I keep hearing people say that they “…hope Obama succeeds for the good of the nation.” What? …are you insane? Make no mistake my fellow Americans; I want Obama to fail! I want him to go down in searing flames and to take all of his Liberal ideas and his Liberal pals with him. I hope Obama fails so severely as President of the United States, that we do not see another Marxist like him run for office in my lifetime, if not forever.

I might not be so rigid in my desire for Obama to fail if it were reasonable to wish that he would morph into the image of Ronald Reagan. I might be otherwise persuaded if he would forsake his Marxist, and criminal, and racist associates; and if he would repent and turn from his long history of shady deals, and the fact he will not even reveal proof of his birth requirement to be President. If I could reasonably wish he would after those miracles, administer the duties of his office as a pro-American President, yes, I might then wish him success. I ask you though, is any of that possible even by the furthest stretch of imagination? I say it is not.

If Obama fails, we can expect four years of Liberal hell. However, those four years of hell will not result from his failure; they will result from implementation of one egregious and un-American, or idiotic and idealistic policy after the other. There is little that we can do to stop that now. The fat is in the fire, and someone is going to be burned, whether Obama fails or not. Therefore, to say that you want him to succeed for the good of the country is frankly absurd. There is not a thing about Obama that is, or could be good for America. He is the enemy within.

On the grounds of principle alone, any politician, pundit, or citizen who opposed Obama for his racism, his deceitful lies, and for the media bias that catapulted him to office, and who now wishes him well is a fickle SOB, to put it in the most polite terms I am capable of mustering. If Obama was bad for the country as a candidate, and he was, he is exponentially more harmful for the country while in an office dishonestly acquired. It is a slap in the face of decency to wash away his sins because he crossed the invisible threshold of enough dishonesty and corruption to steal office. I wonder how many of the dead whose votes were cast vicariously in his behalf are spinning in their graves.

Now let us consider the consequences of Obama being successful. If he is successful, we will still suffer all the damage that will befall us if he fails, plus, we will have validated and consummated his crimes, his deceit, and his Marxist ideas. We will be guaranteed yet another four years of Obama, and more than likely, the complete breakdown of American Democracy, in favor of European style Socialism. So my fellow Americans, what say you? Do you still wish Obama success? I do not! I cannot. I am a Patriot. I love my Country, and I love my children and grandchildren too much to wish for four easy years, at the price of America’s future.

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