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Are You Listening?

Obama is not listening. He is utterly unaffected by the disaffection of the American people. While he bemoans the suffering of Americans, with machine precision, he continues destroying American capitalism, and laying blame for that destruction, wrought by his policies and his failures, on those who oppose the steamroller agenda leading to American collectivism.

In his address in Wakarusa today, Obama returned to the scene of the crime, where his policies have wreaked havoc on the lives of those citizens, to renew the same empty promises, with the same dishonesty, and arrogance as before, and remarkably, with the same cheers from his victims as before. He re-touted the promise of “saved” American jobs based upon the infusion of billions of taxpayer dollars into electric cars that no one wants, and no one will buy, unless coerced through further infusion of subsidy purchase dollars at even greater taxation.

There are hotly debated issues around electric and hybrid cars, including, in addition to cost, performance and functionality issues, risks and retraining costs for emergency responders, exposure to toxic materials in the event of accidents, expected massive biohazard loads on the environment generated by battery materials, as the cars approach an end of their useful lifespan, etc. In addition to the commercially inequitable premature forcing of technologies onto the market, Obama, aided by the Senate, has struck a deathblow to America’s hope for clean nuclear energy (Read Bavolet’s article here).

The point of this is that none of what Obama does, is what he touts as its intended purpose. Without regard to his reasons, Obama’s goal for America is singular; destroy capitalism, and implement collectivism. We are in nothing less than a fight to save our free Republic, and American capitalism. …As Americans, we have a right to property, profit, and self determination. Obama is united with our enemies to destroy those rights, and deliver us eventually, as subjects of a world government.

The Blue Dog Democrats are nothing more than Red Herrings offered to appease the outraged, and distract the thoughtless masses. Obama’s answer to every problem is pouring out money through government channels, which inevitably requires more taxes plus interest, on you and me, whom do not want electric cars, or socialized medicine, or a welfare/police state.

The real goal of the Washington/Obama crime syndicate has nothing to do with electric cars, the environment, jobs, or healthcare. The real goal is the transformation of America into a collective economy, a communist government, and an obedient, socialist society, all in preparation for our eventual participation as a member state of the emerging communist world-government. After the Blue Dog, dog-and-pony show is over in Washington, the votes will continue unabated to advance that goal until some seismic event turns the tide.

Hear this warning America: The choices are now only two, “Devolution or Revolution”. Either we turn the communist politicians out of Washington, through raising of our voices, and combining our votes, or millions of Americans like me, will exert whatever force is required to preserve the Constitution of The United States of America.