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Coming Attractions

IRAN MISSILEI can’t help but wonder if we are really prepared for the aftermath of the hostile takeover we have set into motion. America has become so comfortable with being “American” that we have allowed ourselves to fall into a deep state of complacency. Meanwhile, our President is breaking down all of our defenses against our natural enemies. We have to remember that our enemies and Obama’s enemies are not the same people, mainly because Obama is not one of us. Obama is the problem, not the solution.

Liberals like to portray themselves as liberators and prosecutors of injustice, painting a rosy picture of hope, thinking that lofty, unrealistic goals can be reached through simple diplomacy. This mindset fogs their judgement and allows them to overlook the obvious, and it also causes them to ignore reality. Most liberals truly feel that world peace can be obtained by simply begging everyone to lay down their weapons. They think just because they are chicken-hearted pansies, who would rather watch their own mother be raped by an intruder than chance getting hurt defending her, that everyone else should be just as gentle spirited as they are. 

How many times have two people been in a fist fight, and the one on the bottom declare that he has had enough? As soon as he is let up, he cheap shots the one who was gracious enough not to beat him to death when he had a chance. We can’t afford to be that gracious as a country, or we will experience the same fate, just on a much greater scale. Instead of getting a black eye or a busted lip, we will get a flock of missiles every ten minutes for a week at a time, leaving us looking like a war torn WWII Europe. The morons who cast their vote according to the hopey, changey, tingle meter reading of the day, are convinced that our landscape will never change for the worse, only for the better.

b760ffb3-acd7-950e-50d9-7eca63b224ca-news_fb_WhiteHouseDinner_ObamaLaughingObama promised that he would reach out to our enemies, and to my amazement, he has done just that. I am not amazed that he reached out to them, I am just amazed that he did it in the open without shame. I was hoping his promises were a gesture to the touchy, feely, ultra-left, and would go unanswered like the rest of his promises. Foolish me, what was I thinking?

At the top of Obama’s to-do list, is to align us with our old enemies, and spit in the face of our old allies. The TV talking heads would like to have us believe that Obama is on a “No Bush” campaign, doing the opposite of Bush just to make a point. Not true my friends. He is doing what he truly believes in, and not being like Bush has nothing to do with it. Obama is a Muslim from birth and is obligated to his Muslim brothers. Not only that, but he is a Muslim who has a strong, deep rooted, Communist belief system. If you have been paying attention, I am sure you have noticed that Obama is a man of few gestures. He either extends his hand with his ass kissing lips all in a pucker, or he offers his middle finger, accompanied by a hateful stare. The recipients of each are obvious, and our position in the world has completely flipped.

I find it amazing that the left views strength as being cruel, and they view weakness as being the formation of world peace. It is not the job of Government, or the President for that matter, to make us popular to the meanies of the world. It is their job to keep us, as a nation safe at all costs, even if they have to make the entire world hate every fiber of our being in doing so. I never looked at our country the way I have recently, and I have come to a very unsettling conclusion. I have decided that liberals are just as much of an enemy to America as any terrorist currently dead or alive.

Perhaps Fascism should show it’s ugly face, and eliminate our domestic enemies while superior US firepower deals with the foreign kind. Beware America, and assume your new identity. We are now a collection of over three hundred million Dr. Frankensteins, and we have definitely created a monster who is out of control.

chain-gangWhat is on our horizon? I don’t know, but if we as a country, do not realize that our biggest enemies are now within, we are destined to fail as a country. Civil War may well be our future, and the remaining smoldering cinders will determine our fate. Getting sold out, and laughed at by the liberal masses is not an option, nor is allowing ourselves to become the “New World Order” slaves of the future.

Russia, Iran, North Korea, Chavez, Castro, and Bin Laden will now be our new buddies, and blood brothers, all in the name of world peace. Obama has received his Nobel Peace Bribe, now he has to deliver on it. To do that, he must first disarm America, throw Israel to the wolves, and destroy the US economy. At this point in history, the big picture is the only one worth looking at. Anything less is just self-deception, and we end up with what we deserve.

Nobel Prick Prize

I was not surprised to hear that Barack Obama had just won the Nobel Peacenobel-medal_thumbnail_0 Prize. After all, who better to join the ranks of the previous collection of cowards and losers to accept the same award. It is getting to the point that any flaming liberal can obtain a Nobel Peace Prize, thus dampening any impact or prestige associated with it. This is just another example of how far hot air with no results can get some people.

