Fear In the Air

Have you ever had someone tell you, “Don’t worry about him, he won’t bite you, he just barks a lot,” only to have a chunk of flesh ripped from you leg? I have. I have also been told that animals can smell fear, so no matter how much we pretend not to be afraid of them, they still react on instinct, and not to our theatrics. They sense our fear, and then react to their fear of us. Well, as a political animal, I smell fear coming from the left of me, and the stench is getting stronger by the day. Liberals are lining up to take a bite out of those they fear. Like a school of sharks they are seeking out their prey and circling until the perfect time for their feeding frenzy to begin. Only when they feel confident that enough back-up is present will they attack. Any other time they sneak past us going unnoticed like a cowering coyote. Worthless without the rest of the pack.

I keep seeing old has-been alcoholic fiction writers like Sinclair Lewis being quoted, as if his opinion should matter to anyone. “Fascism wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” So what? He said it in the 1930’s, and I said it just now. It does not mean any more coming from me now, then it did coming from his drunken ass then. A prediction based on Lewis’s view of Christians and patriots just proves the point of every Christian and Patriot that he ever feared himself. If anyone wants to see what Facism really looks like, they need only to look at the current administration. I don’t see anyone wrapped in a flag, or carrying a cross. What I do see is a Muslim wrapped in arrogance with a chip on his shoulder. A man with a major in Marxism, and a minor in revenge against “whitey.” A man who wants to bypass the “checks and balances” system so he can impose his will on the public with force, not democracy. I see a man who is the servant of a greater force, who through his own perceived superiority, feels he is the best man available to transform our Republic into a Communist state.

Our country was founded by men wrapped in flags and carrying crosses, so why fear the like. What we should fear is the total opposite of such, like those who see patriotic Christians in an evil light. Fascism is a society brought about by involuntary servitude to a dictator by means of forced persuasion. Translation, Obama & Co..

The next time you see a mental patient running loose without her meds accusing others of being mentally unstable, all the while praising Sinclair Lewis for his alcohol induced insight, just remember she is just another mutt reacting to her fear of the real truth. She is snapping and biting at those who have backed her, and her weak argument into the corner. Leave her be. She too, like the lone coyote, will soon cower away into her own pathetic world of liberal delusion. There is a ten point bonus for correctly guessing who I am referring to.

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Fox News, and anything conservative in general, have all been targeted by the left. While Obama’s cast of Communist characters are being picked off one by one with simple facts, the left can only paint scary pictures of those they fear. They cannot prove that anyone is dangerous, nor can they find a reputable, non-communist that will serve as a credible source of reference for them. Card carrying members of their own anti-American clan, and nutty, lefty, bloggers hoping for a lifetime free ride, are the only sources available to back their liberal claims of Christian Fascism.

The left’s fear of the right is evident, and it is that same fear that acts as the scoreboard showing who the current leader is in our battle to save our Republic. Don’t fear anyone, or anything. Instead defeat it with headstrong determination and facts, not scary pictures of imaginary Fascism, and don’t let yourself be swayed by the opinions of progressives just because they have a Nobel Prize.

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  1. neo

    Where might I collect my ten points? …I have to wonder if that particular mental patient is not sometimes operating under influence of the same substance of Sinclair Lewis’s famous bouts of “blacked out everything.”

    That line that you correctly point out as the liberal geniuses having suddenly found so appealing, comes from Lewis’s 1935 novel, It Can’t Happen Here. An Amazon.com reviewer who gives the book only one star (lowest possible), says this:

    “…I was drawn to this book by a quote from it I had read: ‘When fascism comes to America, it will be draped in the flag and carrying a bible.’ Strong and provocative stuff, no? I wondered why I had never encountered this book before, and why it is not better known. It turns out there is a good reason, and that is because the book is virtually unreadable–apart from that one quotation, apparently…”

    In fairness, there are reviews that rate the book higher, but those probably don’t provide the image the liberals are shooting for either. One describes a character, not like the citizens they intend to slander with the borrowed line of fiction, but instead presents an image in keeping with their own little fascist candidate, Obama:

    “…It starts with the highly contested election of an oafish yet strangely charismatic president, who talks like a ‘reformer’ but is really in the pocket of big business, who claims to be a home-spun ‘humanist,’ while appealing to religious extremists, and who speaks of ‘liberating’ women and minorities, as he gradually strips them of all their rights…”

    You bring out a very good point Randy! Thanks for the post!

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