NO MAMA, NO PAPA, NO UNCLE SAM Economics (4 of 4)

There are experts, pundits, and bloggers as thick as fleas who write at length about theories, and economic models that show deficit spending is the way to economic recovery. They say we should fall in among them like so many sheep, and praise Obama’s spending frenzy as if condemning future generations to the slavery of indebtedness were the miracle of turning water into wine.

Contrary to popular myth, the most remarkable economic recovery in the country’s history did not come about because of the spending spree conducted by FDR. No, Roosevelt was simply continuing the failed policies of his predecessor, Herbert Chicken in Every Pot Hoover, just as Obama is continuing many of the failed economic policies of George Bush.

The second myth is that the economy and the country were saved by WWII, but that really is not right either, at least as far as the economy goes. The war only provided Americans with the resolve to unite for the common good. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, and invaded the Philippines, Americans stopped waiting for FDR to send the government to save them, and went to work saving themselves, while the government turned its attention to sending our boys “Over There” to save Europe and the Orient.

At that critical time, we did not try to increase consumer spending, but rather, we rationed everything that was not already only available in limited supply. We stopped buying cars, tires, gas, women’s hosiery, and almost anything classified as food or consumer goods. We rationed our resources and pulled in our economic horns in every way imaginable. Many Americans worked two jobs; often one of those jobs without pay as volunteers to help others in need, or to support the war effort.

In the previous installment of this series, I talked about how it was not government or the war, but the American people who brought economic recovery to our country during the forties and fifties. The American people worked in a unified effort to survive economic hardship, and to defend our liberty. I said that instead of looking for a check from the government, we loaned money to the government in the form of war bonds. In fact, during WWII, when the average American family earned a mere $2,600.00 Per Year, Americans purchased an astonishing $185.7 billion in U.S. War Bonds.

I also told you about a group of heroes, and promised to tell you what all of it has to do with economic recovery today …and so I shall. This coming May, a dwindling group of Veterans will meet in San Antonio, Texas for the last such gathering of its kind, ever. I can imagine when the convention of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor* ends on May 30, 2009, there will be soulful tears for some, as they gaze upon the deeply carved faces of cherished friends and say goodbye. Due to their advanced age, and compromised state of health, some of our heroes will indeed be parting forever, from their Comrades in Arms, the only other living souls who ever really understood what these former POW’s endured at the hands of the enemy, and their own neglectful government.

More about our heroes in a moment, but for now we must recognize that the first order of business in saving our country is to slow or stop the Obama Crime Syndicate, if we can. The enemy now is within the gates and must be deposed in effect or in fact, before it is too late. In everything they do, from pillaging our national treasury, to stifling our freedom, they must be stopped. They must not be allowed to turn terrorists from Guantanamo Bay loose onto our streets, giving them taxpayer-funded stipends, as recently suggested, and they must be stopped from all further collusion with the enemy.

That is a tall order now that the, communist regime in all but name, is seated, but we should not despair. America is far from defeated. We are a determined people, and while the OCS has been busy destroying our economy and our liberty through liberal and socialist policies, millions of Americans have been noisily collaborating while quietly and instinctively preparing. We have set aside cash, supplies, liquid assets, and have purchased weapons and ammunition at record rates. Most Americans understand that self-sufficiency is the key to survival, not FEMA, or a government check.

We must continue sharing information, and mounting pressure through public forums and protests such as Tea Parties, and We Surround Them gatherings, but there is more we can do right now to counter the sellout of American jobs and American liberty. We must take care to turn our words into tangible force and not fall into mere hyperbole.

Things have already not gone as expected by Obama, and as the OCS becomes more desperate, the pressure on Obama, as its figurehead, will cause him to make more mistakes, further exposing his ineptitude and enraging the American people at the same time. We do not have to vanquish the march to communism at once, but we only need to exert enough force to favorably shift the odds in favor of our Constitutional Society, and against the Obama agenda.

To stop jobs from being exported, we must quit contributing to the Trade Deficit by resisting purchases of foreign products. We need to quit supporting corrupt labor unions by not purchasing new products made with union labor. Unions exist to extort remuneration for a small class of people beyond their worth. Before Obama, there was nothing as Un-American, or more destructive to our countries economy than labor unions.

There is room for but one union in America …and that is our union of fifty States and includes all the people. Unions are merely Labor Crime Syndicates, and they all must go. Business opportunity must be allowed to naturally return to individuals, and to small business America, instead of being leveraged to advantage of corporations and unions and the unethical criminals who gravitate to them.

We must all resolve, in great enough numbers to matter, that we will not support Obama, or the world corporations and socialist policies into which the OCS is pouring our money. Corporations become so corrupt because they are immortal, but they are granted immortality in America, only by the will of the American people. We do not benefit by keeping decrepit corporations alive beyond their natural and useful lifespan.

We do not need government and corporations copulating, and producing economically deformed offspring that cannot be made whole at any cost. And, we must not be lured into sympathy for these bastard corporations and those who have chosen to work for, or invest in them, or their so-called innocent branches of enterprise. The corporations on whole were corrupt and poorly run entities, now the equally corrupt OCS is interfering where it has no right, and so the two are eating each other. Neither deserves the slightest leniency and both are overdue for radical correction, or elimination.

We do not need wealth to be redistributed in America, from the pockets of the working class, into the coffers of multinational corporations, bankers, insurance companies, and unions. What we need, is to let these inbred giants fall naturally from their own weight, so that perhaps twelve smaller, more efficient and viable enterprises can rise in the new clearing. Let the decomposing assets of those failed companies produce fertilizer to naturally nourish rising saplings. Leave those saplings then, to grow where they could not grow before, under the stifling shade of ancient, corrupt, and aging giants like AIG.

