The year I turned 16, my older brother hired me to work on his harvester crew. Not yet at their zenith, Salyer Land Co. farmed a little more than 50,000 acres at the time. They operated seven International Harvester brand combines, and fourteen John Deere combines just to keep up with their own in-house harvesting needs. My brother was a foreman over one of the company’s three crews of seven combines.

The Salyer farming enterprise was started by a notorious old cob, Clarence “Cockeye” Salyer. By the time I went to work for them, it was called Salyer Land Co., and was owned by Cockeye’s two sons, C. Everette, and Fred Salyer, and I believe a sister whom I never met. Everette was President of the company, and Fred ran field operations. Fred and Everette were industrious perfectionists, so everything about Slayer Land Co. was the epitome of farming excellence.

Their land was immaculate. The ground was level, clear of weeds, well drained, fertilized, cultivated, and drained to precise scientific standards. Their equipment was maintained to the same high standards as their farmland. They had a private airport and a massive machine shop that was the envy of many a large equipment manufacturer. A fleet of low-bed semi trucks, massive crane trucks, and large service trucks populated local roads moving large and small equipment from field to field, and insuring every fuel tank, bearing, zerk, tire and door hinge were serviced, topped off, and/or in constant good repair.

One day, I found myself alone in a Salyer field on the west side of the Tulare lakebed near Kettleman City. As memory serves, I was knocking down borders in a field we were about to move into with our harvester crew. When lunchtime rolled around, I wheeled into a service area, which was nothing more than a hundred yard square piece of graded dirt adjacent to the grain field I was working in. There are no trees in that part of the country, but an anhydrous ammonia semi trailer was parked in the service area and promised a little shade from the hot desert sun of the western San Joaquin Valley.

Like all of Salyer’s equipment, the trailer, which was really just a giant pressurized tank with wheels and fenders attached, was in perfect condition, including an immaculate coat of bright white paint, which made the shade it provided seem cooler than it really was. I settled in on the shady side of the trailer and leaned against the trailer’s large semi-truck tire, grateful for the shade during the fifteen minutes I would take to devour my sack lunch, and an almost cool can of Coca-Cola.

Promptly digging into my brown paper sack for the sandwich my Mom had packed for me, I bit into the white bread, and my taste buds began to contemplate the pleasure of sliced ham and mayonnaise. The pleasure was short lived, as my world suddenly exploded into abject chaos! The first thing that hit me was the ear shattering sound that was something like the squall of a fighter jet when the afterburners kick in. I probably would have remained several seconds in motionless shock, not knowing what to do if the tire I was leaning against had not begun to vibrate and bounce off the ground.

I don’t remember what happened to my sandwich, or whatever else was in my brown paper lunch sack that day, but all was likely crushed in the flurry of flailing limbs that ensued as I scrambled to take flight as fast as my feet would carry me, from what I imagined to be an exploding ammonia tank. After gaining some distance while looking over my shoulder, the white plume jetting over 100 feet into the air stopped as quickly as it had started and all signs of the bright white vapor were gone within seconds, having dissipated into the atmosphere.

The tank had never been in danger exploding, but the pressure relief valve on top had released excess pressure resulting from the hot sun heating the contents of the over-full tank of liquid ammonia. By now, you must be wondering what blow off from a tank of anhydrous ammonia has to do with anything.

…Well my friends, I may not be popular for saying this, but I believe more than ever after today, that Fox News is not our friend. Even though we often think of it as the lone conservative voice in our national mainstream media, things are not that simple. And Fox News is not entirely what it presents itself to be.

Fox news is an organ of the same betrayal media that has stolen our free Republic from us, and more importantly, now threatens to enslave America’s posterity for many generations to come. If we do not stop this march to communism NOW, our children and grandchildren will never enjoy the liberty established by the Founding Fathers, the liberty we have enjoyed all of our lives …the liberty of Our America!

