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The Shame of It All!!

The USS New York, built with steel from the rubble of the World Trade Center, was put into Navy service Saturday both as a symbol of healing and strength.
Secretary Clinton represented the Administration. As a NY State senator at the time of the attacks in New York City, it was fitting that she be there to honor the memory of Those that died on 911 and our military. This ship that will carry the name of the City where we were attacked by Muslim terrorists.
I also feel that our POTUS should have been there in Honor of the victims of 911 and our Military,  the Commissioning of the USS New York. I have searched the Internet to find any comments that he made  for this occasion, and have  found none. This is shameful for a Commander In Chief to neglect to comment on such an occasion.

 The ship includes more than seven tons of recycled steel from the wreckage of the World Trade Center. The ship’s crest carries the motto “Never Forget.”

The new vessel, will carry 700 Marines and assorted aircraft and hovercraft. It will stay in New York City Harbor for a few days. Before it heads out to sea. 

Below is a must watch:

Saturday, September 12, 2009
USS New York Tribute
Posted by Mark Scott…. Thank you Mark!!

Loosing our Sovereignty!

By Judi McLeod  Saturday, October 17, 2009
An Excerpt
On a Saturday night these Paul Reveres of the WorldWide Net are raising the alarm that Obama is fixing to sign an outrageous “treaty”  at December’s 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.  Signed, sealed and delivered this treaty   will not only bring the nations of the world into a One World Government but will cancel the very sovereignty of the United States of America.
Please Watch!!
Ronald Reagan Speech – 1964 Republican National Convention

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and Crying Racist?

Lloyd Marcus
Does everyone remember the story about the young boy that
Cried wolf? It was about a  boy that had to go out into
The fields and tend the sheep at night. He was told that
If a wolf came to call his elders and they would come help
After a time in the fields, the young boy became very lonely,
So one night he decided to give the call that would bring the
Towns people out to the fields. So he did, and it worked.
The people came out in numbers, and the young boy then
Had the company he wanted.  He told the people that the wolf
Had gone, but he had achieved what he set out to do. He was
Not lonely that night.
For the next five nights the boy did the same thing. He called
The town out and said there had been a wolf. The people were
Getting tired of coming out in the night on false claims.
On the sixth night, the boy did see a wolf. He made the call loud
And clear to the town, and no one came. The wolf chased away
The sheep and killed the boy.  And the Moral of the story is??
People that are crying Racist at anything  that any person says
About the policies of this administration are basically doing the
Same thing, as the boy who cried wolf.
There was a time when if you called some one a racist it meant that
It WAS disgusting thing. The word racist is being thrown around like
The “F” word so much that it is loosing it’s meaning.
Not only are they calling white people racist, they are also turning on
Black people who do not agree with This Administration.
Lloyd Marcus who traveled with the Tea Party Express to march on
Washington DC last week, has been called a Racist., and received
Hate e-mail on his site. Since this word Racist is being thrown around
So freely by people on the left even if directed at Black people that
Have a differing opinion about what direction this President is taking
This country, the word becomes meaningless! It becomes 
 Meaningless because of the fact that you now have black people calling
Black people Racists…. What a foolish thing to do. You can like the
President and still disagree with his policies and you are not a racist
Whether you are “Black” or  “White”. People, use your common Sense!!
Please read this OP-ed by Lloyd Marcus
This is an excellent article!!

I’ts Raining Hellfire!!

Read this article and follow the link at the bottom to finish the article.
This makes my blood boil!! This is the most Petty and Combative
Administration  I have ever seen. For a Sitting President who was
Supposed to be  All inclusive, to call members of the other party out
 Because they do not Agree with him and his policies, is the most
Childish thing I have ever Seen. These Republican’s have stated that
They have tried to talk to the President who says he has an open door,
And they still have not gotten In to talk to him on the issues.His Door may
Be open, but his office is empty.
Please read the Article:
DNC promises ‘rain of hellfire’

The increasingly aggressive Democratic National Committee on Friday launched a new “Call ’Em Out” website targeting prominent Republicans for statements they have made about President Barack Obama’s health reform plans.

“Help debunk the outrageous lies and misinformation about health reform,” the site says.

DNC spokesman Hari Sevugan said: “The message to opponents of change who would lie or misrepresent the truth should be clear. We are going to respond forcefully and consistently with the facts, and you will no longer be able to peddle your lies with impunity. Through tools like ‘Call ‘Em Out,’ you will be met with a rain of hellfire from supporters armed with the facts and you will be held to account.”

The website is part of a larger, more aggressive approach taken by the White House through the DNC to push back against smears, distortions and misinformation. It’s taken various forms, including hitting back on Republican Medicare attacks with a TV ad that ran nationally and in 10 targeted members’ districts.


ACORN Investigating ACORN??

