Declare War On the Problem, Don’t Ignore It!

Usually when I decide to write a new article, I start with a mental outline, eventually trying to turn it into a comprehensible read, but this time I am almost operating with no clear, or defined mission. I am going to try to tackle multiple issues, while trying to tie them together at the same time.

My current motivation stems from the recent immigration legislation in Arizona, talk of using the National Guard to fight street violence in Chicago, and Obama’s willingness to call for minority support in the upcoming November elections. All different issues, yet they all share a common denominator. Race. The all to frequent battle cry of the Obama administration, and the Democratic Party in general. Race seems to seep from every pore, of every person of color in this country, and that is totally by design. The real issues are being whitewashed, while the race cards are sailing relentlessly.

Let’s keep this as simple as possible shall we. Take a roll of tape, and stick it to the floor, dividing the room in half. Now tell a friend to stand on one side of the line, and you stand on the other. Call the tape line on the floor, simply the “law.” Now, put a copy of the Constitution on the wall, telling your friend that the Constitution is the law of the land on your side of the room. The law of the land on their side is corruption, lawlessness, and despair. Tell them if they want to enjoy what your side of the room has to offer them, they have to complete certain steps, thus allowing them to cross the line. If they cross the line without completing those steps, they have broken the law, rendering them exempt of any, and all civil rights outlined in your constitution.

Taking that first illegal step across our border is the issue, not violating the civil rights of those not entitled to such rights in the first place. The other side of that coin is the demonetization of anyone who refuses to ignore the illegal act in favor of branding themselves as a racist, Jim Crow fan. Even the illegal alien would agree that you have no right to live if you climb through a window of their home in the middle of the night. You would get your head blown off, and the argument would be that you broke the law when you entered their private space, giving them the right to relieve you of the most precious civil right of all. The right to live.

As Americans, our private space is not limited to the confines of our four walls, but rather the confines of our borders, north, south, east and west. Those who trespass, are not entitled to the rights we enjoy as citizens of this country. Even our natural born citizens lose their civil rights when they are in custody for a crime, on probation or parole, or convicted of a felony. Some of these rights can be restored, but many are lost forever. The defining event is the commission of the crime. In the case of the illegal alien, the crime was their first action upon entering this country, any rights that person may, or may not have, is irrelevant. That initial decision to be a criminal, erases any argument for rights after the fact.

Moving several hundred miles north, we find ourselves in the sewer known as Chicago. The community Obama brags about organizing. He has done such a wonderful job of serving “his people”, that some are calling for the National Guard to step in and restore the peace. The argument? It’s targeting a certain segment of society, ( blacks) and it goes beyond the duties of the National Guard. Once again, the focus is being diverted from the main issue, and the solution is being buried in a mountain of race cards.

The issue is, people are being terrorized by minority street gangs, both black and Latino. People are being shot and killed, robbed, and even law enforcement has become targets of the gang violence. The unnecessary deaths, the millions of dollars in dirty money, and the rights of the innocent victims living in Chicago, are being ignored in favor of demonizing those who wish to give all citizens the right to live without the fear of being killed in their own neighborhood.

We have to remember that these people doing the killing are not really criminals and domestic terrorists, they are victims of the very society who is now wanting to shut down their lucrative drug empires. In America, it’s easy to cast a negative light on the drug cartels in Mexico, and the poppy trade in Afghanistan, but almost impossible to cast a negative light on our own, equally guilty and dangerous, home-grown, head-chopper-offers of color. 

This problem is not unique to Chicago, but has proven to be a cancer in every city in the United States. The reason this problem has been allowed to grow to epidemic proportions, is because it has become all but impossible to strip the guilty parties of their victim labels.

Affirmative Action put the world in the palm of their hands, but even that was not enough to satisfy them. College degrees for the illiterate, and executive positions for the lazy, still required too much effort for this bunch. Pulling the trigger, and counting blood money is easy, requiring no effort whatsoever. An easy task made easier, by the guilt placed on the backs of the working Americans who are picking up the slack. Those same working Americans have learned to do as they are told. That message being, “sit down and shut up! You owe these people everything you have, so give it up and get out of the way.” The result, a runaway freight train, and the relentless destruction of a perfectly good country, all with the approval of our current President.

