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In a few minutes, de facto President Barrack Obama will proffer his first year’s State of The Union address to Congress. In view of recent election results in Massachusetts, I believe many will be surprised to hear Obama continue unfettered seeking government control of all of America’s health care.

Reading from his teleprompter, head bobbing side-to-side, Obama will make the argument that he inherited an out of control economy, and since spiraling health care costs are the chief cause of our dilemma, government control of health care is the only solution.

Most of us know better, and will see the absurdity in this argument, but as Jonah Goldberg writes in Liberal Fascism, “Crises is routinely identified as a core mechanism of fascism because it short-circuits debate and democratic deliberation. Hence all fascistic movements commit considerable energy to prolonging a heightened state of emergency.”

Regardless of whatever soothing words are uttered to appease the masses; from health care to cap and trade, and regulating or nationalizing every corner of American commerce, Obama and his core faithful have no intentions of yielding or altering course in any way whatsoever. Even if the Senate and House have taken notice, the already acquired “stimulus” war chest will sustain the intended march to communism.

This evening, when the head bobbing is over, and the lips cease to move, it will be time to redouble our efforts in opposition of whatever the most recent deception vomited into our ears. As the apt variant of a James Bovard quote goes, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

My fellow Americans, the wolves have yet to take notice. We need to make sure that is their mistake and not our tragedy. Let us be well-armed lambs.

A Tea Party Victory

It appears a Republican is about to be elected to the seat of former Corrupt-Senator-For-Life Ted (hiccup) Kennedy. Either way the election turns out, this is not a Republican victory… it is an American victory. There is presently a blogosphere push by RNC faithful to bolster support for the RNC saying, “they have learned their lesson,” and that we must now get back in line to carry RNC water. Scott Brown’s success will surely be pointed to by these well-intended souls, as evidence of the power and veracity of the Republican Party, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The DNC and RNC have both long since ceased to represent the American people, whether hailing from left or right. Similar to Brown’s success today, evidence of more powerful forces in American politics than the two “sanctioned” parties, emerged in the 2006 election. In that year, the DNC abandoned Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in favor of a more obedient anti-war insider. The DNC controlled the primary election, but the real power of the American people trumped party extortion, ultimately derailing DNC marching orders.

Many talk about the “Tea Party” movement as though it is primarily an effort to form a third political party. That argument is a red herring. Don’t get me wrong, I think a third party would be good for American politics, and I don’t buy for a minute, the notion that a third party would turn American self-governance into a multi-party parliamentary process. What I am saying is that it is not now the time for a third party. Nor from what I see, is that the objective of the vast majority of Tea Party patriots.

The phrase “Tea Party,” presently represents at best, a rag-tag (though vast) political tsunami of Americans who are really ticked off that Washington is using the power we have leant them, to abuse us and to destroy our country for reasons so hideous, Americans who value our heritage and our Constitution, shudder in disgust to even imagine.

I believe Americans as an aggregate, are soundly to the right of center. The noisy media-supported left, along with lukewarm centrists, serve to produce the magician’s illusion we have devolved to the left, or are centrist at best. The reality is, the political machinery of America is an envelope that exists, not in the American experience, but as a protected pocket resting just beyond the light of reality. Since political parties exist within this artificial envelope, we can function with just two parties, but once the people are again “actually represented” by those we entrust with power, we would be better served by at least three parties, making the present collusion as seen between and within the DNC and RNC more difficult to forge.

The solution to our dilemma, and what we are witnessing tonight, is the indomitable spirit of American independence. Tonight, we owe gratitude to neither the DNC nor the RNC, but to Tea Partiers whom in fact are just Americans; Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Christians, Atheists, and ordinary Joe the Plumbers who are smart enough to reject party mandates in favor of honest, logical, reasonable execution of their duty to decide rationally, vote, and keep our country free.

I’m a Republican, and I plan to remain a Republican, but I have begun the process at home, of reaching out and putting my Party Central Committee and Chair on notice. Party leaders will represent the aggregate of our members to the best of their ability, or we the aggregate, will kick them out, and so on, right up the line to the National Chair. For now, my Republican support is in a state of suspension while I join with a much larger party; a party of Americans, joined in spirit to eradicate the liberal cancer we have allowed to grow within the RNC, DNC, Congress, and throughout our government.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Conservatives haven’t contributed, that we need to stop opposing Obama, or forsake the Tea Party movement, or that we have made a mistake by being negative instead positive. Stopping the Obama agenda is a very positive action, and victory will be a great accomplishment. The RNC and DNC put us in this mess, and they are not the solution, but in both cases, it is Americans willing to step up, think for themselves, and tell their parties to shut up and sit down that will save America.

