Pitchforks and Wings

angelMost metropolitan areas across the country employ a full force of full time painters. These painters are deployed everyday, not to paint bridges in order to deter rust formation, or to paint the houses of the poor for beautification purposes, but to paint over the graffiti that accumulates overnight. Street gangs set out in force, spray cans in hand, to mark their territory. They paint everything in sight, never giving a thought to the damage they are doing to public, and private property alike.

When whole neighborhoods are claimed and marked with such graffiti, the growth and prosperity of said neighborhoods comes to a screeching halt. Property values decline, and these neighborhoods quickly become slums. In a futile effort to slow down this decline, the graffiti gets painted over, only providing the spray can bandits with a clean canvas. Every night the gangs mark their turf, and every day the city workers cover it up. As long as the gangs continue to flourish, the problem can only grow. Trying to cover the ugly with a quick whitewash does nothing to prevent it’s return, or to return the neighborhoods to their former glory.

This daily layering of paint is a classic example of the struggle between good and evil. In the example given above, evil is the clear victor. Evil has a motive, a set goal, and momentum. Evil always has the upper hand when generating the resources to pursue said goal, and can always stay one step ahead of good by using deception to recruit a never ending supply of evil doers.

Good, on the other hand, has a tough row to hoe, because being on the side of good requires real effort. It requires it’s participants to follow rules. Rules set forth by a power greater than themselves, and rules that are often impossible to adhere to by any mortal being. It is hard to live a life which is based on the pursuit of perfection. Those who choose to live the “good” life understand the rules, and they know that perfection is an impossibility. They also know that the alternative is a slap in the face of their creator. Climbing a hill without a summit is a tiresome undertaking, but the individual has to decide whether or not to gamble with the terms of their own eternal fate.

devilOur current political atmosphere is another example of this never ending struggle. Good and evil is represented by different segments of our society, and one only needs to take a quick glance to see the lines which are being drawn in the sand. Pitchforks and Angel’s wings are everywhere, and in an almost militant fashion, they are manning their battle stations.

Our two party system has split our country right down the middle, each adopting the vision of either the little red man with horns, or the bearded one who resides in the heavens. Most do not like to highlight our current political landscape in such a fashion. They prefer to hold on to the belief that all men are basically good, and evil is only a rare occurrence. Once again, to truly be on the side of good, one has to be a bit of a realist, or they could find themselves swallowed up by the blanket of deception being spread by the little red people with the horns.

The liberal left has adopted Satan as their new mascot, leaving the ever so appropriate jackass behind. They like to cast stones at the right for being Christians, somehow thinking that it is a devastating blow to the conservative cause. Even some so-called conservative Republicans try to distance themselves from the notion of being a representative of God, or anything of a spiritual matter. For some unknown reason, everyone who decides to ride the fence too long always finds themselves falling off to the left. With charred flesh and dead will, they become just another lost soul on the dependency roll of the unholy left.

Not wanting to acknowledge the existence of God, or any power greater than man, the liberal left has decided to elevate man to that level. They have openly declared that man can create all, and destroy all. They have also made the declaration that man can avoid all devastation by regulating our behavior. The atheist masses that make up the progressive movement has decided that God does not exist, because with a little deception, and a quick wave of their political wand, they can dictate the relevance of man, as well as Earth. We as people are not to worship a spiritual creator, but instead, worship mortal beings, and the Earth itself.

Using my first example, good and evil has made a role reversal so to speak. In the example given in my first paragraph, evil was the gang members marking their turf, and good was the city workers covering up the ugly. In the real world, good is making it’s presence known by spreading the message wide and far, and evil is trying to whitewash that message. The struggle continues.

The left wants to deem all that is evil to mankind as being normal, and paint dissenters of these notions as being the freaks in the equation. The only roadblock to a world of lustful, perverted, selfish indulgence is God. The only way to remove this roadblock is to convince others that God does not exist, thus relieving them of their own conscience. The same conscience that was given to them by God to serve as a spiritual guide in guaranteeing their eternal salvation. We have to remember, eternal salvation and the pursuit of a Godly lifestyle takes effort. That pursuit does not allow any room for selfish indulgence at the expense of all of mankind.

Regardless of what anyone wants to admit to, it is my belief that politics is as simple as God vs. Satan. Choose a side, and let’s see who prevails in the end, but remember, we are only mortal men. We do not possess the power to prevail on our own. Faith trumps deception.



4 thoughts on “Pitchforks and Wings

  1. raggedyann

    I learned a long time ago that when you turn your life over to Christ it makes Satan very angry for losing your soul and he will try to destroy that trust in God. You cannot let him win. So you have to battle him back with Gods word. Satan has no need to torment the unrighteous and evil people. because he knows he already has them in his fold. Therefore there will be a battle between Good and Evil to the end of time and people who become strong in Gods word and promises will over come. We have to live in an evil world but we do not have to be part of it!

    1. otracker Post author

      Very well put. Thank you. I have fallen way short in my duties as a Christian because of the pull from the side of Satan, but I always try to fight back. My faith in God is the root to all that is good in my life, and it is strikingly clear where the dark spots in my life found their origin. The choice is simple, one very temporary life of debauchery, or eternal life. I’ll go with door #2.

  2. neo

    A very good article Randy! Thank you, and I agree with you completely. I would even go so far as to say, Progressives are loath to admit that their cult, traces its beginnings in America to Christianity (Oh my)!

    Woodrow Wilson, himself the son of a Presbyterian minister, said, “There is a mighty task before us, and it welds us together. It is to make the United States a mighty Christian Nation, and to Christianize the world.” In his book, Liberal Fascism, Jonah Goldberg argues that American liberalism is a totalitarian political religion. I tend to agree with Goldberg considering the apparent need to reject all-things-God, seen in the hedonists who are the most outspoken progressives today. It even has the distinctive flavor similar of various other fanatical religions, only it is a religion of Anti-God.

    The problem for those subscribing to the “Progressive” variety of totalitarian cult is that it naturally attracts those who want to eat their boogers in public and be protected, accepted, and even praised and loved for doing it. Modern Progressives can’t just choose to be atheists… they have to cleanse themselves by obliterating any association with God or Christian progressives of the Wilson ilk, who for example, enacted federal drug prohibition and would have never found acceptable, men who want to marry and have sex with other men.

    1. otracker Post author

      What the booger eaters don’t realize is, God loves them too, and is willing to forgive them of their sins regardless of how disgusting they may be. The reservation is held all the way to the end, but when the man-boy freaks expel their last breath, their reservation is bumped.

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