The solution is to declare war on ourselves. After all, that is who we are at war with the most. Our greatest enemies, and the greatest threats to our Constitution reside within our own borders. A formal declaration of war against everyone who ignores, is ignorant of, or is trying to diminish our Constitution, is in order. Not only is it in order, but it is the only way to use every available resource available to us to win. History tells us, if  our Government fails to restore this country to it’s original glory, the people will. This is not a call to violence or a call to arms, but is an example of the resolve of the American people. Especially those who appreciate the privilege to enjoy the fruits of the sacrifices made by those who came before us.

No “New Deals,” no new “Contract with America,” and no “Second Bill of Rights.” We can’t cap an erupting volcano until the pressure is relieved and resolved. Any legislative measures will only serve to multiply our unresolved problems. The main problem being, people not understanding what it takes to be a true  American, in America. That lack of understanding, and unwillingness to sacrifice, leaves us with a sacrifice deficit, and a country in need of major repair. Only through war, can we obtain a stronger, more unified America. Not a re-tooled America, but a genuine America. An America where our citizens gladly strive to be productive members of society, rather than an intentional drain on it in order to force our own transformation into a Communist, fantasy-land. Sacrifice only has value when the sacrifice is shared.

Revolution brings about a renewal in spirit, either from the old guard, or from the new. In our case, we are defeated as we stand, so Revolution can not lead to our defeat. only to our restoration. We only have two choices. Get out of the way, or fight for what is rightfully ours. Inaction equals defeat.

Poor Me Syndrome!

fatEvery once in a while I come across a little tidbit that pisses me off more than getting smacked in the face by a tree branch in winter, and guess what? I just came across such a tidbit.

I was reading comments on a blog at another site when one of my favorite liberals to hate lost his debate. Losing the debate was no surprise, because to the best of my knowledge this particular blogger has never won one. It was the tactic he used to wiggle out of his predicament that pissed me off. After leaving another blogger bored to tears with his usual liberal talking points, the blogger replied by just leaving a big “sigh.” Realizing that he had just been pegged as another dumb-ass liberal without a clue, he responded to the sigh gesture by giving a long drawn out sob story. He went on and on about how he has been directly affected by the economy, and in return he was granted with an apology. Just what he was searching for. With one comment he was able to make a conservative feel guilty enough to apologize to him, as well as diverting him away from the bullshit that made him sigh to begin with.

I am tired of the “poor me syndrome” that has spread throughout this country lately. Not only does this pity scrounging tactic exist in the blogosphere, but it dominates every corner of our society.

Here is the scoop. This crybaby told of how he had worked construction for twenty-five years, then made the transformation to real estate. He made it a point to say he had been a realtor for the last eight years. I wonder if that time frame was supposed to hold any significance? Anyway, he said he was out of work and had not had a paycheck for over a year. Interesting. This guy hasn’t worked for over a year, but he can afford Internet service. He looked like he had never skipped a meal in the photos he posted of himself, so I wonder who is feeding this sad sack.

This may upset a few people, but I will go on the record to say that anyone who says they can’t find a job after a year is either too picky, too lazy, or they are currently milking the shit out of someone else for their survival. No jobs in the hood? Move out!! Go to where the work is, don’t wait for it to come to you. You may just wait forever.

Pride and personal satisfaction does not reside in the hearts and minds of liberals. Instead, hate for others who possess what they want, but do not have the ambition to pursue, eats them alive. Instead of restoring their confidence in themselves by obtaining whatever employment is available, they bang on the computer 24/7 bitching about how unfair the world has treated them. Boo-hoo. I don’t want to hear it. McDonald’s is hiring everyday. I would rather hold my head high and tell people that I flip burgers at McDonald’s, than stare at my feet and whisper under my breath that my wife is the man in the family.