We are a country who is at war, and Obama unfortunately, is the Commander -in-Chief of our armed forces. This fact alone makes Obama a wartime President. If anyone can find it in their heart or mind to conclude that two wars equals peace, then I guess this presentation is justified, but not by me. In the sixties, there were thousands of LSD infested hippies who dedicated their life to preaching peace, but that is all they were able to do. Preach. If Obama deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, then so does every naked, flower power, sign waving, brain dead, 1960’s hippy. Stamp ’em out boys. What’s fair, is fair. Wanting peace, and bringing about peace through genuine, intelligent diplomacy are two different things, and so far Obama has done nothing to bring about peace to anyone. If anything, his sickening display of appeasement towards our enemies has guaranteed future conflicts, which will endanger our countries very existence. Without the continued generosity and protection provided by the U.S., many countries will parish. When we fall, they all will. When the entire world is at war, and a billion people starve to death, will we then stamp out yet another medal to drape around Obama’s neck?

jcnobelTrying to make sense of this is a wasted effort. When a little thought is applied to previous recipients and their accomplishments, or lack of, Obama starts to fit right in with the other club members. Jimmy Carter for example, needed only to be bullied by the entire world to get his grubby little paws on the prize. Strength is not a shared characteristic of those with Nobel Prizes in their possession. Kissing ass and turning the other cheek is the admission paid for this club membership. That, and telling lies to the entire human race, making the worlds population think they are all going to burst into flames. Only a seasoned compulsive liar like Al Gore could pull that one off. No shame and no conscience.

Let’s not forget the good Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who by pretending to be a peaceful man, incited the kind of violence that characterized a whole decade as being the death of America as we knew it. The Nobel Peace prize is a trophy for the pretenders of Society. The con men, the corrupt, and the thieves in the night who dress like Santa Clause, promising gifts but never delivering them.

759-al-gore-fireWhen men of a certain character are awarded medals, that character which has been demonstrated, determines that medals worth. That being said, we can only conclude that the Nobel Peace prize cannot in any way be considered a prize for the honorable, and will never hold a candle to the medals awarded to our men and women in uniform. The Nobel Peace Prize is a shiny trinket given to the strong of lung, and the weak of heart. Congratulations Obama, you have once again proved that birds of a feather flock together. If I were to ever be nominated to join that unique club I would kill myself.

Obama can take this new award and place it on the wall alongside his collection of Affirmative Action college degrees. It is a fitting example of the Undeserved attention we give to do nothing men holding race cards and demanding fame. The fame gained in the course of a do nothing life is only as valid as the fabricated good deeds of the one being showered with fame. Power gained by means of entitlement is no different than using a gun to obtain sexual gratification. It is a violation of the mental capacity of all who are being manipulated and scammed into believing that greatness is genuine when it is not. This farce breaks the bullshit meter.

Obama Gump

In the movie “Forest Gump,” Gump’s bestest Army buddy Bubba gave us multiple examples of how many ways we can prepare shrimp. Boiled shrimp, steamed shrimp, fried shrimp, shrimp salad, shrimp scampi, Cajun shrimp, shrimp cocktail, etc., but the point remains, no matter how many ways you prepare shrimp, the main ingredient remains to be the shrimp itself. No matter how you choose to cook your yard-bird, it’s still chicken. All of the spice and sauce in the world cannot disguise the core ingredient of a dish, and the more spice you use, the more you are telling your dinner guest that the meat was tainted. Either that, or you are making it obvious that you are lost in the kitchen.

Obama too has a cut of meat in front of him that he isn’t quit sure how to prepare. He has already cooked it every imaginary way, only to find out that it is dry and hard to chew in the end. His once crowded dinning room table is quickly losing diners because of Obama’s inability to come up with a single edible dish. How many times can he poison people with his own brand of political E-coli and botchulism before people realize that he has rats running rampant in his kitchen. He can blame the sickness on the rodents all he wants to, but he is still the chef. It is up to him to present good food that will stay down, and prove to his diners that he is not trying to kill them all.

The health care debate has gone from heated to stagnate, and Obama has not been able to close the deal. Instead, he has lost much of his support due to his own lack of leadership, and his lack of understanding of his own policies. Fried or steamed, the product is rotten and the people ain’t buying it.

Some people feel that when they fail to relay their message to others, it is because listeners are to stupid to grasp what the speaker is trying to convey. They feel that if they only had one more chance to explain their side of the story again, people will get it this time. That is where Obama is right now. He cannot for the life of him understand why the once loyal flock is scattering and running away from his every idea. It must be because everyone is stupid, or racist, or just plain un-American. Obama is so consumed in his love of self that he refuses to admit that the American people are smarter than he is. We the people can easily read between his diseased lines, we fully understand what his intentions are, and we don’t need multiple lectures to help us understand him any further.

Those who were blinded by Obama’s lies and nonstop rhetoric can now see, and I think they will be very weary of wool hoods from now on, but that will not stop Obama from stealing valuable air-time in order to relish the sound of his own voice. It will not stop him from believing that the world is suffering from chronic stupidity, nor will it stop him from thinking it is his duty to straighten us all out. After all, most of us are not Harvard educated lawyers, so what do we know about playing God or saving the world from themselves?

Tomorrow night Obama will once again take to the stage. He has no doubt had multiple staff members working hard on a new recipe for his health care dinner party, but can he make a turd taste like a gourmet dish? I don’t think so, but I’m sure the MSM will chow down on whatever hits their plate, offering only praise and rave reviews, no matter how ill the rancid grub makes them. This would be a good time for Obama to admit defeat, turn out the lights, and get out of the kitchen, while both the house and the populace are still standing upright. Obama should take this opportunity to exercise his right to remain silent. At least old Bubba knew his subject.