Nobel Prick Prize

I was not surprised to hear that Barack Obama had just won the Nobel Peacenobel-medal_thumbnail_0 Prize. After all, who better to join the ranks of the previous collection of cowards and losers to accept the same award. It is getting to the point that any flaming liberal can obtain a Nobel Peace Prize, thus dampening any impact or prestige associated with it. This is just another example of how far hot air with no results can get some people.

We are a country who is at war, and Obama unfortunately, is the Commander -in-Chief of our armed forces. This fact alone makes Obama a wartime President. If anyone can find it in their heart or mind to conclude that two wars equals peace, then I guess this presentation is justified, but not by me. In the sixties, there were thousands of LSD infested hippies who dedicated their life to preaching peace, but that is all they were able to do. Preach. If Obama deserves a Nobel Peace Prize, then so does every naked, flower power, sign waving, brain dead, 1960’s hippy. Stamp ’em out boys. What’s fair, is fair. Wanting peace, and bringing about peace through genuine, intelligent diplomacy are two different things, and so far Obama has done nothing to bring about peace to anyone. If anything, his sickening display of appeasement towards our enemies has guaranteed future conflicts, which will endanger our countries very existence. Without the continued generosity and protection provided by the U.S., many countries will parish. When we fall, they all will. When the entire world is at war, and a billion people starve to death, will we then stamp out yet another medal to drape around Obama’s neck?

jcnobelTrying to make sense of this is a wasted effort. When a little thought is applied to previous recipients and their accomplishments, or lack of, Obama starts to fit right in with the other club members. Jimmy Carter for example, needed only to be bullied by the entire world to get his grubby little paws on the prize. Strength is not a shared characteristic of those with Nobel Prizes in their possession. Kissing ass and turning the other cheek is the admission paid for this club membership. That, and telling lies to the entire human race, making the worlds population think they are all going to burst into flames. Only a seasoned compulsive liar like Al Gore could pull that one off. No shame and no conscience.

Let’s not forget the good Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who by pretending to be a peaceful man, incited the kind of violence that characterized a whole decade as being the death of America as we knew it. The Nobel Peace prize is a trophy for the pretenders of Society. The con men, the corrupt, and the thieves in the night who dress like Santa Clause, promising gifts but never delivering them.

759-al-gore-fireWhen men of a certain character are awarded medals, that character which has been demonstrated, determines that medals worth. That being said, we can only conclude that the Nobel Peace prize cannot in any way be considered a prize for the honorable, and will never hold a candle to the medals awarded to our men and women in uniform. The Nobel Peace Prize is a shiny trinket given to the strong of lung, and the weak of heart. Congratulations Obama, you have once again proved that birds of a feather flock together. If I were to ever be nominated to join that unique club I would kill myself.

Obama can take this new award and place it on the wall alongside his collection of Affirmative Action college degrees. It is a fitting example of the Undeserved attention we give to do nothing men holding race cards and demanding fame. The fame gained in the course of a do nothing life is only as valid as the fabricated good deeds of the one being showered with fame. Power gained by means of entitlement is no different than using a gun to obtain sexual gratification. It is a violation of the mental capacity of all who are being manipulated and scammed into believing that greatness is genuine when it is not. This farce breaks the bullshit meter.

6 thoughts on “Nobel Prick Prize

  1. neo

    I think this makes perfect sense. It merely puts Obama officially in the class we already knew he belonged. Now he takes his seat at the communion of “new” communism along with Carter, Gore, Ahtisaari, and others. This is the equivalent of having the communist leaning Nobel Foundation certify that Obama and his party are card carrying communists, whatever name they hide behind, whether it be Marxist, Socialist, Progressive, or Democrat. Great article Randy. Thanks for writing it!

    By the way, Marian is right… he couldn’t get off the stage fast enough. The questions he would have been automatically asked, were ones he could not afford to answer, so he ducked out like the coward he is instead of someone worthy of any honor.

    1. otracker Post author

      You are right. This award is the equivalent of a Communist orientation ceremony. It is also advance payment for services not yet rendered. He is now in debt to another progressive faction and will have to return the favor by pushing their agenda. There is no way in hell he can escalate the war by sending more troops after accepting this prize. A sitting President should not even be eligible for a Nobel Prize, because it is no different than a suitcase full of cash. Obama has just been bought and paid for in public view.

  2. marianr

    Your right!! The BS meter is broken, Big Time!
    By the little speech he did this morning, I think
    even he knows he is not deserving of any award!!
    He was so greatful though that once he finished what he stumbled over saying, he quickly turned with out looking at the reporters and fled the scene.. I would be embarassed to accept an award that I did not deserve…

    1. otracker Post author

      I don’t know Marian. He’s the type of guy who’s arrogance would allow him to buy a deer head from the taxidermist, then tell all of his drinking buddies in Congress that he shot it himself. I think he would pay top dollar for a Nobel Prize if he could get away with it.

      I think he gave the speech he was supposed to give, but in his own mind he deserves the world on a platter. After all, that has been his whole life up to this point. He probably thinks he deserves two of them.

  3. marianr

    When I heard this my first question was WHY? He has caused more disturbance in this country than any one I have ever seen in this country. I see no peace, I see a lot of pricks…..
    He is in Good Company and lets remember, Judge him by who he is surrounded with. As far as I am concerned, the Peace Prize lost it’s luster when they gave it to Carter!!
    Great Article Randy

    1. otracker Post author

      Why? That is the question everyone is asking today, not just you. Sure, you have your die-hard lefties who are creaming their pants over this, but even they know he doesn’t deserve it. They will never admit it though.

      The next flunky who wins it won’t even want it now that a fraud like Obama has won it. Hell, let’s just give him an Emmy, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, the Heisman Trophy, and The Congressional Medal of Honor. No need in leaving any empty space in his majesties trophy case.

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