I’m sure that Glenn Beck and Shaun Hannity are sincere in what they do, but they too have merely been sucked in as pawns. Fox News is nothing but a pressure relief valve like the one on top of that anhydrous ammonia tank that I encountered as a young farm hand. Fox’s mission is to keep a country, choking on progressive socialism, from exploding. Fox makes us feel warm and fuzzy, as if we are getting somewhere, as if we have a friend on our side — we do not.

Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, Greta Van Susteren, and others coyly mitigate any advantage gained in the hand full of Fox conservatives. If you doubt my words, consider Megyn’s gleeful reporting of Obama’s gains during the election, or Greta’s hit pieces on Palin disguised as friendly visits, but in reality used extensively by the opposition to paint Palin as an unqualified cheerleader from Alaska. Where were the fair and balanced hours scouring Biden’s hometown, and interviewing his sophisticated enemies on one hand, and his unsophisticated friends in contrast?

Shepard Smith’s reading of letters this morning, from viewers opposing Obama, and then comparing them, and all of us who think Obama is a socialist in the same ilk as the white supremist who went on a rampage at the Holocaust Museum in Washington today was unconscionable. Shepard Smith did not perform his Keith Olbermann impersonation without the network’s approval. Obama is the worst enemy Jews, as a people have faced since Hitler. Yet Fox News has maligned the greater part of their audience as being in league with white supremists.

My fellow Americans, please do not be appeased by this pressure relief valve. This is what they want. They want our anger diffused and for us to feel cowed down by the Fox News wolves in sheep’s clothing. We cannot fall for it. Until we start relying on our own God given wisdom, and take charge again of our own self-governance, we will not win back a thing.

We must mobilize to clean out all of Washington, get rid of all of Congress and the Senate, and put a patriotic Natural Born American in the white house, and then we can begin the long march to recovery. Until we do that, we are only marching ever closer to Soviet style communism, complete with cronyism and appointed, not elected influence. Under the Obama dictatorship, we can expect an ever-growing lower class, and a narrowing scope of ruling elite.

Obama is not an American in my view. He is a foreign-born imposter, and having taken the oath of office, is a traitor to that to which he has sworn allegiance. The mainstream media aid and abet the OCS assault upon our liberty, Fox included, not withstanding what little relief we get from the pop-off effect it serves.

I hope I’m wrong about Fox News, but I don’t think so. Tell me what you think.

3 thoughts on “ANHYDROUS AMMONIA

  1. marianr

    Neo, to some extent you may be right, but I think there are still a few on Fox news that are truly Patriotic and are for the recovery of America. Shepard Smith is not one of them. I have viewed him as left wing for quite some time. Since I have not been near a computer much or had the opportunity to watch the news in three weeks, I can’t make a total judgement about all of Fox. I sure hope they are on our side, as we need some media outlet to get out the word.

  2. neo Post author

    I think we are in agreement Marian. There are several good personalities on Fox, and they are indeed all that we have. In my analogy, the farmer doesn’t want his ammonia blown off into the atmosphere, but it is better than the alternative, which would be a ruptured tank. So he installs a relief valve to blow off at a preset pressure point.

    If there were no conservative voice at all, the country, politically speaking, would be the same… we would quickly exceed our pressure point of tolerance and explode in righteous indignation. So we are spoon fed a small amount of conservative programing, to make us feel appeased, and lower the pressure of mounting frustration.

    The point is that, while our few conservative voices are good, the Fox network is not on our side. They only allow a small amount of conservative views to be represented because the alternative would be worse. So, Fox people good (some of them), Fox network bad (most of them)! The burden then falls to us to be watchful and decide for ourselves which is which, giving no free passes just because of the Fox brand.

    Good to see you Marian! 🙂 Are you still in CA? you are sorely missed here!

  3. Jenn

    I like your analogy of this story and it is so true too! Great post Neo!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Great! You have a playlist up and going. Yes, yes, yes, I do want to put mine on here. 🙂 Thanks Neo! I will have to catch up with you on here and get mine on here.

    Thanks again!
    Jenn 🙂

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