This fall after I got my crops out, I flipped burgers, worked at Wal-Mart, and worked like a slave pouring concrete. Not once did my banker refuse to deposit my checks from any of these employers. Any man worth the space that he takes up will do whatever it takes to hold onto the title of being a “man.” I would rather wipe asses at a nursing home, put out oil fires in a terrorist country, be a crash dummy for Ford, or hell, even run for public office than cry like a bitch on a blog, and tell the world how friggin lazy I am , all in the pursuit of pity.

We all have had good times, and we have all seen hard times. Only those with zero character sit on their ass for over a year looking for someone else to blame for their own shortcomings. I’m tired of feeding them, and I’m sure as hell tired of hearing them cry “poor me.” The only person in this world that owes any of us a thing is ourselves. We owe it to ourselves to die with a little dignity. We do however, owe it to the rest of the world not to waste oxygen that a productive member of society could be breathing.

Little Fish, Big Waters

Liberals continue to provide me with a vast amount of daily entertainment. No matter what the issue is on any particular day, they present an argument from both sides of the street. Double standards and short memories keep them charring their own feet in the fire that they themselves have built, and stoked for the last two years.

How many times have conservative bloggers been smacked in the face by piss dampened panties, followed by the statement, “he’s only been in office for a few short months and “YOU PEOPLE” continue to attack his every move. Give him a chance!” Sure we bashed Obama from the start, and we continue to do so. Then, just as sure as the sun rising in the morning, liberals jump on the bash Scott Brown bandwagon before the votes are even counted, followed by vows to find every skeleton wherever it might be buried. I don’t mind throwing dirt, but the liberal approach is dripping with hypocrisy. We can’t do it, but they can.

When the war protesters were out in force against the bush administration, it was free speech and practicing ones right to assemble. That’s fine, but when anyone demonstrates any dissent for the Obama administration, it’s treason and a blatant act of racism.

When the Supreme Court says it’s ok to kill babies because lazy women would rather get drunk or pursue a career than be punished with a kid, the liberals celebrate. Renaming murder with the softer expression, “freedom of choice.” When the Supreme Court decides that corporations can contribute to the preservation of the First Amendment, they go ballistic. They would much rather stay on the path to shutting up all dissenters. Liberals love power as long as they are the only ones who posses it. They can’t stand for conservatives to have a voice. There is too much of a  chance for the masses to make simple comparisons. Whenever that happens people are reminded of what America is supposed to be, and the liberal cause falls flat.

I read blog after blog, and they all give themselves a big pat on the back for presenting “the facts,” but when I follow the links, they all lead to another lame, liberal blog post, or they lead to a publication that is no more than a Communist rag of a newsletter. Anyone who has been in the blogging game for any more than a week knows that blog posts and Wiki carry zero weight. I would rather read a blog post and give it credit according to it’s content, than follow links to other blogs, just to see the intelligence level go down with each new link. I have even made a game out of reading blog titles then Googling them, just to see if the source matches my first guess. Liberals are so predictable it’s pathetic.

Liberals continually bash conservatives for being heartless, and assume the role of do-gooder for the sake of preserving human rights. In doing so, they forget that they are stepping on the rights of others. PETA thinks that killing a house fly is cruel, and that is their right, but they do not have the right to tell me that I cannot protect my family from disease by killing every fly in my immediate vicinity. Earthquakes are a tragedy, but I’m not going to quit my job, or bankrupt myself giving to the cause. If the bleeding heart liberals want to empty their bank accounts just to boost their own image, that’s fine with me, but don’t try to dictate that I do the same. I already gave to the cause, and Obama has guaranteed safe delivery of said funds. We have all been giving to the cause for years. How many Haitians did you see helping us after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake? After Katrina? 911? America is a great and generous nation, but someone has to be smart enough to turn off the water before the well runs dry.

