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Self-confessed former heavy drinker Glenn Beck has once again set the course of the nation’s news. While pathetic has-been propagandists such as Keith Olbermann continue providing cover for our communist leader, and criticizing the likes of Beck and Sarah Palin, Beck dominates the field of journalism as the foremost, and sometimes single willing member of the national press to investigate, and report the corruption that has engulfed Washington and our society in general.

Glenn Beck

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Beck has conducted a steady campaign of exposing the superfluity of lies and corruption that surrounds the White House, and its illegal occupant, and now presumably, a traitor to the Constitution he has sworn to, preserve, protect and defend. While ineffectual liberals across the blogs scramble to discredit Beck on important issues like his ability to spell, Beck is whittling down their mighty messiah, and the acorn from whence he came.

Never in the history of this country has one person generated so much jealousy from bloggers and the MSM, including people on his own network, nor been so despised and criticized by the left, while single handedly inflicting so much damage on his enemies. Beck has brutally pummeled the Obama administration simply by doing his job. It has not been Beck’s words that have shredded the formerly invincible armor of the corrupt institutions protecting Obama, but their own words and ideas. Beck has merely been diligent enough to dig up the facts, and courageous enough to report them, while cowards like Olbermann sit back and criticize Beck for doing the job at which Olbermann has failed miserably.

Oh yes… I said Beck is drunk, and he most certainly is… he is drunk on righteous indignation, and has taken up the mantle, and shown the courage, and skill to act judiciously upon that prudent and justified rage. The question is, where is the righteous indignation of his contemporaries on the other networks, and even a few on Fox News? Where is Congress, and the Senate on this blatant and obvious deluge of corruption? Where are our Governors? And where are the liberals who seem not to mind that we have been taken over by communist scoundrels?

Rather than indignation at Obama’s contravention of duty, if not outright treason, perhaps Obama’s useful idiots think their time better spent quoting half a century dead fiction writers who were perpetually drunk to their death on Brandy, or rot gut wine, or vanilla extract if that was all they could lay their hands on. Hindsight being 20/20 as it is, let me correct the oft-quoted nefarious phrase with what has actually occurred: When fascism came to America, it came refusing to salute the flag, and denying the Cross.

May God Bless America.