Tonight’s election may represent a reverse of fortunes, but we will now have to redouble our efforts to endure the pushback that is sure to come. Keep doing what you are doing… continue to hold the political parties and politicians accountable. I assure you, they have not gotten the message yet, but they will, if we only keep our shoulders to the wheel. Tonight I see hope for America, and I am very grateful to my fellow conservative bloggers. Thanks you one-and-all, and God Bless America.

Freedom Rally Tea Party

World Ag Expo

Tulare, California

July 4th 2009


As I entered the gates of the World Ag Expo, I was met by this “Terrorist” the Obama administration warned us about. By the time I arrived at the rally, the parking lot was filled to a quarter mile out from the gates. As I waited for the tram, I struck up a conversation with a young man who turned out to be 34 years old. He had driven from Fresno to attend the rally, and had his daughter with him who appeared to be about six years old. During our conversation, we agreed how important is is that we start doing something to reverse the agenda of the Obama administration and Congress. The young man pointed to his daughter, and said, “She’s about $35 thousand dollars in debt now.”

A rally volunteer who had been directing traffic in the parking lot, joined our conversation. The tram was running late, so the volunteer sugested we just walk to the gate, which we did. As we walked along, the conversation drifted to the local police who were stationed at the entrance, and I commented that we need to make sure our police officers and service people feel they are part of this movement… that we are on the same side and that we are not the enemy. The young man related a conversation between him and several friends who were police officers and firefighters in the Fresno area. They had received the Homeland Security report that said we are all potential terrorist. He said, “Don’t worry, they get it. The commanders had no choice but to distribute the report, but everyone on the police force and in the fire department were livid about it.”

One of our real national heroes on stage, Korean War Veteran, Charlie Waters!

I sat directly behind the KMPH news camera. Charlie gave one of the most compassionate speeches I have ever heard. When Charlie talked about the friends he lost in Korea, he held every heart in the building in his hand. Charlie said, “We did not fight in those cold hills of Korea for Obama to apologize for us… HOW DARE HE!”

The audience came to their feet and roared in support of Charlie. The news cameraman realized something extraordinary was happening, and so he swung his camera around to capture thousands of Americans letting it be know that they love our veterans, and despise what Obama has done. I doubt you will see that on the evening news anywhere in America.

Next up was Mike Ratley, advocate for the California Water Coalition, and sales manager at Westside Ford in Firebaugh. Mike is famous in the Valley for his radio commercials inviting customers to come in and shop where they cans expect, “No suits, no ties, and nooooo lies“. Charlie Waters was a hard act to follow, but Mike did a fantastic job judging by the audiences enthusiastic response. There was no shortage of patriots on stage, or in the audience, and it was clear there was a single unified purpose for all, to save our country from the failed leadership in Washington.

Selena and William Owens

Husband and wife team, William Owens, Jr., and Selena Owens both spoke at the event. Before beginning the main thrust of his speech, William introduced his wife of 25 years, Selena, who gave a brief but very inspiring talk directed at the conservative women in the crowd. William and Selena are both published authors, and have been traveling across the country talking at Tea Party events, and promoting their books targeting Christian and Patriotic themes for all Americans, but with a particular message of real hope and inspiration for women and for Black America. The Master of Ceremonies handed out several copies of William’s book, “Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts. I was fortunate enough to grab one, and I will give you a review in the near future. Judging by the inspiring speeches delivered by these two American Patriots, I am confident it will be a glowing review.   

William Owens, Jr.

Steve Brandau

Steve Brandau, who owns a carpet cleaning business, gave one of the most energetic speeches of the event. Steve represents a younger generation than the two speakers who preceded him, but if his admonishments are any indication of what we are going to accomplish in saving our country, I have good news for America, and bad news for Obama and his criminal cohorts in Washington. Steve inspired the crowd with his enthusiasm, and his love for our country. Watch out for this man, he is full of fire. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak, don’t miss the opportunity. 

The rest of the photos speak for themselves… enjoy!

There was a decided Christian presence in the booths, and among the speakers at the rally. They had a huge play area set up for children with rides and bounce houses, and there was a very large contingent of young families to take advantage of that. The weather was a little hot, but not a soul complained, and when the crowd cleared, everyone was patient and courteous with each other. As I left, the folks on stage were saying farewells, and entertaining the stragglers as the bulk of the crowd thinned out. As I was leaving the building, a man came on stage, took the microphone, and addressed what was left of the crowd. He said “I just want to thank all of you… I have never seen such a clean and orderly crowd of this size. It looks almost like we have already cleaned up. What a great audience you have been.” …and they were too… it made me proud to be an American.

Finally, it was time to head home. When I reached the parking lot, the cars had already thinned out, but I still had a bit of a hike to my car, which was beyond the vanishing point in this photo. Oh well, the walk did me good! Thanks for going to the Tea Party with me! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! God Bless America!!!!

Thanks to the folks at Central Valley Tea Party for this event!