Declare War On the Problem, Don’t Ignore It!

Usually when I decide to write a new article, I start with a mental outline, eventually trying to turn it into a comprehensible read, but this time I am almost operating with no clear, or defined mission. I am going to try to tackle multiple issues, while trying to tie them together at the same time.

My current motivation stems from the recent immigration legislation in Arizona, talk of using the National Guard to fight street violence in Chicago, and Obama’s willingness to call for minority support in the upcoming November elections. All different issues, yet they all share a common denominator. Race. The all to frequent battle cry of the Obama administration, and the Democratic Party in general. Race seems to seep from every pore, of every person of color in this country, and that is totally by design. The real issues are being whitewashed, while the race cards are sailing relentlessly.

Let’s keep this as simple as possible shall we. Take a roll of tape, and stick it to the floor, dividing the room in half. Now tell a friend to stand on one side of the line, and you stand on the other. Call the tape line on the floor, simply the “law.” Now, put a copy of the Constitution on the wall, telling your friend that the Constitution is the law of the land on your side of the room. The law of the land on their side is corruption, lawlessness, and despair. Tell them if they want to enjoy what your side of the room has to offer them, they have to complete certain steps, thus allowing them to cross the line. If they cross the line without completing those steps, they have broken the law, rendering them exempt of any, and all civil rights outlined in your constitution.

Taking that first illegal step across our border is the issue, not violating the civil rights of those not entitled to such rights in the first place. The other side of that coin is the demonetization of anyone who refuses to ignore the illegal act in favor of branding themselves as a racist, Jim Crow fan. Even the illegal alien would agree that you have no right to live if you climb through a window of their home in the middle of the night. You would get your head blown off, and the argument would be that you broke the law when you entered their private space, giving them the right to relieve you of the most precious civil right of all. The right to live.

As Americans, our private space is not limited to the confines of our four walls, but rather the confines of our borders, north, south, east and west. Those who trespass, are not entitled to the rights we enjoy as citizens of this country. Even our natural born citizens lose their civil rights when they are in custody for a crime, on probation or parole, or convicted of a felony. Some of these rights can be restored, but many are lost forever. The defining event is the commission of the crime. In the case of the illegal alien, the crime was their first action upon entering this country, any rights that person may, or may not have, is irrelevant. That initial decision to be a criminal, erases any argument for rights after the fact.

Moving several hundred miles north, we find ourselves in the sewer known as Chicago. The community Obama brags about organizing. He has done such a wonderful job of serving “his people”, that some are calling for the National Guard to step in and restore the peace. The argument? It’s targeting a certain segment of society, ( blacks) and it goes beyond the duties of the National Guard. Once again, the focus is being diverted from the main issue, and the solution is being buried in a mountain of race cards.

The issue is, people are being terrorized by minority street gangs, both black and Latino. People are being shot and killed, robbed, and even law enforcement has become targets of the gang violence. The unnecessary deaths, the millions of dollars in dirty money, and the rights of the innocent victims living in Chicago, are being ignored in favor of demonizing those who wish to give all citizens the right to live without the fear of being killed in their own neighborhood.

We have to remember that these people doing the killing are not really criminals and domestic terrorists, they are victims of the very society who is now wanting to shut down their lucrative drug empires. In America, it’s easy to cast a negative light on the drug cartels in Mexico, and the poppy trade in Afghanistan, but almost impossible to cast a negative light on our own, equally guilty and dangerous, home-grown, head-chopper-offers of color. 

This problem is not unique to Chicago, but has proven to be a cancer in every city in the United States. The reason this problem has been allowed to grow to epidemic proportions, is because it has become all but impossible to strip the guilty parties of their victim labels.

Affirmative Action put the world in the palm of their hands, but even that was not enough to satisfy them. College degrees for the illiterate, and executive positions for the lazy, still required too much effort for this bunch. Pulling the trigger, and counting blood money is easy, requiring no effort whatsoever. An easy task made easier, by the guilt placed on the backs of the working Americans who are picking up the slack. Those same working Americans have learned to do as they are told. That message being, “sit down and shut up! You owe these people everything you have, so give it up and get out of the way.” The result, a runaway freight train, and the relentless destruction of a perfectly good country, all with the approval of our current President.

The solution is to declare war on ourselves. After all, that is who we are at war with the most. Our greatest enemies, and the greatest threats to our Constitution reside within our own borders. A formal declaration of war against everyone who ignores, is ignorant of, or is trying to diminish our Constitution, is in order. Not only is it in order, but it is the only way to use every available resource available to us to win. History tells us, if  our Government fails to restore this country to it’s original glory, the people will. This is not a call to violence or a call to arms, but is an example of the resolve of the American people. Especially those who appreciate the privilege to enjoy the fruits of the sacrifices made by those who came before us.

No “New Deals,” no new “Contract with America,” and no “Second Bill of Rights.” We can’t cap an erupting volcano until the pressure is relieved and resolved. Any legislative measures will only serve to multiply our unresolved problems. The main problem being, people not understanding what it takes to be a true  American, in America. That lack of understanding, and unwillingness to sacrifice, leaves us with a sacrifice deficit, and a country in need of major repair. Only through war, can we obtain a stronger, more unified America. Not a re-tooled America, but a genuine America. An America where our citizens gladly strive to be productive members of society, rather than an intentional drain on it in order to force our own transformation into a Communist, fantasy-land. Sacrifice only has value when the sacrifice is shared.

Revolution brings about a renewal in spirit, either from the old guard, or from the new. In our case, we are defeated as we stand, so Revolution can not lead to our defeat. only to our restoration. We only have two choices. Get out of the way, or fight for what is rightfully ours. Inaction equals defeat.

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