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I feel sympathy for innocent members of the Kennedy family who are grieving. That said, today we are once again diverting all of our national attention to a man unworthy of such honor. If Ted Kennedy were allowed to pass privately, I would not be commenting here. If he were a private citizen, I would not comment regardless how much noise were raised in faux honor of purchased prestige. The problem arises in that, we have allowed yet another guilty of egregious criminal conduct, to languish in our government, then we pretend it was not a fraud of privilege by celebrating the corruption that was intrinsic to his life.

Perhaps the Kennedy family will finally be free of the Kennedy curse, and survivors can begin a journey to restore the luster once associated with the Kennedy name. I hope so. I also hope the family of Mary Jo Kopechne can finally find closure in this horrible error of impunity following the death of a loved one. Today, Ted Kennedy is in the hands of his creator. Man’s justice is always imperfect, God’s is not. Whatever is in store for the man’s soul, his legacy cannot be made a monument of honor to elevating the most ruthless and corrupt among us to seats of power, rather than striving for the best.


FOIA – FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: The file known as Chappaquiddick, is also known as the Mary Jo Kopechne investigation. This investigation was opened when an overturned car was found at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in the water and Ms. Kopechne’s body was in the car. Ms. Kopechne was a former secretary to late Senator, Robert F. Kennedy. It was determined the driver of the automobile was Senator Edward M. Kennedy. It was alleged he was on the wrong road and drove off Dike’s Bridge, with the automobile overturning in the water. Senator Kennedy managed to get out of the car, but Ms. Kopechne did not make it out of the car and drowned.

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