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3cpw1h2aAE[/youtube]Now we have an investigation into ACORN, but is the Congress doing it? Is the DOJ doing it? Nooooo!! ACORN is going to launch an investigation into ACORN!! Hows that For Liberals taking care of business?? Crimes are rampant in this group and others like SEIU, and they will investigate it themselves? YIKES!! That would be like Dodd investigating Rangle or visa versa!! May the Good Lord Help us all!! Have you ever heard of “Too many cooks spoil the Soup”? Well, too many Crooks are spoiling this country!!
Chicago-style politics has found a new home in the White House.
This is the way that Chicago politics works. It is all below the level of legal, and all is good as long as each group covers for the other group.
Remember that President Obama was ACORN”S  lawyer. What did he do for them you ask? He fought a large Bank To make sure that ACORN could get loans for people that would not normally qualify.
Part of Obama’s work,as a Community Organizer  it would appear, was to organize demonstrations, much in the same way that radical groups like Acorn does.
As I started writing this post, of course I was really ticked off because of
A couple of reasons. One reason is the obvious, that they are a corrupt organization. Another is that we have a President that I suspect will try
And protect them at all cost, because the are cheap labor. The other is that
The people that work for ACORN are taught to cheat the American people
On voting, housing, and the IRS. While doing this, they have no clue that they
Are expendable and if they are caught, the higher ups will throw them so far
Under the bus that they won’t ever get out!!
Yesterday while I was writing this, the senate Voted to stop all funding to ACORN  Housing pending investigations.
Here are the Senators who voted for ACORN to keep the funding.
Dick Durbin (D-IL)
Roland Burris (D-IL)
Robert Casey (D-PA)
Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
Bernie Sanders (I-VT)
Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)
Take note of who and where these guys are.
As I understand it, this only has to do with the housing. We also need an Investigation into cheating of the IRS!
Update (AP): Man, this house of cards is toppling fast:
Meanwhile, Jerry Schmetterer, director of public information for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, told FOXNews.com that officials will be “taking a look” into Brooklyn’s ACORN office.
“We are going to be taking a look at the situation,” Schmetterer said Monday.
A spokesman for Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said ACORN’S tax status as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization should also be probed.
“We’ve already seen the Census Bureau severe its tie with ACORN,” the spokesman, Kurt Bardella, told FOXNews.com. “Certainly, as an organization being subsidized by taxpayer dollars, their relationship with other government entities should be called into question, and whether or not it’s appropriate for them to receive taxpayer dollars.”
Has The One opened his mouth yet to say anything about his pals being in such dire straits?
Here is an excerpt from the WSJ(Wall Street Journal)
Acorn Runs Off the Rails
‘We’re just community organizers, just like the president used to be.’
SEPTEMBER 16, 2009, 7:12 A.M. ET
On Monday, the U.S. Senate voted 83-7 to strip Acorn, the premier community organizing group on the left, of more than $1.6 million in federal housing money meant to assist low-income people obtain loans and prepare tax forms. This dramatic step followed last Friday’s decision by the U.S. Census Bureau to sever its ties with the organization, one of several community groups it was partnering with to conduct the nation’s head count.
Another interesting Article on ACORN with background is found here:
Remember Obama’s Resume’? The only thing on it was being a “Community Organizer”. Now if my Resume looked like that I would stuff it with all my accomplishements from my college back ground. I would add refrences to any papers I had written, and any side jobs I had done. His Resume’ was void of these things. What about his being President of the Law Review, don’t you have to write a paper to get your JD degree?
You won’t read this in the “Lame Stream Media”!!

You can’t send a weight lifter Olympics as
a pole vaulter
and expect him to bring home the gold.

White House Asking For Snitches!!

So here you are on your blog, just posting away, and telling people what you feel about the Health Care or the Cap and Tax Bills, and along comes some snitch that can copy and send your words off to the White House!! The last time I looked, we are covered by the Constitution of the United States on the 1st Amendment for out Freedom of Speech!! I have googled, White House Snitches and below are two of the sites listed that says this is so. One of these web sites is The White House Web Site!! Check this out! I am completely disgusted by this!! Here is what the first one says: White House Website Asking for Informants on Anti-Healthcare Advocates By Warner Todd Huston Wednesday, August 5, 2009 I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that the Obama White House is now asking the public to snitch on their fellow citizens by sending an email to White House staffers informing them of other Americans that oppose Obamacare. I know what you are saying. You are probably saying that I am just a rabble rousing conservative that is just trying to stir trouble. You are probably thinking that I am taking something out of context. Well I wish I were. http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/13391 *************************************************************************************************** This is the Second one: There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov. http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/Facts-Are-Stubborn-Things/

Washington Post Op-ed, by Palin

The ‘Cap And Tax’ Dead End
By Sarah Palin

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


There is no shortage of threats to our economy. America’s unemployment rate recently hit its highest mark in more than 25 years and is expected to continue climbing. Worries are widespread that even when the economy finally rebounds, the recovery won’t bring jobs. Our nation’s debt is unsustainable, and the federal government’s reach into the private sector is unprecedented.

Please read the rest of this Op Ed at the Washington Post



After you read this article, take a look at the Comments.. They are out to smear Sarah Palin at all costs… The article is right on, and she is going to speak out for America, and fight for our Freedoms. We are going to have a big fight ahead of us to keep the Brain Dead of this Nation from destroying her completely.

She has figured out,as it doesn’t take a Rocket Science Czar to see where Cap and Tax will take this country. 

As far as the Climate Change Argument, our own POTUS was shot down for the Cap and Tax, by the leaders of the European countries at the G8. They do not want to put their countries at any more of a monetary risk than they already are in with this global economy. If our Government passes this big mess, not only will it harm our economy, it will hit every American Personally, right straight in the pocket book. If it goes through we will have less jobs… Than we do now. You take a look around in a Wind Farm, and how many people do you see working out there. Look around at the Coal mines, the Oil fields, gas fields, and refineries, and tell me that Alternative energy is going to give us more jobs…. Only the Brain Dead can believe that it will.

I challenge my friends to comment on the OpEd at the Post. I did, and we need more to stick up for this courageous woman.

 Sarah Palin has not been given enough credit for what she has accomplished for the State of Alaska and the People of Alaska.