Hollywood, like the Obama administration, refuses to let a good crises go to waste. They can’t wait to organize, mobilize, and monopolize the situation. Once again, it’s not for the victims of anything, it’s to boost their own image and ego’s. They are scared to death that some other liberal will come out smelling better than they do. Doing good does not come from their heart, it’s a competition.  This latest earthquake ordeal has been covered 24/7 from the beginning, but that is not enough for the liberal crowd. Just like every other issue that comes down the pike, this too has to be crammed down our throat. Multi-channel fundraisers demand that everyone give more money and attention to an already overexposed monetary black hole. Once again, guilt is used to demonize the less enthusiastic among us. Fox News gets slammed for not allowing George Clooney to dictate their Friday night programming. It all goes back to the “You People” need to let us control you mentality that defines what it is to be a liberal.

Scott Brown has been described by one liberal blogger as “a little fish in big waters,” but their has never been a better example of that analogy than Barack Obama. It was pointed out way in advance, and has been proven on a daily basis. Not by conservative blog posts, but by Obama himself. He is no doubt the biggest failure, and the smallest minnow to ever swim those waters, yet, liberals refuse to blame him, or themselves for anything. Instead, they continue to blame Bush, and they blame obstructionism for Obama’s inability to sell shit as chocolate cake.

The Republican party was, and still is chocked full of progressives who embrace all that is Obama. That is why Obama is where he is. Republicans lost their way and tried to govern like Democrats. What did the liberals do? they cried the blues, and begged for an even bigger, more reckless spender than Bush. Same war. Same war spending, just a bigger liar. We have broad shoulders, and we are willing to accept the failures of our party, but sheer arrogance prevents liberals from allowing themselves to admit that they were fooled by a slick talking, Affirmative Action educated, Chicago slug. That’s ok, we know the deal. They can blame conservatives for everything forever, but they cannot change what is obvious to everyone but them. They were in fact wrong.

Pitchforks and Wings

angelMost metropolitan areas across the country employ a full force of full time painters. These painters are deployed everyday, not to paint bridges in order to deter rust formation, or to paint the houses of the poor for beautification purposes, but to paint over the graffiti that accumulates overnight. Street gangs set out in force, spray cans in hand, to mark their territory. They paint everything in sight, never giving a thought to the damage they are doing to public, and private property alike.

When whole neighborhoods are claimed and marked with such graffiti, the growth and prosperity of said neighborhoods comes to a screeching halt. Property values decline, and these neighborhoods quickly become slums. In a futile effort to slow down this decline, the graffiti gets painted over, only providing the spray can bandits with a clean canvas. Every night the gangs mark their turf, and every day the city workers cover it up. As long as the gangs continue to flourish, the problem can only grow. Trying to cover the ugly with a quick whitewash does nothing to prevent it’s return, or to return the neighborhoods to their former glory.

This daily layering of paint is a classic example of the struggle between good and evil. In the example given above, evil is the clear victor. Evil has a motive, a set goal, and momentum. Evil always has the upper hand when generating the resources to pursue said goal, and can always stay one step ahead of good by using deception to recruit a never ending supply of evil doers.

Good, on the other hand, has a tough row to hoe, because being on the side of good requires real effort. It requires it’s participants to follow rules. Rules set forth by a power greater than themselves, and rules that are often impossible to adhere to by any mortal being. It is hard to live a life which is based on the pursuit of perfection. Those who choose to live the “good” life understand the rules, and they know that perfection is an impossibility. They also know that the alternative is a slap in the face of their creator. Climbing a hill without a summit is a tiresome undertaking, but the individual has to decide whether or not to gamble with the terms of their own eternal fate.

devilOur current political atmosphere is another example of this never ending struggle. Good and evil is represented by different segments of our society, and one only needs to take a quick glance to see the lines which are being drawn in the sand. Pitchforks and Angel’s wings are everywhere, and in an almost militant fashion, they are manning their battle stations.

Our two party system has split our country right down the middle, each adopting the vision of either the little red man with horns, or the bearded one who resides in the heavens. Most do not like to highlight our current political landscape in such a fashion. They prefer to hold on to the belief that all men are basically good, and evil is only a rare occurrence. Once again, to truly be on the side of good, one has to be a bit of a realist, or they could find themselves swallowed up by the blanket of deception being spread by the little red people with the horns.