What I have said so far, adds up to the present spending spree, led by a very inept Obama, being ALL WRONG. Obama asked for an alternative plan from Republicans, and since I am a Republican, I am happy to oblige, and here are my suggestions:

Our economy recovered during WWII, not because of any Keynesian Effect in FDR’s New Deal spending, or war spending, but because of the resourcefulness of our people, our substantial natural resources, and because we all pulled together, spurred on by patriotic fervor. We have the potential for all of those things today.

  1. Open up maximum access to all of our natural resources for immediate development, providing tax incentives for new production of domestic oil, copper, and forest products, and even keep alternative fuels in the mix.
  2. Stop bailing out of any failing business, but instead, offer tax incentive to viable companies that buy up assets of failing companies. That’s what the Federal Bankruptcy Act is for …no new legislation needed …just stop spending our money damn-it!!!
  3. Put the National Guard on the Mexican border, and beef up ICE assets to stop all ILLEGAL immigration, drop all minimum wage laws, outlaw union contracts, and let the supply and demand of the free market determine the value of labor, products and profitability.
  4. Encourage all State Governors and Legislatures to enter into an agreement to place a moratorium on all new taxes, and roll all energy, business, and excise taxes back to 2000 levels to prevent the exodus of jobs or citizens from any state, and particularly from socialist states like California.
  5.  ….Other than tax incentives, this removes all stimulus spending from the equation. The only other thing that government can rightly do from this point, is to encourage patriotic fervor among American citizens, and this is where our war heroes come into the picture. It is not likely we can deter our government from repeating the errors of Keynesian Economics, but maybe we can divert the squandered dollars to a good cause that every American can get behind….: 

  6. Produce and sell, not “War Bonds,” but “Warrior Bonds.” These would be equivalent to WWII era War Bonds, but will fund just treatment of veterans rather than funding a world war.
  7. Immediately tender a public apology to all of our ignored and dishonored Warriors from WWII, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. Tender immediate reparations to the Bataan and Corregidor Veterans or their heirs in compensation for past U.S. blocking of successful legal recourse with Japan.
  8. Immediately issue significant pay increases to all active duty Military personnel, and initiate a benefits package including private school vouchers for all children of active duty Military and Veterans, assistance for housing, family travel, food assistance (cash NOT welfare stamps or debit cards), and anything else we can do to make the lives of our soldiers and their families better.
  9. Immediately expand Veteran’s medical and rehabilitation services, including more and better hospitals, insuring availability of the very best and newest care in relation to war injuries, even when it may not yet be available widely enough to be commercially viable.
  10. Immediately upgrade body armor and other equipment needed to provide the best balance achievable of protection and comfort for our kids out there catching bullets lobbed by Obama’s Muslim pals.
  11.  And finally, fix Social Security including, issuing an immediate pay increase for all on Social Security, presently at or above the age of sixty-five, start restoring the funds raided from Social Security to fund welfare programs, allow private investment of FICA withholdings with tax incentives for above minimum deposits.

If we as Americans cannot work as we did during WWII, but this time to honor, and to improve the quality of life for our Military people, and for our aged, we do not deserve the freedom we enjoy. We can let Obama divide us with class and race envy, and destroy us with socialism, or we can tell him and his criminal, communist, and Muslim pals to go to hell, and we can get to work saving America.

These are just my ideas, but regardless what develops, there is change coming, and I don’t think it is what Obama had in mind. God Bless America!

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* Beginning in 2010, annual conventions will be held by the Descendants Group. Please consider joining or supporting this new group of advocates, and try to attend the convention if you can. Please visit the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor website, and let these great Americans know what you think of them.


5 thoughts on “NO MAMA, NO PAPA, NO UNCLE SAM Economics (4 of 4)

  1. marianr

    I agree Neo, the people are the only ones that can change what is going on in this economy and with our government. When I have been in debt with a credit card, the way to get it out of debt was not to spend and run the debt up higher. How dumb does Obama think we are? Well there are some who are that dumb I admit looking at our congress and senate that would vote for all this garbage. Did none of them ever take econ 101? If they did, they didn’t pass it….

  2. RutRoh

    I am in the do not spend mode and my retirement is not growing it has diminished. Since I am retired and it creates my income, the option to get out and buy gold is not there for me to protect it. I am becoming extremely radicalized, and I guess that it is self defeating and feeding into the propaganda of the left. It is hard not to though, which leaves you with but one route to take.

  3. neo Post author

    I think “Do not spend” is a pretty good mode right now. Do what you have to do based only on what you see as best Rut. They want to couch us into, or from, certain speech and behavior with their rhetoric. They call us radical whether we are radical or not, so we may as well do as we damn well please! We have to base the things we say and do upon our own goals and be blind to the DC communists and their hyperbolic lapdog MSM. Even FOX is only a little bit better than the rest with ultra liberal like Shepard Smith sneering when he has to report something conservative and almost gigling with glee when things are going well for Obama, et al.

  4. rose

    The buy what you can afford mode is a good is based on the ideals our immigrant forefathers instilled in this country. If you do not have the money,,you really do not need it.
    The path to wealth is business,,,only business hires ,it provides jobs and it grow the economy.Small business is the backbone of our very existance,,and what has made us a strong ,great country. Tighten your belts and ride out this thunder storm of oppression . For every action of o’s,,,there will be a reaction,guaranteed! We are the ancestors of those that made this country strong and great….It will never crumbel without a fight,withour our voices being heard in numbers. Unity against tryanny.

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