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74863546CS061_Would_Be_Immi If we had a country absent of liberalism, perhaps we would have the intestinal fortitude to do what is necessary to save ourselves from collapse. We have three coastlines, a north and south border, and multiple inland airports, all manned by a bunch of lazy, overpaid, under-worked union members, who pretend to serve as a security force. Everyday we see new pictures of airport security personnel sleeping on the job. Border patrol agents are cash depositories for their own friends and family members who want to cross the border, and our Coast Guard is massively underfunded, and generally looked upon as a rescue team, rather than a military force. All of this combined adds up to a wide open country here for the taking.

There is no push in Washington to shut down the flow of illegal immigration, because there is too much money involved. We the average citizens, are the ones paying for the cost run-ups caused by illegal immigrants, and our leaders are getting rich taking money under the table from everyone involved. They get paid by the mob, who is the top rung of the drug ladder. They are getting paid by the large employers who hire the immigrants, and they are skimming funds allocated to their individual states to combat the problem.

marines-shooting-helmand-provinceWe can solve this problem, and every other problem in this country by simply replacing the fence with U.S. soldiers. Arm them heavily and send them off with orders to shoot to kill.

Illegal immigration stops cold, hungry Americans gladly fill their jobs, the endless flow of Mexican women dropping puppies stops, and we save billions of dollars. Round up the illegals who get trapped on this side of the firing line and show them the door. The next step would be to treat the gang members like the terrorists that they are, and prosecute them as such, thus ending any lingering incentive to participate in gang activity. Deportation, or execution. Period.

Deport anyone who is in our prison system who is not a U.S. citizen, and kill them when they try to return. Sounds harsh to you? So does our current unsustainable cradle to grave system we continue to ignore. Drastic times call for drastic measures. If we cleanse our country of illegal immigrants, and freeze all immigration until we have the resources to accommodate the extra people, then we will give ourselves the chance to catch up. The way it stands now, we are trading our children’s lives for the lives of illegals. Now tell me I’m cruel.

Unemployment, health care, crime, education, and most important of all, our national security is at risk because of illegal immigration. It is our single largest problem, and the biggest drain we have on our overall economy. Solve that problem, and we are well on our way to solving the rest.