The liberal left has adopted Satan as their new mascot, leaving the ever so appropriate jackass behind. They like to cast stones at the right for being Christians, somehow thinking that it is a devastating blow to the conservative cause. Even some so-called conservative Republicans try to distance themselves from the notion of being a representative of God, or anything of a spiritual matter. For some unknown reason, everyone who decides to ride the fence too long always finds themselves falling off to the left. With charred flesh and dead will, they become just another lost soul on the dependency roll of the unholy left.

Not wanting to acknowledge the existence of God, or any power greater than man, the liberal left has decided to elevate man to that level. They have openly declared that man can create all, and destroy all. They have also made the declaration that man can avoid all devastation by regulating our behavior. The atheist masses that make up the progressive movement has decided that God does not exist, because with a little deception, and a quick wave of their political wand, they can dictate the relevance of man, as well as Earth. We as people are not to worship a spiritual creator, but instead, worship mortal beings, and the Earth itself.

Using my first example, good and evil has made a role reversal so to speak. In the example given in my first paragraph, evil was the gang members marking their turf, and good was the city workers covering up the ugly. In the real world, good is making it’s presence known by spreading the message wide and far, and evil is trying to whitewash that message. The struggle continues.

The left wants to deem all that is evil to mankind as being normal, and paint dissenters of these notions as being the freaks in the equation. The only roadblock to a world of lustful, perverted, selfish indulgence is God. The only way to remove this roadblock is to convince others that God does not exist, thus relieving them of their own conscience. The same conscience that was given to them by God to serve as a spiritual guide in guaranteeing their eternal salvation. We have to remember, eternal salvation and the pursuit of a Godly lifestyle takes effort. That pursuit does not allow any room for selfish indulgence at the expense of all of mankind.

Regardless of what anyone wants to admit to, it is my belief that politics is as simple as God vs. Satan. Choose a side, and let’s see who prevails in the end, but remember, we are only mortal men. We do not possess the power to prevail on our own. Faith trumps deception.



Back In The Saddle

After a month of frustration, I’m back online. A sneaky little virus snuck into my system and completely crashed my computer. Being the computer illiterate that I am, I was at the mercy of those who actually possess real computer knowledge to get me up and running again. The problem with that is, they did not care if I was able to get online or not. They don’t hate me or anything, they just didn’t put my computer activity at the top of their to-do lists.

I was going to get a brand new computer and start from scratch, but in order to get it free I had to wait for someone else to format it for me. I was tired of waiting, so I decided to tackle my computer woes on my own. After all, my computer was already useless to me, so I figured I couldn’t do any more damage to it than had already been inflicted.

To make a long story short, I uninstalled everything on it, and re-installed everything from the original software that came with the computer. No big deal for most, but a major accomplishment for someone like me. It wasn’t that long ago that I learned how to email and copy and paste. No need to pat me on the back or anything, because I have already done it myself. Yes indeed, I am quite proud of myself.

I have been out of the loop for quite a while now, so it will take me a few days to catch up on everything. Television alone leaves one feeling uninformed, and incapable of jumping back into the debate. I will make my rounds, catch up on my reading, get back into typing shape, and then climb back into the blogging saddle. It feels good to once again be a participant, instead of a mutant TV zombie.

100% = 0%

unemployment-lineHow can Obama boast about being responsible for 0% unemployment for the first time in this countries history? Simple. All he has to do is ram through the health care bill, the cap and tax bill, and throw in a couple more stimulus plans, and POOF!!! Every person in this country will be out of work. When three hundred million Americans burn up all of the available unemployment benefits, and there are no more new unemployed people to sign up for it, the numbers will indicate 0% unemployment. Finally, success.

There you have it. When 100% of American workers are unemployed, we will be sitting at 0% unemployment. That will make for a wonderful, inspiring campaign speech for Obama in 2012. Definitely an accomplishment unmatched by an President before him. Way to go Prez!

