Fundamental Transformation

As a child, I thought of everything as being absolutes, and in doing so, I felt that my world was secure. Everyday my Mother came home from work, and I was absolutely sure that she would. Every night I slept in the same bed, and I was always absolutely sure I would do the same tomorrow. Three square meals a day, sun up, sun down, and a change of seasons every few months gave me the confidence needed to believe that some things would always remain constant. Life was simple, and I only needed to live my safe daily routine to know that all was well.

Unfortunately our adult world does not provide us with any absolutes. We understand that we have to work for our three squares a day, and that we may not be here to see the sun rise tomorrow. We also understand that the absolutes of our childhood do not automatically disappear with age, but that many of them erode away because of the radical actions of a few. The weak of heart, and the shallow of mind, simply transfer the responsibility for their childhood security from the hands of their former parent or guardian, to the hands of those in our Federal Government. Taking the “out of sight, out of mind” approach to our problems does not make them simply vanish, instead it makes them multiply. Those who tell us that they know what is best for us do not do so with the intent of making our lives better, they do it to gain our confidence in their ability to take care of us. They want our eyes to be closed tightly, and they want us to stick both index fingers in our ears when they speak. They want us to let them assume the role of God, and be the daily dumping spot for our burdens. What they do not want is for anyone to question how they will solve our problems, or if they even possess the ability to do so.

In order to truly understand what a candidate may, or may not do after elected, one only needs to listen to his words, and examine his past. In the case of Barack Obama, he told us exactly what he had in store for us. The problem is, most people never heard his words. They only heard the liberal translation afterwords. They only heard the spin that took Obama’s comments from the truth column and put them into the confusion column. Anytime Obama talks you can count on him to tell you the truth, so do not allow the commentary afterword to convince you that you did not just hear what you know you did.

The single most important thing Obama ever said on the campaign trail was, “I am going to fundamentally transform America.” That is as truthful as anyone could ever ask Obama to be. In one short sentence, he fully explained his purpose, and his mission.

Everything we do in life is based on some sort of a system, and that system has a fundamental structure that makes it what it is. Parenting has fundamental procedures that guarantee a certain amount of success if followed. Every segment of our society that can be considered to be functional, is based on a set of fundamental principles. In no one place can this be better demonstrated than in the world of sports. Let’s take football for example. The fundamentals of football are, blocking tackling, ball handling, teamwork, strategy, and sportsmanship. Sounds simple enough, but what if we were to fundamentally transform football. First, just for the hell of it, let’s just delete some of the fundamentals of the game. Let’s say you can no longer block or tackle. Even after taking away only two fundamentals of the game of football, we have rendered the game extinct. It is no longer football, but has now been transformed into a game more resembling soccer. There is nothing wrong with soccer, but the fact remains that a fundamentally transformed sport like football ceases to exist. At best, it becomes something that is still good but different, and at worst, the game of football is lost forever never to be played again.

When Obama said that he was going to fundamentally transform America, he meant it, but what he did not explain was to what extent. There is no explanation that Obama could give that would change the definition of his own words. Fundamental transformation is just what it implies, and once the fundamentals that make America great are transformed in any way, America ceases to exist. I don’t know why this is so hard for people to understand. The mantra of change means change. The question remains, change from The United States of America into what? Any transformation translates into the dismantling of the fundamentals that have guided us from our very beginnings. The phrase has no alternate meaning. If the greatest nation on earth is not good enough for Obama, then any fundamental transforming done by him can only make what he sees as being evil even worse. Perhaps the greatest nation on earth need only to be appreciated for what she is and has always been, and only be improved on by her citizens not her elected officials. No fundamental transformation necessary.

I would love to think that we could go through life without the worry of our country being transformed into a Communist Utopia to satisfy the radical cravings of a few. I wish life as an American could once again be a feeling of security and an absolute, but that will never be possible again until the Progressive movement in our country is halted for good. Instead of fundamentally transforming America, let’s make it perfectly clear to people what an American is, and what an American is not. That would make our Progressive enemies much easier to recognize for those who can’t already spot them a million miles away.

4 thoughts on “Fundamental Transformation

  1. marianr

    Excellent Post Randy. I think the only difference we can make is to keep our voices shouting at the top of our lungs, and don’t let up. We have seen it make a difference in the Health care debate so far, and the speech to indoctrinate the children. I will watch that speech some way just to see what he will say between the lines.
    I have also alerted my son and daughter to read the text books their children are reading, to see what they are being taught. This last, especially after last nights broadcast on Fox.
    You are so right! Obama told the people exactly what he was going to do to the United States and if we had not been doing research or a heck of a lot of sharing and reading, we may have been fooled too… I credit bloggers for predicting this and knowing that the people Obama associated with was a VERY bad sign, and no one listened.
    Lets hope our Country can not be transformed and turned into a Communist Nation.
    thanks again for posting this

    1. otracker Post author

      Obama’s game plan is coming apart at the seams, but remember that this Progressive movement has been building strength for a hundred years. With every failure they regroup and come back stronger. It would not surprise me one bit to see them cast one of their Communist own as a conservative, just to keep people like us from digging into their past. Satan’s drones do not know the meaning of the word surrender.

  2. neo

    Odd how it seems so absurd to even read or write the words, “Communist Utopia,” yet there are those who dream of it still, in spite of all the starvation, war, plunder and tyranny that has been brought into the world under the promise of that lie. Too many children who came into the world under those exact conditions that Obama strives to bring about in transforming America, never had the luxury of the “absolutes” we enjoyed as children. I might feel differant if it were not for the world’s history, but I cannot un-ring a bell, and I cannot send the mournful last cries of those who died under communism back into living bodies, so this is how I feel; if America falls to communism, I will use every breath within me, down to my last, to do all I can to abate that terrible ideology before it starves or kills any of my own progeny or yours. Good article Randy… as usual.

    1. otracker Post author

      Those who bring about the transformation do not fear, or care about the impending oppression and suffering, for they know which class their family will fall into. The one who eats the leg of lamb sleeps it off comfortably while the peasants fight over the bone. The suffering is invisible from the depths of the Dictators Palace. Let the Palace burn to a cinder.

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