No Smiley Face

Obama_angryI don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I’m getting a big kick out of watching Obama melt down on a daily basis. It’s as if he were a child, and one by one, he watches as his toys are snatched away from him. With every passing day his frown deepens, and his lower lip protrudes outward. Obama is finding it increasingly difficult to put on the smiley face that helped to propel him into super-stardom during the election.

Even his dedicated damage control team embedded in the main stream media have begun to concede their long held positions. Repetitive failures on Obama’s part has left the talking heads with no defense for his actions. It seems to me that only the die-hard black commentators such as Marc Lamont Hill, and Juan Williams are still able to defend Obama with any real conviction. Everyone else just throws out the Democratic talking points of the day hoping not to embarrass themselves to much. I have to admit, defending Obama’s policies would be an impossible task to say the least, but to convince anyone that they will produce any positive results equals only those miracles pulled off by God himself. No mortal man is capable of convincing the American public that Obama is looking out for their best interests, much less the rest of the world.

Just in the past week, The irresponsible O’s, flew both “Air Force One” and “Air Force Two” to Copenhagen for the sole purpose of delivering a world class reach around for the Chi-Town Chicago Mob elite. Too bad guys, you blew your entire political wad on a loser. Better luck next time. In the meantime, we are stuck footing the bill for yet another Obama misadventure.

I, like the rest of America, would love to see some transparency on this issue. I want to see the price tag for shipping two motorcades, two security details, and flying both wings of the Presidential fleet to the same location for non-official business. I would say that such trips would come to an end if the true numbers were to be made available to all, especially to the poor bastards who are out of work and glaring into an empty fridge. Those who occupy the many seats of our Government frown on private sector extravagance, but relish in their own at our expense, and it is that very double standard that has blinded them to the reality that we are living daily. I think it is high time to audit every penny, regardless of the arrogance behind the checkbook.

Air Force One

Obama has no problem jumping aboard Government aircraft and jetting off to God-knows-where, giving absolutely no regard for the costs to the taxpayers, no does he ever seem to care about the “cost to result” ratio. If he did, he would have learned in his first two trips that the expense did not justify the results not obtained. I’m wondering just how much power this compulsive spender really thinks he has. Wherever he places himself on the power meter, I’m afraid that it is much higher than the level viewed by the rest of the world. It doesn’t take long for people to realize the suit is empty, and the look on Obama’s face recently lets us all see that he too, knows he is to stupid for the job he now holds. Perhaps he could have himself impeached and save everyone else the trouble. Unlike most of what he has done to this point, that is within his power, but not within his scope.

With the failures piling up like beer cans at a frat party, and his numbers falling faster that the twin towers, Obama continues to blame others and throw people under the bus. The Emperor is naked, and all that is left for him to do is run for cover, relieving us all of the embarrassment he has cast upon us as a nation. Now Mr. President, frown your way back to the South-side where you came from, and stay there. We have seen enough “Change” to last several lifetimes.

6 thoughts on “No Smiley Face

  1. neo

    I’m probably going to make a lot people mad at me again, but I’m tickled to death Obama flopped in Copenhagen! It is the same scenario we have with his occupancy of the White House in general …it does America no good to have a lying communist successful in his never ending bid to destroy capitalism and turn us into a communist nation. This slap in Obama’s arrogant face, is equivalent to Jesse Owen’s embarrassing Hitler in the 1936 games. Every time Obama blunders on stage expecting the fake persona constructed by the America bureau of propaganda (aka MSM), to work for him in the real world, the closer we come to destroying his disguise, and revealing him for the traitor and failure that he is. War is hell, and this is war …we have to take a few hits to win the battle, and every bruise Obama’s ego receives is a victory for America.

    Estimates are now as high as $10 million plus for this most recent of the “low-rent come uptown dwellers” self serving dalliance to Denmark.

    1. otracker Post author

      I guess I’m just as “un-American” as you are, because I love everyone of his flops. America has been duped, and Obama will go down in history as being no more than your average Chicago thug. Sure, he will get a statue in the plaza, but I’ll bet it gathers more bird shit than the others.

  2. marianr

    Long time no see… Great Post, and I do believe
    he and his bride must be thinking the World is a
    mean place!! So many see right through him to his
    empty core!! We are vindicated in our beliefs before
    the election of how this was going to go!!

    1. otracker Post author

      No place on earth is any meaner than Chicago. Perhaps he should put forth an effort towards apologizing for his part in letting it get that way. What does he do instead? He helps Chicago round up crime victims from around the world via the Olympics. Whatever they don’t blow on the Olympics etc., they are relieved of by the local muggers. Boosting the economy “The Chicago Way.”

    2. marianr

      I heard his band of Thugs were so sure they had the Olympics
      in the bag that some of the property was already bought up for
      the new building fot the venues to start!! Guess they got fooled.
      My grandmother Used to say, “Never Count Your Chickens until they are Hatched!!” But we are talking people that do not have common sense!!

    3. otracker Post author

      And Valerie Jarrett is right in the thick of it. I’m sure that Obama had his own financial stake in it, or he would not have took such a political gamble. I would say that shady land deals were a major driving force behind Chicago elite’s support for Obama’s run for the White House. I’ll bet the real “Mob” is pissed. Obama could not come through, so that means he is still in debt to Tony and Vito.

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