“The Good War”

51306863In a political campaign season, we have all become accustomed to hearing the candidates make empty promises, especially when pretending to be strong on national defense issues, but I’m afraid that Obama has crossed the line of sanity. Politically, as well as morally. Personally, I would expect no less from the man, but I keep hoping he will let me down in that aspect when the safety of our troops are concerned. Not a chance!

During the campaign Obama traveled with a trunk filled to the brim with the costumes of every liberal character imaginable. In the early stages of the campaign, he put on his Michael Moore costume one day, and his Roseanne Barr costume the next. I think he even had a Stalin mask on one day, but don’t quote me on that. It was obvious that he was going after the far left in the early going. Poor Hillary, did she really think she could win the primaries by acting like a moderate “American?” Whatever she was thinking it didn’t work. No, this time around the people wanted a hard core liberal, and Obama was the hot ticket.

In true Obama form, and in true community organizer fashion, Obama set out to once again change his image to fit the crowd. With the Democratic nomination in his pocket, Obama was able to discard his chest full of liberal costumes and take his conservative collection on the road. I don’t think I remember seeing him appear as Ronald Reagan, but he did make several appearances as a right of center something or other. For me, is was not a very convincing act, so the exact character he was playing has since slipped my mind.

new troopsIn the general election Obama was given the tough task of convincing the American people that he was capable of being the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. In his futile attempt at being Presidential, Obama said that we needed to increase our troop levels in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan was “the good war.” I have never quite understood that statement, but hey, we were never expected to understand anything Obama said, we were just supposed to automatically believe it without question. I’m sure the men and women fighting in Iraq felt jipped after hearing that. Especially the ones who were killed or wounded. They were now reduced to casualties of a bad, or fake war, not a “good” or real one.

In Obama’s quest for the top job, he spouted off whatever was necessary to make believers of us all, and like the good Soros employees that they are, the members of the media did their part to make sure Obama’s claims were verified and gold plated. Obama was a super liberal, a centrist, a conservative, a Commander-in-Chief, an expert economist, and a world class diplomat all rolled into one. He was going to fix our economy, win the “good” war, end the bad one, and save us all from the Satan who had possessed us all for the eight years prior. His coat of many colors had served him well, and he became the President of the United States of America, or so they tell me.

Sometimes when the tide goes out, small sand sharks are left on the beach. They just flop around until they die, becoming no more than a stinking pile of blow-fly chow. The longer they lay there the more the stink, but eventually the tide comes back in and washes them all away. With the new tide comes a clean beach. All evidence of a rotten corpse of a shark is eliminated, and the stench of it’s existence is blown away with the fresh sea breeze.

When the young shark was in the deeper water he was the king of his domain, but when left on the sand, and out of his comfort zone, he flipped and flopped until he perished. He was never a Great White, but he was still a shark. Even a sand shark can rule the bigger fish. Not with force, but by merely playing the part of the Great White. Not satisfied with the smaller fish running in deep water schools, the young shark becomes cocky and pursues larger fish in shallow water who feed alone. His arrogance, as well as his selfishness lands him in his own sandy death bed.

dead-sharkObama is no different than the young shark. He scared away all of the little fish in the election by acting like a mighty Great White, and in doing so, he convinced fifty-two percent of the American voters that he would govern as such, but instead, he is now flopping around in the sun and out of his element. Just a stinking, dying, little shark, who’s only purpose now is to draw flies and wait for a new tide to clean away the funk. The only problem is, a new tide is not due until 2012.

Obama never had any intention of winning the “good” war, nor did he ever care about being a strong Commander-in-Chief. Our military has never been a part of his master plan, unless you consider the fact that it only serves as a major barrier to Obama’s agenda. Anything with a price tag is a barrier to Obama’s agenda. Anything that serves as a symbol of America’s strength is a barrier to Obama’s agenda, and anything that is actually the responsibility of the Federal Government under the terms of The Constitution is a barrier to Obama’s agenda.

