“The Good War”

51306863In a political campaign season, we have all become accustomed to hearing the candidates make empty promises, especially when pretending to be strong on national defense issues, but I’m afraid that Obama has crossed the line of sanity. Politically, as well as morally. Personally, I would expect no less from the man, but I keep hoping he will let me down in that aspect when the safety of our troops are concerned. Not a chance!

During the campaign Obama traveled with a trunk filled to the brim with the costumes of every liberal character imaginable. In the early stages of the campaign, he put on his Michael Moore costume one day, and his Roseanne Barr costume the next. I think he even had a Stalin mask on one day, but don’t quote me on that. It was obvious that he was going after the far left in the early going. Poor Hillary, did she really think she could win the primaries by acting like a moderate “American?” Whatever she was thinking it didn’t work. No, this time around the people wanted a hard core liberal, and Obama was the hot ticket.

In true Obama form, and in true community organizer fashion, Obama set out to once again change his image to fit the crowd. With the Democratic nomination in his pocket, Obama was able to discard his chest full of liberal costumes and take his conservative collection on the road. I don’t think I remember seeing him appear as Ronald Reagan, but he did make several appearances as a right of center something or other. For me, is was not a very convincing act, so the exact character he was playing has since slipped my mind.

new troopsIn the general election Obama was given the tough task of convincing the American people that he was capable of being the Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces. In his futile attempt at being Presidential, Obama said that we needed to increase our troop levels in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan was “the good war.” I have never quite understood that statement, but hey, we were never expected to understand anything Obama said, we were just supposed to automatically believe it without question. I’m sure the men and women fighting in Iraq felt jipped after hearing that. Especially the ones who were killed or wounded. They were now reduced to casualties of a bad, or fake war, not a “good” or real one.

In Obama’s quest for the top job, he spouted off whatever was necessary to make believers of us all, and like the good Soros employees that they are, the members of the media did their part to make sure Obama’s claims were verified and gold plated. Obama was a super liberal, a centrist, a conservative, a Commander-in-Chief, an expert economist, and a world class diplomat all rolled into one. He was going to fix our economy, win the “good” war, end the bad one, and save us all from the Satan who had possessed us all for the eight years prior. His coat of many colors had served him well, and he became the President of the United States of America, or so they tell me.

Sometimes when the tide goes out, small sand sharks are left on the beach. They just flop around until they die, becoming no more than a stinking pile of blow-fly chow. The longer they lay there the more the stink, but eventually the tide comes back in and washes them all away. With the new tide comes a clean beach. All evidence of a rotten corpse of a shark is eliminated, and the stench of it’s existence is blown away with the fresh sea breeze.

When the young shark was in the deeper water he was the king of his domain, but when left on the sand, and out of his comfort zone, he flipped and flopped until he perished. He was never a Great White, but he was still a shark. Even a sand shark can rule the bigger fish. Not with force, but by merely playing the part of the Great White. Not satisfied with the smaller fish running in deep water schools, the young shark becomes cocky and pursues larger fish in shallow water who feed alone. His arrogance, as well as his selfishness lands him in his own sandy death bed.

dead-sharkObama is no different than the young shark. He scared away all of the little fish in the election by acting like a mighty Great White, and in doing so, he convinced fifty-two percent of the American voters that he would govern as such, but instead, he is now flopping around in the sun and out of his element. Just a stinking, dying, little shark, who’s only purpose now is to draw flies and wait for a new tide to clean away the funk. The only problem is, a new tide is not due until 2012.

Obama never had any intention of winning the “good” war, nor did he ever care about being a strong Commander-in-Chief. Our military has never been a part of his master plan, unless you consider the fact that it only serves as a major barrier to Obama’s agenda. Anything with a price tag is a barrier to Obama’s agenda. Anything that serves as a symbol of America’s strength is a barrier to Obama’s agenda, and anything that is actually the responsibility of the Federal Government under the terms of The Constitution is a barrier to Obama’s agenda.

Obama’s liberal base does not want the expense of military operations to interfere with their Communist dreams, and Obama has to pretend that he actually cares about our troops in order to keep up this farce. Obama is giving his top General two thirds of the requested troops, but only for a little while. Obama does not want to win any war, he wants to polish off our country. America is the battlefield in which Obama seeks his victory. The war he has declared on our economy, our military, and our sovereignty is the only “good” war Obama has his sights set on winning. When the United States of America takes her place alongside the mediocrity shared by the rest of the world, and assumes her equal share of despair, Obama will claim his victory. Then, and only then, can he say that “he” won the good war. Only then, will he feel that the real enemy has been put in her place, and only then can he accomplish the dreams of his radical Communist mentors.

Obama is already trapped on the sand, so his war will never be won. Let him flop in the sun and rot. The people of this country will pick up his slack, and in doing so we will never allow such a breech of our security to ever occur again. God help our troops. They only have eighteen months to accomplish the impossible. Pray for them all.

2 thoughts on ““The Good War”

  1. marianr

    Randy, great article.. I see Obama using our military for “Photo Ops” and it makes me crazy. He has yet to speak of them with any passion or sincerity. He is a user and is now Half assed showing that he is keeping a promise from his campaign about fighting the “Good War”.
    He has given warning to our enemies that if they wait us out and keep training their thugs for 18 months, then we will leave and they can have at it…. What a Crock… The rules of war have been changed to hinder our military and put them in harms way. You can not win by being kind to the enemy on the ground. It didn’t work with “Imadinnerjacket, and it won’t work with the enemy in Afghanistan.

    1. otracker Post author

      He is going to throw Pakistan under the bus by pulling out while they under the control of an unstable and corrupt Government. Obama knows that the Taliban will take control the second we pull out. It is not hard to see who’s side he is on. Remember, he will stand by the Muslims if the winds shift in that direction. Well they are blowing. When the Taliban gets their hands on Pakistan’s nukes, and Iran gets their nukes on line, Israel will be forced to defend themselves all alone. Obama has shown me where his loyalties lie.

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