From the website of Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. Friday, July 31, 2009

Dr. Taitz posted the following letter on her blog Friday, from Lt Col David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC, to TV personality, Glenn Beck.

Lt. Col Earl-Graef, requested the letter be given the widest dissemination possible, and so here it is. Please note that some formatting, and punctuation has been altered to enhance readability. You can reference the link above for the exact posting on Dr. Taitz’s blog. I submit the letter for discussion, and invite Glenn Beck to respond, if he feels the letter is not a fair resentation of his broadcast presentation to which the letter is in reference.

30 July 2009

Dear Glenn,

I will get right to the point. Either out of ignorance or with intent, your recent comments on your television program are nothing less than a slap right across the face of each and every Soldier that serves, and has ever served this great Country. How could you do this to us? You contend that you are supportive of the military and yet when it comes to an issue vitally important to us you scoffed, demeaned, and ridiculed those of us who serve and are fighting to defend the Constitution. You placed us right alongside Whoopi Goldberg, who to my knowledge, never served in the military a day in her life. You have insulted our intellect and integrity. Until now, I had been a big supporter of you. Now I am left to question your very motives. Has money become your new God or was it simply a mistake on your part? Whatever the case is, I need and deserve an explanation, and an apology for your actions.

There is little more we military ask of our Country in return for our service, other than to be respected and given the benefits we earn in peace and on the field of battle. Of paramount importance to me, and most every American soldier, is that we fulfill our duty with honor and that we are given lawful orders, and not left to question, or have cause for reservation. As we take our oath without reservation, we should not be given reservation by those appointed above us. If we are to be sent into harm’s way, there should be no doubt whatsoever, we are being sent by someone who has the moral, AND the legal authority to do this. This is an indisputable fact. The ONLY evidence that Barak Hussein Obama himself has been willing to produce to assure us he has that authority, is an altered (sanitized serial number) COLB posted on HIS web site, “fight the smears.” That is It, and NOTHING more. This is absolutely absurd. I refuse to accept any .com outfit as the proper authority to certify the authenticity, or legal substance of this document, and be involved in the vetting process of a President as many in Congress have done; derelict cowards! Obama has hired teams of attorneys to prevent releasing the long form vault copy of his birth certificate, so that what he presented can be substantiated as a valid extract of information from the original, as well as other vital documents to prove he is even a US citizen. If you doubt this, ask anyone who claims to have seen his birth; what is the doctors name on the certificate? As a Physician, I know what information is on a birth certificate, and so should you. If they cannot tell you the name of the Doctors, they have not seen it.

There are other issues as well; specifically Obama’s father, who was Kenyan, and was NEVER a US citizen. To be considered in full compliance of the Natural Born Citizen clause, I contend you must have BOTH parents US citizens, and be born in the US. The founders recognized that the power of the President over the military was not to be taken lightly. They wanted to insure, as best they could, the person who held that office would have an undivided loyalty to the Union, and not compromise their hard won liberty by any device. The BEST that they could do was to require that the President be born in the United States, but more importantly, be raised by parents [plural] who themselves did not have divided loyalty, and thus would have to be US citizens. Given the paternal nature of society at the time, this is especially true with regard to the father. Nevertheless, this issue, if need be, should be addressed by the Supreme Court, which they have failed to do, and no court to date has heard this case on the merits.

Let me be clear, as a military officer, I have a legitimate reason to question ANY order, if there is a good faith reason to doubt it, even from the President, as my officer oath is to the Constitution, not him. Based on the information I have, I am justified in my right to question, and I am being denied the answer. Have you yourself not seen enough to doubt anything Obama has said? Why do you believe him about this? Why do you believe anyone who attacks us for even asking? Stop and think, then listen to your instincts. There is something he is hiding, that is vitally important, and we have a right to know what that is, as it potentially has bearing on the legality of the orders he gives us.

We are not a bunch of “tin foil hat birther conspiracy theorists.” We are wise enough to know that, before you conjecture regarding a “conspiracy,” you must first establish if there has been a crime, and only then ask if it is reasonable multiple people are complicit. It is those who discredit us, as YOU have, that resort to the postulation of a “conspiracy theory” to dismiss our reasonable concerns before the documentary evidence is examined; a typical Saul Alinsky tactic, which you now have used against us! You have seen it used over, and over, so you should recognize it. We are NOT postulating any conspiracy theory, we want to see the documents, and THEN decide if there is a problem, and who would, or should have reasonably known.

