ARE YOU KIDDING? Economics (1 of 4)

In spite of the best efforts and intentions of our wisest economists, our most adroit politicians, faithful communists, and determined patriots notwithstanding, government eventually gets everything wrong… Then when darkness looms, all is quickened by the advent of a war, or a depression, or a revolution, or complete collapse and anarchy. Whatever eventual force the universe imposes upon our high ideas, it seems we end up sooner or later, rebuilding from the bottom up.

We will tolerate abuse (real or imagined) for only so long before taking matters into our own hands. Taking matters into our own hands can manifest as, a voter revolt, changes in buying and investment habits, or withholding of taxes, writing letters and holding tea parties, or even in taking up arms, should government become so oppressive that the pain or the indignation becomes intolerable.

When tyrants gain power in government, they literally take our money by force, then use it in ways we do not want it used. They entangle us in detrimental trade agreements, and ridiculous environmental treaties, and generally dilute our sovereignty. They redistribute wealth to curry votes and favor, and so forth. At some point, we have to force our leaders to realize it is not their job to engineer new social order in America or the world, and our money is not theirs to use as they please, and particularly not to use opposing our will.

Using our economy and our productive force to turn us into a hedonist nation is the exact act of establishment of a secular state religion, and so we must remind our leaders that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion. We must also remind them that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is not subject to their opinions or discretion. And we know that if we allow them to take our arms, there will be nothing to stop them from doing whatever they want in violation of the rest of our Constitution as well.

The tyrants now in power, the Obama Crime Syndicate (OCS) are not presently about the business of rescuing our economy, but rather, they are about forging us into a different kind of society …a secular society that most of us do not want for America. Obama supports an extreme left agenda, including being an advocate of abortion, and disarming our nation militarily, and individually.

Using our full faith and credit, Obama is now thrusting forward with little resistance in sight, accomplishing one goal after the other. Those in Congress and the Senate whom we foolishly thought trustworthy, have failed to forcefully oppose this rape of our nation from within. In most cases, even Republicans have joined in, wallowing in the liberal mud, while giving lip service to conservatism and feigning opposition by way of casting nay votes they know are meaningless.

We have been transformed into a society of soft clay in the hands of an evil potter. Redirection of economic tides is being achieved through rewarding corruption and celebration of poor management in both business, and personal finance. We coddle unions, which are the antithesis of the American ideal. Liars, tax cheats, and lobbyists are elevated to high places and celebrate shamelessly as a corrupted mainstream media chastises America for failing to forsake the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in favor of worshiping their false God, the potter Obama.

We are now told that, we should not question the ways of Obama, or demand he present proof he is not a usurper born in Kenya and not in Hawaii. It is as if God has been removed from the land, and the words of Isaiah are made to say, woe unto him that striveth with Obama! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, what makest thou? …But God has not been removed, and if we let these people silence our protests, we will be judged along with those who now mock God in a new communist America, or at the throne of justice, or both.

So the popular news, and debate on the blogs has been about economics from the aspect of recovery. I say that economics cannot even be considered before we decide if we will be free, or if we will wade into the bondage of socialism. I say rich or poor, I choose freedom. Give me liberty or give me death! ~Neo

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