Obama’s liberal base does not want the expense of military operations to interfere with their Communist dreams, and Obama has to pretend that he actually cares about our troops in order to keep up this farce. Obama is giving his top General two thirds of the requested troops, but only for a little while. Obama does not want to win any war, he wants to polish off our country. America is the battlefield in which Obama seeks his victory. The war he has declared on our economy, our military, and our sovereignty is the only “good” war Obama has his sights set on winning. When the United States of America takes her place alongside the mediocrity shared by the rest of the world, and assumes her equal share of despair, Obama will claim his victory. Then, and only then, can he say that “he” won the good war. Only then, will he feel that the real enemy has been put in her place, and only then can he accomplish the dreams of his radical Communist mentors.

Obama is already trapped on the sand, so his war will never be won. Let him flop in the sun and rot. The people of this country will pick up his slack, and in doing so we will never allow such a breech of our security to ever occur again. God help our troops. They only have eighteen months to accomplish the impossible. Pray for them all.

Vantage Point

When a child settles in for yet another coloring book session, he doesn’t just pick a Crayola out of the box on a whim, he chooses his favorite hue with deep thought. He has a plan, and more than that, he has a vision. The same holds true for everyone who has a task to complete. Everything we do is a means to and end. I think we all know what end we are trying to achieve, we just get lost in the process. We are not always as clear headed as the child who already knows what color of crayon he wants first. Unfortunately, simplicity seems to evaporate with youth, leaving us with a feeling of helplessness when trying to find our individual ends.

The way we view our world is the result of a lifetime of varied exposure to different people and media influences. For example, if we read an article in the newspaper, or online, we may have a preconceived opinion before we even read it, just based on the newspaper itself, or by merely reading the authors name. If given the same article on a generic white sheet of paper, no names, just the article, we may come away with a different opinion of the material, because the information needed to change or sway our feelings from the start were omitted.

When emotion gets in the way of intellect, more often than not, we miss the moral of the story. We read the words, but they are blurred by our own preconceived notions of the source. When I read, no matter what the reading material is, I try to only see the world from my vantage point, ignoring where the author may, or may not be viewing it from. I only consider the authors vantage point when I disagree with what I have read. Then, and only then, do I seek out a logical reason for the conflict in opinion. If I try to find the authors vantage point in advance, ignoring my own, I will never allow myself to absorb what I am trying to read and learn about.

The child coloring sees the world from one vantage point, the syndicated columnist sees it from another, and I from yet another. If the child colors the sky green and the leaves blue, it is not up to me to assume the child is dumb or color blind. It is up to me to figure out what it is he is trying to say through his choice of colors. As a child, he might be saying he wishes the sky were green and the leaves on the trees were blue, or he might just be saying that he enjoys the power of choice, as well as the freedom to color the picture without ridicule from others. He may also be saying that he feels safe and secure, unafraid to go against the grain. Right or wrong, he is viewing the world from his own perch. Children are innocent and adventurous, so their vantage point requires little explanation if any. Adults however, can be dangerous, and fall into a totally different category.

My vantage point is one of looking back. I see the world through the eyes of a young child with hopes of a bright future, and through the eyes of a man still looking for the same. I see a world, only in my memories, that no longer exists, and I no longer see that world returning. I see my own son with his box of crayons, coloring the sky red, the trees red, and the water red. I think it is a tragedy that we both view the same world from the same vantage point. I think it is even a bigger tragedy when a ten year old boy can see the lines drawn in the sand without it being pointed out to him. Like a dog in a storm, he is ready to seek shelter without following my lead. He can just feel it in the air.

Blue and green holds no true meaning in the scheme of things, but the color red is reason enough for us all to take notice. Reason enough for us all to examine every angle, every word, every expression, and the vantage points of all concerned. We need to overdose on the information available to us, so our children can once again chase a dream with the genuine hope of it coming true.

My vantage point has gone from one of confidence in mankind, to one of skepticism in just two years time. For the first time in my life I have learned how to see where others are coming from, and the world is coming into focus. Truth be known, I miss the blur.

