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Sweep The Evil Under The Rug

Let’s imagine for a moment that you killed someone this morning. You woke up, decided to kill, then carried out the deed. All crimes are not created equal, and very few rank as high on the shock value scale as murder. Those who take the life of another have to eventually face their maker, and hear their sentence as it is handed down from God. Our judgement is one of self-satisfaction, and cannot match the eternal damnation that is handed down in the afterlife. If we ever find ourselves sitting in a cell accused of murder, how would we react? Would we expect pity from those in our society who have not been in our position, or would we see ourselves as the vile, anti-social, rabid animal that we have become?

Crimes of varying degrees are committed every minute of every day, and those who commit these crimes all have a personal view of themselves. Some see themselves as the victim of an unfortunate situation, and they dismiss their own voluntary involvement in their crime as being accidental, or a bad judgement call. Others however realize that they have finally hit rock bottom, and instead of trying to make excuses or seek pity, they throw themselves to the wolves, gladly accepting responsibility for their actions.

We live in a world that is increasingly becoming more dangerous and corrupt. We live and work with terrorists, rapists, murderers, thieves, con men, and every other kind of criminal imaginable, and we never know they are there until they are exposed. Naturally, we are shocked to find out that our neighbor had the bodies of his family buried in his yard, but we are even more shocked when people rally to his side in his defense. Dumbfounded, we scratch our head in amazement, wondering how this persons horrific crimes can be overlooked simply because this guy was once a good kid who helped old ladies cross the street. It is enough to make you second guess his motives for ever doing anything good in his life. Did he help old ladies cross the street looking for the opportunity to push one of them into traffic, or was he still innocent of any maliciousness at that point?

The act of throwing the victims of crime under the bus, and handing the job of bus driver over to the criminal has become the norm. Pity for the real victims is held in reserve, only to be showered upon the criminal when ownership of victimization has been granted to him. The campaign to cast our criminals as human, despite their animal actions, is the new foundation of both our court system, and our political atmosphere. Ignoring the crime in favor of praising a few good deeds is not sound reasoning, and should never be the guideline for making judgements concerning defendants, or our countries leaders. When the bad outweighs the good, they are bad, and vise-versa, and any other view is as criminal as the bad deeds being swept under the rug.

When Ted Kennedy left his female friend in his car to perish and did not seek help for her, it was no different than forcefully holding her head under water until she belched her last air bubble. Apparently my view of murder is too old fashioned for our new liberal society, because this obvious crime has been overlooked in favor of his so-called great service to our country since that tragic day. That being the case, why not just let Charles Manson trade in his prison whites for Kennedy’s Senate seat, then we can praise him for his good deeds after the fact too. Forgiveness and tolerance is needed in order to keep civilized societies civil, but there are limits to everything.

Ted Kennedy, President Obama, ACORN, Micheal Jackson, OJ Simpson, and the majority of our elected leaders all share a heavy “bad” column, and they have all been spared any responsibility for their criminal actions. The liberals in our society, and in the media have handed them all free passes, and replaced their undesirable deeds with fictional tales of Boy Scout-like lifestyles. Ted Kennedy, a killer, but portrayed as a soldier for America’s “little guy.” President Obama, an illegal immigrant half-breed, dead set on transforming our country from a proud, free nation, to a Communist state, but portrayed as a uniter. A historical figure who stands head and shoulders above all who served before him. ACORN, a corrupt organization who sucks cash out of the Government like a tick sucks blood out of a dogs ass, and uses that cash to get Democrats elected through voter fraud schemes, but is covered with blanket justification, because they are portrayed as an organization who serves the poor. Serving the poor is just a front. That’s no different than Al Capone killing half of Chicago operating out of a candy store. Micheal Jackson, a worthless piece of dead flesh who molested little boys for his own sick entertainment, then buried his own guilt with drug and alcohol abuse. A junkie and a pedophile, who in the end, will be portrayed as a civil rights hero, and the greatest music personality who ever lived. OJ Simpson, a stone cold, knife packing slasher who killed two people without blinking an eye, only to be acquitted because it was deemed his conviction would represent blatant racism. Threats of civil unrest and riot set him free. Once again the killer was victorious because the victim table was flipped.

Every time a conserve points out an obvious flaw in a liberal, the liberals all immediately fire back with a good deed carried out by the accused. Does feeding cats at the animal shelter once a month erase a homicide? Does raising money for charity excuse stealing money from the Government by means of tax evasion? When are we going to go back to convicting criminals on the merit of their crime, instead of acquitting them on the grounds of fabricated perceptions of nobility? Liberalism is killing our country like a fast growing tumor, and it is time to cut that tumor out like the rotten core of an apple. Double standards are in the fight for the prize of top crime, running socond only to the crime of allowing them to exist.