Little Fish, Big Waters

Liberals continue to provide me with a vast amount of daily entertainment. No matter what the issue is on any particular day, they present an argument from both sides of the street. Double standards and short memories keep them charring their own feet in the fire that they themselves have built, and stoked for the last two years.

How many times have conservative bloggers been smacked in the face by piss dampened panties, followed by the statement, “he’s only been in office for a few short months and “YOU PEOPLE” continue to attack his every move. Give him a chance!” Sure we bashed Obama from the start, and we continue to do so. Then, just as sure as the sun rising in the morning, liberals jump on the bash Scott Brown bandwagon before the votes are even counted, followed by vows to find every skeleton wherever it might be buried. I don’t mind throwing dirt, but the liberal approach is dripping with hypocrisy. We can’t do it, but they can.

When the war protesters were out in force against the bush administration, it was free speech and practicing ones right to assemble. That’s fine, but when anyone demonstrates any dissent for the Obama administration, it’s treason and a blatant act of racism.

When the Supreme Court says it’s ok to kill babies because lazy women would rather get drunk or pursue a career than be punished with a kid, the liberals celebrate. Renaming murder with the softer expression, “freedom of choice.” When the Supreme Court decides that corporations can contribute to the preservation of the First Amendment, they go ballistic. They would much rather stay on the path to shutting up all dissenters. Liberals love power as long as they are the only ones who posses it. They can’t stand for conservatives to have a voice. There is too much of a  chance for the masses to make simple comparisons. Whenever that happens people are reminded of what America is supposed to be, and the liberal cause falls flat.

I read blog after blog, and they all give themselves a big pat on the back for presenting “the facts,” but when I follow the links, they all lead to another lame, liberal blog post, or they lead to a publication that is no more than a Communist rag of a newsletter. Anyone who has been in the blogging game for any more than a week knows that blog posts and Wiki carry zero weight. I would rather read a blog post and give it credit according to it’s content, than follow links to other blogs, just to see the intelligence level go down with each new link. I have even made a game out of reading blog titles then Googling them, just to see if the source matches my first guess. Liberals are so predictable it’s pathetic.

Liberals continually bash conservatives for being heartless, and assume the role of do-gooder for the sake of preserving human rights. In doing so, they forget that they are stepping on the rights of others. PETA thinks that killing a house fly is cruel, and that is their right, but they do not have the right to tell me that I cannot protect my family from disease by killing every fly in my immediate vicinity. Earthquakes are a tragedy, but I’m not going to quit my job, or bankrupt myself giving to the cause. If the bleeding heart liberals want to empty their bank accounts just to boost their own image, that’s fine with me, but don’t try to dictate that I do the same. I already gave to the cause, and Obama has guaranteed safe delivery of said funds. We have all been giving to the cause for years. How many Haitians did you see helping us after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake? After Katrina? 911? America is a great and generous nation, but someone has to be smart enough to turn off the water before the well runs dry.

Hollywood, like the Obama administration, refuses to let a good crises go to waste. They can’t wait to organize, mobilize, and monopolize the situation. Once again, it’s not for the victims of anything, it’s to boost their own image and ego’s. They are scared to death that some other liberal will come out smelling better than they do. Doing good does not come from their heart, it’s a competition.  This latest earthquake ordeal has been covered 24/7 from the beginning, but that is not enough for the liberal crowd. Just like every other issue that comes down the pike, this too has to be crammed down our throat. Multi-channel fundraisers demand that everyone give more money and attention to an already overexposed monetary black hole. Once again, guilt is used to demonize the less enthusiastic among us. Fox News gets slammed for not allowing George Clooney to dictate their Friday night programming. It all goes back to the “You People” need to let us control you mentality that defines what it is to be a liberal.

Scott Brown has been described by one liberal blogger as “a little fish in big waters,” but their has never been a better example of that analogy than Barack Obama. It was pointed out way in advance, and has been proven on a daily basis. Not by conservative blog posts, but by Obama himself. He is no doubt the biggest failure, and the smallest minnow to ever swim those waters, yet, liberals refuse to blame him, or themselves for anything. Instead, they continue to blame Bush, and they blame obstructionism for Obama’s inability to sell shit as chocolate cake.

The Republican party was, and still is chocked full of progressives who embrace all that is Obama. That is why Obama is where he is. Republicans lost their way and tried to govern like Democrats. What did the liberals do? they cried the blues, and begged for an even bigger, more reckless spender than Bush. Same war. Same war spending, just a bigger liar. We have broad shoulders, and we are willing to accept the failures of our party, but sheer arrogance prevents liberals from allowing themselves to admit that they were fooled by a slick talking, Affirmative Action educated, Chicago slug. That’s ok, we know the deal. They can blame conservatives for everything forever, but they cannot change what is obvious to everyone but them. They were in fact wrong.

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  1. marianr

    The more they talk the more they look like the Court Jesters!! Well; some look like
    out and out clowns… They make no sense!!
    We also have to get rid of the progressives in the Republican Party including McCain.

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