You are not alone. Even Gov. Mike Huckabee went so far as to “postulate a theory,” that Hillary would have been, “all over it,” if it were true, discrediting us rather than take a stand and demand Barak Obama release the evidentiary documents to put this to rest. I recognize that it is much easier for others to postulate a “theory” why, a [breach] of our Constitution “could not possibly have happened,” then cower and hide from a serious effort to discover the truth, and take a stand. We have a special term for this in the military, and let me just say it is not endearing. Please pass this along to your Colleague, and Ann Coulter, Bill O Reilly too, if you see them; shame on all of you. I gave all of you more credit than that, of all people, you should recognize the tactics of the radical left.

You ask America to stand up for the Constitution, and when those of us who risk our reputations and our fortunes do so, you ridicule us. Take a long hard look in the mirror and ask yourself; have I failed to give due consideration, and respect to the American soldier by my actions? Have I contributed to a mass effort by the Radical Elements in our country to bring discredit upon them, and upon the Constitution they fight and die to preserve? If the answer is yes then I challenge you and your colleagues to stand with us and demand that Barak Obama release all the documents he currently has sealed, and begin to put this issue to rest, and do not cease in your efforts until we have an answer.


Lt Col David A. Earl-Graef USAFR MC

5 thoughts on “LETTER TO GLENN BECK

  1. marianr

    Neo, Thanks for posting this letter. The Lt Col. Has it right. However I did not see Glen Beck say this but I have heard O’Reilly, Anne Coulter, and Huckabee say the same thing. It angers me when they say it because if it were any other President hiding all his past, he would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town… I will be watching to see if Glen Beck comments on this letter!!

    1. neo Post author

      Thanks Marian.. you are not alone. I’ll let the Lt. Col speak for himself. Following is a question posed to him on the blog, and his reply:

      “…queenofshina says: July 31, 2009 at 10:25 am
      Shouldn’t this letter be addressed to Bill O’Reilly? Or did I miss one of Beck’s shows? Bill is the one who has been so disdainful. In fact, all of them at Fox have brushed it off. Shepard Smith called us “crazies.” (And he reports the news? Why aren’t they talking about firing him?) I think Bill doesn’t know the difference between a citizen and natural born citizen because he did say, “Of course he’s a citizen!” I think they have sold their souls for the money and prestige they are enjoying and simply don’t want to rock the boat.
      Someone please clue me in on what Beck said.

      Lt Col David A. Earl -Graef says: July 31, 2009 at 10:51 am
      Thanks for reading this! It was actually Glenn Beck who put us in the same category as Whoopi Goldberg. He was talking about her and how stupid it was for her to say that we never went to moon and then stated the next crazy thing people would start saying was that Obama was not a citizen or something to that effect. While I do not recall his exact words the association was clear. I am not certain however about his intent so I thought I would give him the chance to explain and to stand up with us… we will see. So the letter is addressed to the person I intended it for. If he is who I really think he is, a patriot, he will stand up with us and fight with us like hell or at least explain his actions…”

      You can read all the post and comments about the letter here:

  2. raggedyann

    An interesting letter, but I have never seen or heard of Glenn Beck putting our military down. Is it because Glenn did not question Obama’s BC? What should he have done?

    1. neo Post author

      Hi Raggedyann,

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 …I think it is not just what Beck said, but that it came in concert with all of FOX News putting down those questioning Obama’s place of birth. This is much bigger behind the scenes, than what we are seeing on the surface, and for Beck to even join in on the wall of silence is a betrayal. I think it is entirely possible that Beck is pure of heart, but is being coerced. It is hard for a rich man to stand true since he has so much to lose. I am hoping that with enough pressure, he will join the few public voices speaking the truth on this issue.

      At this point, it doesn’t even matter where Obama was born, as much as it is the right and duty of every service man to see proof that he is Constitutionally qualified to be their Commander in Chief. Now that the question has been forced, it is treason for him to refuse to qualify his credentials.

  3. marianr

    I heard Glen Beck say that, and I think he was saying it tongue in Cheek. I do not
    believe this is a bogus witch Hunt… When Bill O’Reilly said it to Glen Beck on his show,
    Glen Beck didn’t agree or disagree… Bill is his superior, so I could see that Beck wanted to reply, but didn’t….. O’Reilly has been wrong on many things… He is good at going after judges and Professors, but not Politicians….

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