Lost, Liberal America

art_sweatlodge_knxvAfter hearing about the tragic Arizona sweat lodge deaths that dominated the headlines last week, I started trying to think of a reason for it all. First, I wondered why anyone would pay ten thousand dollars just to cook their own brain in a ten dollar hut in the desert. Then I wondered what kind of contaminants they had in their bodies that would require such radical purging methods, and my final question to myself was, why is anyone even being considered for prosecution in this case?

It always seems that the provider of the weapon always becomes the cause of the death. Firearms manufacturers are blamed for all gunshot wounds, bridge builders are blamed for building bridges tall enough for people to jump from, and cult leaders are blamed for the mental weakness possessed by those who drink their toxic brew. I think it is high time for the blame to be placed on the individual, regardless of the final outcome.

The second I decide to put the cold steel of a gun barrel to the roof of my mouth and pull the trigger, I step across the threshold into the world of the lost. When I give ten thousand of my hard earned dollars to another human to help me cleanse my soul, I am lost, and when we focus on the leaders, and not the followers in such cases, we then see why these people ended up dead.

In our society, we have people who are on a constant search for the weakest among us. They prey on the segments of our society who are in search of personal characteristics they were born without. High school girls are ridiculed for being fat and ugly, instead of being praised for their natural intelligence and charm. Somehow they feel as if they are freaks of nature, and the only way they will ever be accepted by their peers is to become as skinny as possible. These easily influenced children start puking up their meals, depriving themselves of life sustaining nutrients, and when they see that puking alone does not give them the desired effect, they start eating speed like candy.

Too many young lives have been thrown into the dumpster. Not because they are fat, shy, or awkward, but because their parents are to selfish and busy to notice the changes they are going through. Today’s children are under too much pressure to perform, but the pressure is coming from outside influences, and is not being intercepted by the family, or replaced by spiritual guidance. Even Charles Manson knew the value of well placed praise. The problem was, he used his praise of young girls to benefit himself, and not them. He told the girls to look at themselves in the mirror and see how beautiful they were. He made them feel good about themselves, thus making them feel like they were capable of anything. That anything became murder, but if that praise were given by someone with genuine intentions, those girls could have used their self-confidence to seek out a worthwhile life for themselves.

oprahAt the risk of sounding like Ward Cleaver, I will declare that the anti –     establishment movement of the sixties opened the door for our current wave of human hunters. In the past forty years we have witnessed a growing number of liberal, know it all, self-proclaimed, self-help experts, who are more than willing to spew their opinions daily, in hopes of drawing in those who still see themselves as fat, ugly, shy, and awkward. Acting as champions of good will, those like Oprah, Montel Williams, Phil Donahue, and the ladies of “The View,” have willingly endorsed, and given credibility to evil. But hey, that’s what liberalism is all about. Seek out the weak, and pick their bones clean.

We are a nation of laws, and it is not a crime for people to prey on the weak. The crime was committed when these self-destructive adults were children and allowed to go through life without a stable moral upbringing. Mass cult suicides, homosexuality, gang activity, and death by ignorance, are all byproducts of progressive legislation through absence of morality, and an overdose of forced tolerance for the intolerable.

Was the sweat lodge incident a tragic event worthy of scrutiny? Only if the source of the problem is realized. We can no longer afford to allow entire generations of our youth to go through life as zombies in search of a better life. We have to turn whatever valve is necessary to reverse the flow of pressure from the children, to the parents. Legislation limiting and prohibiting predatory enterprise will only be effective when the parents of this country do their part to eliminate the number of available victims.

I don’t blame James Arthur Ray for providing the death facility, and I don’t blame Oprah for her endorsement. I do however blame our country as a whole for allowing liberalism to grow into the cancerous tumor it has become. Throwing God under the bus, allowing mothers to kill their babies, and allowing single parent families to become fashionable is what causes the lost to turn to mortal man for salvation, and it is that liberal attitude that is to blame for all that is bad in America today.