, we have a right to property, profit, and self determination. Obama is united with our enemies to destroy those rights, and deliver us eventually, as subjects of a world government.

The Blue Dog Democrats are nothing more than Red Herrings offered to appease the outraged, and distract the thoughtless masses. Obama’s answer to every problem is pouring out money through government channels, which inevitably requires more taxes plus interest, on you and me, whom do not want electric cars, or socialized medicine, or a welfare/police state.

The real goal of the Washington/Obama crime syndicate has nothing to do with electric cars, the environment, jobs, or healthcare. The real goal is the transformation of America into a collective economy, a communist government, and an obedient, socialist society, all in preparation for our eventual participation as a member state of the emerging communist world-government. After the Blue Dog, dog-and-pony show is over in Washington, the votes will continue unabated to advance that goal until some seismic event turns the tide.

Hear this warning America: The choices are now only two, “Devolution or Revolution”. Either we turn the communist politicians out of Washington, through raising of our voices, and combining our votes, or millions of Americans like me, will exert whatever force is required to preserve the Constitution of The United States of America.


From the website of Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. Friday, July 31, 2009

Dr. Taitz posted the following letter on her blog Friday, from Lt Col David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC, to TV personality, Glenn Beck.

Lt. Col Earl-Graef, requested the letter be given the widest dissemination possible, and so here it is. Please note that some formatting, and punctuation has been altered to enhance readability. You can reference the link above for the exact posting on Dr. Taitz’s blog. I submit the letter for discussion, and invite Glenn Beck to respond, if he feels the letter is not a fair resentation of his broadcast presentation to which the letter is in reference.

30 July 2009

Dear Glenn,

I will get right to the point. Either out of ignorance or with intent, your recent comments on your television program are nothing less than a slap right across the face of each and every Soldier that serves, and has ever served this great Country. How could you do this to us? You contend that you are supportive of the military and yet when it comes to an issue vitally important to us you scoffed, demeaned, and ridiculed those of us who serve and are fighting to defend the Constitution. You placed us right alongside Whoopi Goldberg, who to my knowledge, never served in the military a day in her life. You have insulted our intellect and integrity. Until now, I had been a big supporter of you. Now I am left to question your very motives. Has money become your new God or was it simply a mistake on your part? Whatever the case is, I need and deserve an explanation, and an apology for your actions.

There is little more we military ask of our Country in return for our service, other than to be respected and given the benefits we earn in peace and on the field of battle. Of paramount importance to me, and most every American soldier, is that we fulfill our duty with honor and that we are given lawful orders, and not left to question, or have cause for reservation. As we take our oath without reservation, we should not be given reservation by those appointed above us. If we are to be sent into harm’s way, there should be no doubt whatsoever, we are being sent by someone who has the moral, AND the legal authority to do this. This is an indisputable fact. The ONLY evidence that Barak Hussein Obama himself has been willing to produce to assure us he has that authority, is an altered (sanitized serial number) COLB posted on HIS web site, “fight the smears.” That is It, and NOTHING more. This is absolutely absurd. I refuse to accept any .com outfit as the proper authority to certify the authenticity, or legal substance of this document, and be involved in the vetting process of a President as many in Congress have done; derelict cowards! Obama has hired teams of attorneys to prevent releasing the long form vault copy of his birth certificate, so that what he presented can be substantiated as a valid extract of information from the original, as well as other vital documents to prove he is even a US citizen. If you doubt this, ask anyone who claims to have seen his birth; what is the doctors name on the certificate? As a Physician, I know what information is on a birth certificate, and so should you. If they cannot tell you the name of the Doctors, they have not seen it.

There are other issues as well; specifically Obama’s father, who was Kenyan, and was NEVER a US citizen. To be considered in full compliance of the Natural Born Citizen clause, I contend you must have BOTH parents US citizens, and be born in the US. The founders recognized that the power of the President over the military was not to be taken lightly. They wanted to insure, as best they could, the person who held that office would have an undivided loyalty to the Union, and not compromise their hard won liberty by any device. The BEST that they could do was to require that the President be born in the United States, but more importantly, be raised by parents [plural] who themselves did not have divided loyalty, and thus would have to be US citizens. Given the paternal nature of society at the time, this is especially true with regard to the father. Nevertheless, this issue, if need be, should be addressed by the Supreme Court, which they have failed to do, and no court to date has heard this case on the merits.

Let me be clear, as a military officer, I have a legitimate reason to question ANY order, if there is a good faith reason to doubt it, even from the President, as my officer oath is to the Constitution, not him. Based on the information I have, I am justified in my right to question, and I am being denied the answer. Have you yourself not seen enough to doubt anything Obama has said? Why do you believe him about this? Why do you believe anyone who attacks us for even asking? Stop and think, then listen to your instincts. There is something he is hiding, that is vitally important, and we have a right to know what that is, as it potentially has bearing on the legality of the orders he gives us.

We are not a bunch of “tin foil hat birther conspiracy theorists.” We are wise enough to know that, before you conjecture regarding a “conspiracy,” you must first establish if there has been a crime, and only then ask if it is reasonable multiple people are complicit. It is those who discredit us, as YOU have, that resort to the postulation of a “conspiracy theory” to dismiss our reasonable concerns before the documentary evidence is examined; a typical Saul Alinsky tactic, which you now have used against us! You have seen it used over, and over, so you should recognize it. We are NOT postulating any conspiracy theory, we want to see the documents, and THEN decide if there is a problem, and who would, or should have reasonably known.

You are not alone. Even Gov. Mike Huckabee went so far as to “postulate a theory,” that Hillary would have been, “all over it,” if it were true, discrediting us rather than take a stand and demand Barak Obama release the evidentiary documents to put this to rest. I recognize that it is much easier for others to postulate a “theory” why, a [breach] of our Constitution “could not possibly have happened,” then cower and hide from a serious effort to discover the truth, and take a stand. We have a special term for this in the military, and let me just say it is not endearing. Please pass this along to your Colleague, and Ann Coulter, Bill O Reilly too, if you see them; shame on all of you. I gave all of you more credit than that, of all people, you should recognize the tactics of the radical left.

You ask America to stand up for the Constitution, and when those of us who risk our reputations and our fortunes do so, you ridicule us. Take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself; have I failed to give due consideration, and respect to the American soldier by my actions? Have I contributed to a mass effort by the Radical Elements in our country to bring discredit upon them, and upon the Constitution they fight and die to preserve? If the answer is yes then I challenge you and your colleagues to stand with us and demand that Barak Obama release all the documents he currently has sealed, and begin to put this issue to rest, and do not cease in your efforts until we have an answer.


Lt Col David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC